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How to look young and beautiful even at the age of 40

A woman can look as young as thirty, and it’s not very difficult to do that nowadays. As long as you learn to wear makeup, develop good habits, and cultivate a positive mindset, you can make people fall for your youthful wisdom and be “forty a flower”.

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Skin care

Choose the right age-appropriate makeup. Can you imagine still using the same concealer you used to cover your acne in elementary school? Even if you don’t notice it, your skin has been aging from 25 to 30, from 30 to 35, from 35 to 40, stage by stage. Therefore, it is necessary to update your cosmetics. In fact, as long as it is the right cosmetics, even a thin layer of powder, it will add color to your natural beauty and make you more radiant.
Women of this age, if the skin is not very tight, do not use eyeliner, otherwise the eyeliner is easy to stick to the skin and wipe off. At night, you can use a thicker eyeliner to draw a similar feeling of smoky makeup, while during the day, as long as you apply a little mascara and draw a few strokes of eyeliner is more than enough.
The makeup should not be too thick. Twenty-something when occasionally drawing heavy makeup is not too much, but at the age of forty, light makeup is more simple, stable beauty. In addition, the age of the woman’s posture is still in, does not require too much grooming.

Learn to contour the face. By drawing shadows on the chin and the edge of the forehead, you can make your face look more contoured, especially on the light-skinned areas and cheekbones. The focus of makeup at this age is no longer on concealing and covering up tiredness, but really bringing out the most beautiful parts of your face.
The “T” shaped area for highlighting includes the center of the forehead, nose and chin. These areas are generally closest to the light source, so they should also stand out the most. Use a makeup brush dipped in concealer or just use a powder to highlight these areas.

Use an anti-aging cleanser. Washing your face with an anti-aging cleanser every morning and night (or as often as your skin can handle) is one of the easiest things you can do for your skin. A face with makeup can’t breathe, and a wash with an anti-aging cleanser allows your skin to breathe freely. In addition, anti-aging cleansers penetrate the pores and firm the skin for a glowing appearance.
Create an effective beauty plan for yourself that you can stick to. This plan should include washing your face with a cleanser, wearing light makeup and using an anti-aging cream or lotion. You can try a variety of beauty products and choose the one that works best for you.

Use a night cream. It is also important to make good use of the 8 hours of sleep each day to allow your skin to repair itself. After the night cream penetrates into the pores, it can act as a collagen, slowing down the process of wrinkles and skin aging.
Does it feel like a leap of faith? In fact, you can also use the night cream and day cream together. Of course, if you go for Botox, the effect will be more obvious.

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Take care of your body

Drink plenty of water, green tea, and occasionally red wine. The benefits of drinking water are self-explanatory. 8 glasses of water a day can provide the body with enough water to make the skin glow and promote the growth of hair and nails. In addition, regular green tea and the occasional glass of red wine have the same effect, because this green tea and red wine are rich in antioxidants, which can greatly boost the metabolism.
Drink as much green tea as possible. If you do not have the habit, then start with a cup every morning. Red wine, on the other hand, as long as one glass a day, more than this amount, then lowering cholesterol and antioxidants to work will be greatly reduced.

Healthy eating. This is a piece of advice that applies to everyone: a healthy body is the only way to look good. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Try to eat less processed junk food, i.e. those in bags. As long as you eat naturally and healthily, you will look natural and healthy too.
If you’re worried about your weight and can’t find any diet plans that work for weight loss, explore wikiHow to get a better understanding of the newest fad diet options.
As you get older and your body’s metabolism slows down, you need to pay more attention to what you eat. Try not to be picky about what you eat, but consume all foods in appropriate amounts.

Exercise your muscles. Cardio exercise is certainly good for the body and mind, but it is also important to build muscle, and it is necessary for even the leanest of people to build up their bodies. By the age of 40, you should concentrate on arms, abs and hips. This will require you to do pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squats and leg presses. This may sound like a chore, but you can actually spend just a few minutes doing them while watching TV.
Aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day, combining cardio and weight-bearing exercises. Recent surveys have shown that workouts that combine these two types of exercises can accelerate fat burning.
As you age, your stratum corneum (a layer of skin) slowly becomes thinner. This makes the skin prone to wrinkles and cellulite. Exercise, however, stops some of this from happening. Recent studies have shown that among people who are older, those who exercise regularly have better skin than those who sit still all day.

Remove body hair that affects aesthetics. Another problem that ageing brings to the body is the growth of some aesthetic body hair. One day you may catch a glimpse in the mirror and see some nasty body hair growing in an unnoticeable part of your body. To prevent this from happening, you need to remove hair frequently or have LHE photo rejuvenation and Quick Heat Soft Light, which are lasers used to remove body hair. With the development of technology, these types of procedures are becoming cheaper these days, and even cheaper if you just do a localized laser such as chin or upper lip.
If you are relatively free and happen to have a few cups of sugar at home, then why not give yourself a hair removal? This method of hair removal is very economical and will only take a few minutes of your time, and will leave your skin as soft as a baby’s afterwards.

Sun protection. As we get older, the damage from the sun we have been exposed to since our youth breaks out at this time in the form of dark spots, dark patches, melanoma and even skin cancer. Although the carelessness of the past can no longer be repaired, you can still start to protect yourself from the sun now. And according to the standards of today’s times, a white is more cover up a hundred ugly ah.
When you go outdoors, you need to apply a good SPF 15 sunscreen. The sunscreen not only protects you from the sun, but also keeps your skin moist and soft.

People need to dress up. You’re over 40, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress bland and boring from now on. Although maturity and decency are important for middle-aged people, you don’t have to exclude such dressing pursuits as sexy, comfortable and stylish.
Consider your body type. Think about what parts of your body need to be highlighted and what parts need to be covered up. In short, show off your best parts.
Add some classic and versatile clothes so that people can point at you and say, “Look at that woman in her early 30s, she’s got style.”

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Protect your hair, teeth and nails

Dye your hair the right color. White hair is the easiest signal to betray one’s age, and although there are some people who are born with white hair, if you don’t belong to such people, then go ahead and dye your hair. The color you choose must be natural, usually one or two shades different from the original color of your hair will do.
If you even have white eyebrows, then you should also dye your eyebrows, otherwise white eyebrows will also reveal your age.

Keep your hair long. Although you can no longer pretend to be a long, black, straight, cute girl, but it does not mean that you can not keep long hair. Of course, long hair will be more trouble to take care of, but it will indeed be very beautiful. You can also go for a layered cut and dye highlights to make yourself look young and in style.
Of course, all of this is based on the premise that you like long hair. If you have been keeping long hair for a few years and feel that long hair is very troublesome, then don’t worry too much about how long hair has a youthful effect, as long as you can take good care of it, short hair can also make you look full of charm.

Teeth whitening. Age means accumulation, which also includes the accumulation of tobacco and coffee stains on the teeth, making them yellow or even dark. You can buy a teeth whitening kit and do it yourself at home, or you can ask your dentist to do it for you. But you don’t have to be white to the point of being blindingly white, just as white as your teeth were 10 years ago.
Teeth whitening usually takes 30 minutes. If you feel that the results are not obvious afterwards, you can continue to use the matching whitening toothpaste.

Protect your nails. As we age and our body hormones change, one’s nails become more brittle. To protect your nails, you can then apply a layer of nail polish, or a tinted nail polish that has a nail care effect. It is also important to cut your nails often to keep them at the right length.
Get a manicure and pedicure often, which also happens to be an excuse to go and relax a bit. At this age, more appropriate nail colors include colorless, black and white, light pink and neutral colors. Of course, no matter what age you are, you can choose these types of nail polish colors as long as you want to show maturity and stability.

Makeup should be removed in time, because cosmetics can be damaging to the skin and can make the skin prone to acne and wrinkles

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