heart braid hairstyle

Heart Braid Hairstyle

You must have heard of heart braid hairstyle, and heart braid hairstyle become more and more popular among black women. So what is a heart braid hairstyle, how to weave heart braid hairstyle and what are some popular heart braid hairstyles, let’s enjoy them together!

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How To Do Heart Braids Step By Step

1. Parting out c type shapes

First,creat the heart on the back of your head ,and how to do the same exact thing on the side, placing the outline of the heart you want to do this right at the middle of your eyebrow or where your hair naturally starts to poke out and we are going to be parting out c type shapes ,this first one you’re only going to do the round c.

2. Create the point of the heart.

The second one you’re going to do a round c shape and you’re going to point that all the way around and down until you reach the front of your ear ,this is what is going to create the point of the heart.

3. Parting out c type shapes

As you start to part this out you should be able to see the shape of the heart form, and if you need to see it better , then you can kind of take the hair that you have and twist it, that will help you see the shape better in case any parts of it are off.


so why choose to line the heart up with the middle of your eyebrow, that is because the bigger do this heart the more defined it’s going to look and the more it’s going to pop and stand out.

If you do a really small heart sometimes it is a little bit harder to really see and get the curve that you want in that heart .

4. Make sure lines nice and neat,create point

Go through and take product and really define that part out , go over those lines and make sure that they’re nice and neat for the hairline.

It’s going to naturally create a point , part the point out on one side of the heart.

Make sure you drag that to the front of your ear.

Twist the hair ,start to see the heart being more defined and this is when i can make any changes that i need to make to it.

if you wanted to make it smaller or bigger or skinnier it would be really easy to see by really twisting it and seeing that definition.

5. Part the heart down the middle

The next thing  is part the heart down the middle.
so you’re going to go to where the point of the top of the heart is, and where the point of the bottom of the heart is, the point of the bottom of the heart is, going to be where you finish that part for the second c shape , and this is going to create your two sides to your heart.

If you have parted out your initial shape right ,then this should be really reallyeasy to find.

Because all you should have to do is just part straight down the middle ,and you should be able to create your two sides of your heart.

so i’m going to pin one side back we’re going to work on the opposite side and to create the heart shape .

Take your comb and you’re going to part diagonally down.
This diagonal part is going to start where you want your heart to curve , and that should be at the outermost point of that side .

You don’t want to part too far down in like you don’t want to make this diagonal part too far down .This is where you kind of have to just like visualize your heart and it’s totally okay to start your heart and take it down and redo it.

Don’t forget like i mean raider we are perfectionists we want ourselves to be perfect and look nice and neat . So it’s okay to redo a braid if you have to.

So i’m just going ahead and redefining this top section here. I’m actually going to be braiding upward ,and then curving it down and that’s going to create our side to our heart .

So first i’m just starting off by applying some product, and then i’m going to show you which direction i’m going to braid this in ,
and i’m going to be curving it around and down.

So this first section i’m going to start from the inside corner ,and i’m going to start to braid it upward , and i am stitching just because i always stitch , it makes braids look neater.

But once i get to the end of this first section where i started this diagonal part off, i’m going to take my braid and i’m going to curve it around ,and i’m going to start to braid around and connect it to the bottom section of this hair , that is going to create the curve , and it’s going to start to create the part you do want to add hair into this.

6. Do the same exact thing on the next side.

The next side so on this one i’m going to be doing the same exact thing , the only thing you want to make sure for your second side is that this diagonal part is matching up, and pointing to where that other diagonal part was.
So you just want to take your comb make sure it’s matching up that’s going to help your heart to look symmetrical and then you’re going to literally do the same exact thing .

7. Make this heart cross over at the bottom

i’m just going to talk about the finishing touches that you can do to this heart so i chose to .
so you will see once i’m done with the style these two braids are going to be overlapping each other at the bottom .

There’s also an option where you can combine the ends of two of these braids so that you only have one braid

I sew these braids together so that they stay overlapping i just feel like it looks a lot better , and it closes up the heart which is going to make it once again more defined.

As long as you’re using a dark colored thread on dark hair or a light color thread on light hair , then that thread is not going to be

visible, but it’s just going to give your braid a little bit more security.

Take your needle and thread and cross the braid over it .

Really honestly doesn’t matter if you do the front braid over or the back braid over.

Just like it to lay naturally and take your needle and sew it through the top and the bottom braid and go around it a couple times .

Go through about three to four times and then knot it and that will keep your braids crossing over.

So literally once that’s secure, cut off the excess string and tie a couple knots and then cut of the remainder of that string .

And you’re pretty much ready to go.





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