27 VS 30 Hair Color

Today, we’re diving into a comprehensive comparison of two trendy hair colors: shades 27 and 30. Your hair color really makes a difference in how you look, showing off your style, personality, and even how you’re feeling. The perfect color can really highlight your best features, amp up your confidence, and say a lot about you. Ready to find out which shade suits you best? Let’s get started!

Out of all the hair colors out there, shades 27 and 30 really shine bright because so many people love them. Shade 27 is all about that gorgeous golden blonde vibe, giving off this warm, lively feel. Now, shade 30 brings in this deep, cozy brown that looks so natural yet really makes a statement. Loads of folks are drawn to these two shades when they want to switch up their hair, adding a bit of excitement and conversation to the world of hair coloring.

This guide dives deep into the details of shades 27 and 30, exploring their unique traits, appeal, and helping you pick the right one. Whether you’re eyeing a bold blonde switch-up or a subtle shift to brunette, this guide gives you all you need to decide confidently on your hair color journey.

Basics of hair color

Hair color is a fascinating realm where science meets artistry, creating endless possibilities for personal expression. At its core, the basics of hair color revolve around a numerical system that categorizes shades, guiding us through the spectrum of tones, darkness, and lightness.

The numbering system commonly used in hair color assigns a unique number to each shade, creating a structured way to identify and differentiate colors. For instance, shades like 27 and 30 are part of this system, each representing distinct hues and characteristics.

27 Hair Color Discover the Beauty of ItUltimate Guide

What’s color 27

Think of shade 27 as bottling up sunshine for your hair—it’s that captivating golden blonde that just screams warmth and vibrancy. Color 27 also called honey blonde. People love it because it gives off this lively, radiant vibe that’s perfect for anyone aiming for that stunning blonde look.

What makes shade 27 so appealing is how it can instantly warm up your hair and give it this youthful, sunny vibe. Whether you want to enhance your natural blonde with a hint of glow or completely switch things up, shade 27 is super versatile—it works with different skin tones and styles, making it a great choice for many.

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What’s color 30

Shade 30 is all about that rich, warm brown that looks so natural—it’s a top pick for anyone going for that classic brunette look. What sets it apart are those warm undertones that add a touch of sophistication and coziness to your hair.

What makes shade 30 so great is how effortlessly it gives you that authentic brunette vibe. Whether you want a small change or a big one, this rich brown color adds depth and makes your hair look fuller and more textured, which really steps up your overall style.

Shade 30 is loved by many for its timeless elegance and adaptability. It suits a broad spectrum of skin tones, from fair to deep, and seamlessly merges with natural hair colors. This makes it a top choice for those seeking a low-maintenance yet impactful hair color.

You’ll notice a lot of famous faces rocking shade 30 to give off that classy, refined vibe. Icons like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and Penelope Cruz are known for their stunning brown hair, highlighting how shade 30 keeps its allure in the glamorous realms of beauty and fashion.


When you go for shade 30, you’re choosing a timeless hair color that brings out your natural beauty and adds a bit of warmth and charm. Whether you want a subtle change or to really stand out, this rich brown shade guarantees to lift your style game with its classic appeal.

27 vs 30 Hair Color

Aspect Shade 27 (Golden Blonde) Shade 30 (Rich Brown)
Undertones Warm golden undertones Warm brown undertones
Appearance Vibrant, luminous golden blonde Rich, deep brown
Maintenance Requires regular touch-ups to maintain vibrancy Low-maintenance color, fades gracefully
Suitability Complements warm skin tones Universally flattering
Styling Versatility Adds warmth and dimension to hairstyles Enhances natural texture and depth

How to choose the right hair color for you?

Your Skin Tone

If your skin has warm undertones like golden, peachy, or olive tones, shades 27 and 30 can match well. Shade 27 brings out the golden blonde warmth that complements warm skin tones, adding radiance. On the other hand, shade 30, with its rich brown, provides depth and contrast, further enhancing your complexion.

If your skin leans towards cool tones, like rosy or blue undertones, shade 30 might suit you better. Its warm brown tones can create a striking contrast against cool skin, which can really elevate your overall look.

Your Hair Type

If your hair is naturally blonde or light brown, shade 27 can give you smooth, vibrant results. But if your hair is darker, shade 30 can offer a more natural-looking transformation to brunette.

Your Personal Style

If you like vibrant and bold looks, golden blonde charm of color 27 is just what you need. It adds that radiant pop to your style. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a more natural and timeless vibe, rich brown tones  of color 30 bring in that touch of sophistication and elegance, perfect for blending in seamlessly with different styles and occasions.

Tips for maintaining 27 hair color and 30 hair color

Using color-safe hair products and limiting washes can really make a difference in preserving color and keeping hair healthy. Water temperature and protecting hair from UV rays is also important. Trimming regularly is often overlooked but crucial for overall hair health and color maintenance.


So, trying out bold hair colors such as shades 27 and 30 can really amp up your self-expression and style game. This guide has some great tips for keeping those colors looking fresh, avoiding fading, and keeping your hair healthy. And, your hair color should match what you love and how you live.

Dive into those hair color options, play around with different shades, and find what really vibes with your style and routine. Whether you’re feeling the cozy glow of shade 27 or the bold depth of shade 30, let your hair color be a reflection of your personality and self-assurance.

If you’re keen on taking your hair color journey to the next level, think about checking out wholesale human hair wigs from trusted places like wig making supplies. These wigs are top-notch, giving you tons of options and lasting wear, all while keeping your natural hair healthy and vibrant.

Embrace the joy of color, embrace your personal style, and let your hair become a canvas for creativity and self-expression.

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