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How to straighten hair without damaging it

Thick and curly hair often looks very messy! But straightening it too often can damage your hair. Therefore, it is best to keep straightening to a minimum and control the number of times you straighten your hair each week.

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Buy a good straightening clip. If you want to straighten your curly hair, it’s important to spend money on a good straightener. Choose a straightener with a temperature range so you can experiment with which temperature is best for your hair type.
Straightening clips have a lifespan of about ten years, but don’t use them if they’re too old.
For curly-haired girls, a gold or titanium plate straightener is more suitable.

Step 2
Choose the right size of straightening clips. It is best to choose a wider one, with a width of about 4-5 cm, so you can clip a larger area at a time and save more time.
The weight of the straight clip should also be considered. Because you have to hold it in your hand all the time, it will be very heavy if it is too heavy.

Shampoo and condition your hair. Before straightening your hair, especially if it is thick and curly, then it is recommended that you wash your hair first. Since straightening can damage your hair, it’s best to use a milder shampoo product.
Before straightening, it is best to use some conditioner to make your hair smoother.

Use a towel to absorb excess moisture. If your hair is thick and curly, it’s best to use a microfiber towel or t-shirt because they are softer than the hair cuticle, which makes your hair less frizzy.
By absorbing excess moisture from your hair before using a blow dryer you can reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair, thus minimizing damage to your hair.

Use some hair heat protection products after showering to reduce the damage to your hair from straightening. Since the product contains oil, apply it from about 6 cm from the scalp.
These products are very durable, so don’t use too much, a little more than a drop is enough.
Apply from the tips of your hair, combing through with your fingers as you go.
If possible, it is best to use a heat protection product that does not contain oil or silicones.

Blow dry your hair first. Straightening hair with moisture can be very damaging to the hair, so blow dry first. When blowing, use a cylinder comb to straighten and smooth the hair as much as possible.
Use alternate high and low temperature gear to avoid damage to the hair from overheating.
If your hair is thick, it may take longer to blow dry. But please be patient and make sure to dry your hair thoroughly before straightening.
Use a blow dryer with the barrel facing down to reduce frizz.

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Straighten your hair

Layer your hair. Don’t just grab a strand of hair and start straightening it. If the layers are too thick, you won’t get a good straightening effect if you clip it once, and then you’ll have to clip it several times, which actually hurts your hair.
The beauty of layering your hair is that you can tell which strands have been straightened. Divide your hair into two layers from the middle, with the top layer placed on top of your head first. For thicker and curlier hair, divide it into at least four sections, two at the top and two at the bottom.
Use bobby pins to pin the layers and straighten them one by one.

Set the right temperature. Since your hair is thick and curly, choose a higher temperature. However, you don’t have to turn it up as much as 450 degrees, experiment a little to find the right temperature for you.
If your hair is dyed and thick and curly, then it is recommended to keep the temperature between 30-350 degrees is safer.

Start by straightening the bottom part first. The top two sections of hair that haven’t been pulled yet should be kept out of the way at the top of your head. The bottom two sections of hair should also be partitioned to pull when straightening, each time parting out about 5 cm wide hair.
With one hand, use a comb to tense the hair strand as tightly as possible, and with the other hand, use a straightening clip to hold the hair strand and straighten it evenly.
Start pulling down from the roots and shape in one smooth motion.

Don’t repeat the straightening process. This rule isn’t really that strict, especially for people with thick, curly hair. However, avoiding repetitive straightening can effectively reduce damage to your hair.

Finish with a smoothing product that will make your hair look smooth and shiny and minimize frizz. If the environment is humid, it is best to use a product that resists humidity.
For thick hair, it is best to use a serum.
After straightening, it is best to wait until your hair cools down. Squeeze or drip the smoothing product to be used onto the comb for a more even application.

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Problems you may encounter with thick hair

If your hair is too collapsed you can use a little volumizing spray. Sometimes people over-straighten their hair, especially those with thick, curly hair. If it’s too straight, you can use a volumizing spray to remedy the problem and make your hair puff up a bit.

Use a product that smoothes out frizz. Frizz is a problem for all curly-haired girls, especially for those who live in places where it rains a lot and it’s humid. Use some frizz-smoothing products!
There are some controversies about silicon-containing serums. Some people say they work very well, while others use them and their hair looks like a big oily field. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use a product with silicones or not.

If your hair is super curly, you can divide it into four vertical layers. This way those hard to manage parts at the back can also be handled.

If you hear your hair squeaking, stop! Generally there are two reasons for this, one is that the hair is too dry, if this is the case, do not straighten it again, first deal with the problem of dryness.
Overly dry hair may be the result of using unsuitable products. Double check the hair products you use (it’s best to avoid products with alcohol in them).

Children who have to go to school are best to straighten well on the first day and just process slightly the next morning to avoid being late.
If you prefer to towel dry your hair, it is recommended to change the towel to a t-shirt to reduce frizz.
Don’t overuse chemical products and control the temperature of the clipboard or you will damage your hair.
Spend money on better straightening clips, otherwise you will have to wear bad hair for many days.
Don’t clip your hair so straight that it looks lifeless. Leave a slight curve in your hair so that it doesn’t look like a wig.
It’s best to use an anti-static hair dryer so you don’t become a “static head”.
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Never straighten your hair directly on the wet method. This can cause irreparable damage to the hair.
Repeated straightening will damage your hair and you can’t be too careful. It’s good to leave some curves.
Don’t rub it hard with a towel, it will tangle your hair and make it curlier.
Don’t touch the towel with the straightening plate, it will burn over time.
When the straightener is not used, you must remember to turn off the power, be careful of a fire at home.
Straighten your hair once or twice a month, too many times, no matter what temperature or method you use, you can not avoid damage to your hair.
You need to prepare
A round barrel comb
Hair dryer
Straightening pins
Anti-Heat Spray
Anti-frizz serum or serum
Coarse tooth comb
Hair conditioner
Hair oil

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