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How to get hair extensions

Do you want long beautiful hair but don’t have the time or patience to wait for it to grow out? Then try hair extensions! Not only do hair extensions look natural, but they are easy to work with.
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Choose hair extensions(How to get hair extensions)
Choose the type of hair you like. The hair extensions are available in two materials: synthetic or natural. Synthetic hair is a man-made protein/plastic composite that looks like human hair. Natural hair is hair that comes from a real person and is processed for hair extensions.
Synthetic hair looks very much like human hair, but lacks the texture and shine of human hair.
Real hair is much more expensive than synthetic hair, so synthetic hair should be considered first.
Consider a clip-in wig. Clip synthetic or natural hair to the roots with bobby pins, this method is suitable for temporary hair extensions.
This method is the cheapest and easiest to use.
Wigs must be re-clamped once a day, as extensions begin to fall out after a day.
Fusion hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions are synthetic or natural hair that is fused to your original hair using a special glue or protein wax.
Fusion hair extensions are the most permanent method, but they are also much more expensive than clip-in wigs.
Although fusion extensions require heat, they will not cause much damage to your original hair. If you are afraid of hair damage, you can consider heatless fusion.
Fusion hair extensions are difficult to do on your own, so you’re better off having a friend or stylist do them for you.
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Clip Wigs(How to get hair extensions)
Buy hair extensions. A hair extension is a separate lock of hair that is sandwiched between your original hair to add length to your hair. You can buy synthetic or natural weft, but the latter is twice as expensive.
Match the color as closely as possible. Hair extensions should look natural, so match the color of the extensions to your hair.
Find the right length of hair. Although you are getting extensions to get longer hair than you have now, avoid extensions that are too far from the length of your original hair. Not only will this look fake, but it will cost a lot of money. A maximum increase of 15–20 cm is appropriate.
Separate your hair into sections. You can tie all your hair up, leaving the part ready for hair extensions. Put down more hair while you are doing the extensions.
Comb the hair. Backcomb your hair and use a hair pad to fluff up the roots. Your hair will add 1–2 cm of thickness.
Combing your hair backwards will allow the extensions to hold. Natural hair is too slippery and will make the clips slip easily.
Using a hair pad to fluff up the hair at the roots also hides the extensions. This makes the extensions look more natural.
Clip a lock of weft to the root of the hair. The backcombed hair will hold the extensions well.
It is important to even out the extensions so that the hair is all at a uniform length.
Hair extensions make your hair look layered. Don’t make the extensions flat, they should be a little uneven like natural hair.
Feel free to trim the extensions to match the original hair. You do not need to keep the extensions as they are in the package.
Lay down another section of hair. Repeat the steps above, backcombing the roots of the hair and attaching the weft one lock at a time.
Finish your hairstyle. Comb your hair from the roots and straighten the top layer of hair. You should cover the clip-on wig and leave it uncovered.
If you can see the clip on hair extensions, readjust them.
Make sure the clip on hair extensions are not visible even when you tie your hair up. The clip should be close to the hair shaft and covered up by several layers of hair so that it is not visible to the naked eye.
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Fused hair extensions(How to get hair extensions)
Cleanse your hair. There are many shampoos on the market that will cleanse your hair, which will help you with tangles, dirt, etc. and thus prevent your extensions from sticking to your hair.
Do not use hair care products such as conditioner after cleansing your hair, as these products will get what you just washed out back into your hair.
If you’re worried about cleansing shampoos being too damaging to your hair, look for ones that are designed for sensitive skin and made with organic materials rather than chemicals.
Dry your hair thoroughly. If your hair is wet, the glue on the extensions will have a hard time holding it in place.
Make a separator for your hair. The separator will separate a small portion of the hair that is going to be attached to your extensions to protect your scalp from burns. To make the separator, you will need a piece of cardstock about 7 cm in diameter.
Cut the cardstock into a circle about 7 cm in diameter. It doesn’t need to be a very standard circle, but a standard circle works best.
Cut a slit from one side toward the center of the circle, just like drawing a radius. Cut a hole 1 to 2 mm wide in the center of the circle.
Now you can place a small handful of hair into the hole in the center of the circle and safely blend the extensions without worrying about burning your scalp.
Separate the hair from the bottom. Separate the hair 5 cm above the neck and tie the rest all over the top of the head.
Put a small handful of hair into the cardboard separator. This is the first lock of hair you put together and it should be about the same thickness as the extensions. You can clip the separator to the hair if needed.
Attach the hair extensions. Align the hair extension with the root so that it is as close to the scalp as possible.
Use a flat iron to fuse the extensions. Place the extensions and your roots on the iron for a few seconds. Take the iron away for a few seconds and repeat the process. Be careful not to burn your hair during this process.
Roll the fused hair into your own hair. Use your fingertips to roll the still-warm extensions into your original hair. This will help the glue or melted protein wax to set the hair.
Remove the hair separator. Take the next handful of hair and place it in the cardboard separator.
Repeat the separating and blending steps. Blend the extensions into your hair in even layers so that it looks natural. Repeat until all extensions are complete.
Set your hair. Comb your hair with a comb that doesn’t have a sharp end, otherwise you can easily rip the extensions out of your hair. As long as you are careful not to damage the fusion, you should be able to maintain the style afterwards.
Tips(How to get hair extensions)
It is recommended to try the cheaper hair extensions first, as this is probably the best way to introduce you to the world of hair extensions.
If you can, have a professional hair stylist do your extensions. Although this is more expensive, it will reduce your stress and increase your chances of success.

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