How to tie a headscarf

As a common accessory, there are several ways to tie a headband. You can try the traditional three-fold method, the hairband method, the pirate method or the hand-tie method. You can also keep your style intact by tying a square knot or pinning it if necessary.

The traditional tri-fold method

Fold the turban into a triangle. This is very simple, just lay the turban flat and fold the two opposite corners to make a triangle shape.

When tying the turban, the longer side should be along the hairline. The bandana should cover most of your hair. Before doing so, smooth your hair back and don’t let any strands of hair stick to your forehead. If you want to wrap your hair completely, make the bandana a little more forward than your hairline. If you want to show a little bit of hair, make the bandana a little bit back.

Tie the two corners together. The two corners of the turban are at the back of the neck. Grab one corner with each hand and tie a parallel knot or tie a square knot. Be careful not to get your hair on the sides and not to tie it into the knot.
Make sure the bandana is not too tight or too loose before tying it tightly.
It may be easier to fold the bandana before tying it tightly.

Tuck the back corner into the bandana. Press the exposed corner of the turban under the knot as you tie it. This will prevent the turban from blowing up or becoming loose in the wind. Try to get any exposed strands of hair into the turban.
When tucking the corners into the turban, make sure the turban fits snugly on your head.

Hairband Method

Tidy up your hair. Before tying the bandana, tidy your hair into the style you like. Coming back to tidy your hair will make the bandana loose or shift.

Fold the bandana into a hair tie. Lay the turban flat and fold it bit by bit into a 5 cm wide hairband.

Spray some hairspray on the hairband. To make the hairband less likely to shift, spray some hairspray on it before tying it on. Place the folded bandana with the inside facing out, that is, the side with an extra triangle at the end of the fold. Spray from the middle of the hairband toward the ends.

Tie the hairband. Tie the folded bandana over or next to the hairline, depending on whether you want to show your hair. Grab the ends of the bandana and pull them back under your hair, then tie a knot at the back of your neck.
You can also roll the bandana up and tie it around your ponytail for a cute look.

Tie the hairband tightly towards the front. This is another way to tie a hairband by placing the middle of the bandana under the hair at the back of the head. Pull the bandana from the sides along the top of the head above the ears and secure the band by tying a square knot a little above the hairline.

Tie the hairband tightly. To keep the band from loosening easily, you can use bobby pins to hold it in place. Secure the bandana behind the ears or on the back side of the head. Don’t use bobby pins on the top of your head, otherwise they will be too conspicuous.

Pirate Method

Fold one corner of the bandana in half. Lay the bandana flat and fold one corner toward the center of the bandana so that the corner is right on the center line. Keep the top of the triangle about 5 cm from the other corner of the bandana.

Tie the bandana in the middle of your forehead. Pick up the ends of the bandana and place them on your forehead. Make sure the flat side of the bandana is just above your eyebrows. Pull the ends of the bandana toward the back of your head, so that the sides are flush with your ears.

Tie the bandana tightly. Tie the bandana tightly with a simple square knot. Tuck the protruding corner of the top of the head behind the knot. Work any exposed hair from the top of your head into the bandana while making sure it stays close to your hair.

Hand Tie Method

Fold the bandana. Fold the turban into a triangle. Fold the bandana to the width you like. Make sure the folds are clear and even.
For sharp angular lines, you can use an iron to iron out distinct lines while folding the bandana.

Wrap the bandana around your wrist. After folding the bandana into a long strip, wrap it around your wrist. Leave a finger width between the bandana and your wrist to make sure it’s not too tight. Continue wrapping until there are two or three centimeters left at the ends of the bandana.

Tie a bandana tightly. Tie a square knot to tighten the bandana. Make sure it doesn’t come loose, either by tying another knot or securing it with a safety pin. Tuck the loose ends of the bandana inside.

For the best match, pick a standard size bandana (about 35×35 inch).
For long hair, it is best to lean your body forward and let your hair slide down the back of your neck to your chest before wearing a headscarf. This will make it easier to tie the knot and not get the hair into the knot.
If you have bangs, it will be more natural to show some hair on the sides of your face.
Buy a few different colored headbands to make sure you can find the best match.

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