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Wig density means how many hair strands are on the wig cap in every inch. This matters a lot for how full and natural the wig looks. If you want it to look real and have volume, you gotta pay attention to the density. It’s key to getting the right vibe with your wig.

It’s like how many hairs are crammed into each inch of the wig cap. Think of it this way: more density means lots of hairs jammed in there, giving you that lush, thick look. Less density, that’s fewer strands, making the wig lighter and easier to breathe in.

how many bundles is 180% density

Light Density: This density is approximately 60% of the thickness of an average head of hair. It’s best suited for individuals with naturally thin or fine hair, offering a subtle and realistic appearance. Light density lace front or full lace wigs allow for some scalp visibility, making them a popular choice among elderly women seeking a lightweight and comfortable wig.

Light to Medium Density: This density measures at about 130% thickness, mirroring the density of an average head of hair. It’s a top pick for full lace wigs because it smoothly shifts from a lighter density at the front to a medium density elsewhere. This combo gives you a balanced, natural appearance, a favorite among top stylists. They love how versatile and flattering it is for most women.

Heavy Density: This density is around 150% of the thickness of an average head of hair. It’s ideal for individuals who want a fuller and more voluminous hairstyle while still looking natural. Heavy density wigs offer increased thickness and density, perfect for achieving a luxurious and glamorous style statement.

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Extra Density: This density ranges from 180% to 200% of the thickness of an average head of hair. It provides an abundance of hair, making it suitable for performers seeking a bold and dramatic stage presence. However, for everyday wear or a natural look, this density is not recommended for full lace wigs as it may appear overly dense and unnatural.

More tips about wig density

The information regarding density for full lace wigs is accurate.

However, for lace front wigs or lace closure wigs, the density also depends on the density of the machine weft sew in part of the wig. With the intense competition in the market nowadays, if you recently purchased a wig from another supplier or platform with a density of 180, our 180 density would still be better than others. This is because what we used to call 130 density before 2019 is now often labeled as 150 density by many vendors. So, if you’ve bought a very cheap wig, please pay attention to its quality.

5x5 lace closure wig4x4 lace closure wig water wave

For full lace wigs, 130 density looks very natural, but you can also opt for a thicker 150 density.

For  lace front wigs or lace closure wigs, you should consider the density of sew in weave at the back of the wig cap. If you purchase from our wholesale hair store, you can choose 180 density. Many African American customers still prefer higher density hair. Since summer is here, you can also check out our promotional wholesale bob wigs.

Lace Front Bob Wig Short 13×4 Black Straight Human Hair

Misunderstand of the density of the wig

Higher density always means a better wig.

The best wig density depends on what you like and how thick your hair is. Some prefer denser wigs for a fuller look, others go lighter for natural vibes. Choose what suits your style and comfort. Different suppliers define density differently, so choose wisely.

Low-density wigs lack volume and look unnatural.

People often think low-density wigs lack volume and look unnatural. However, that’s a misconception! Low-density wigs can actually provide a subtle and natural appearance, especially for individuals with fine or thin hair. By using proper styling techniques and ensuring quality construction, low-density wigs can look just as stunning and realistic as higher density options.

Density determines wig quality.

Density isn’t everything about wig quality. It also depends on the materials used, how it’s crafted, and how you maintain it.Get all these right, and your wig can be stunning and durable for ages.

Why you should consider wig density?

If you’ve ever thought that wig density doesn’t make a difference, allow us to set the record straight – IT DOES! Here at beautylacehair wholesale hair vendors, we custom wig with varying densities tailored to our clients’ preferences. Each density option offers a unique appeal and transforms the wearer’s look.

The importance of density cannot be overstated. Getting the right density ensures that you can effortlessly rock hairstyles that appear natural and perfect on you. Opting for a wig with a density that matches your natural hair density is the best choice. Otherwise, it becomes noticeable that you’re wearing a wig. A harmonized hair density also guarantees comfort and prevents scalp damage.

There are three compelling reasons why you should consider hair density before purchasing a wig:

Haircare: 100% human hair wigs are an investment and require proper care. Low-density wigs demand lighter haircare products to maintain their look and texture. Therefore, understanding the density level helps you maintain the wig’s quality effectively.

Price: Higher density wigs naturally come with a higher price tag compared to low-density ones. Being aware of the different densities aids in finding a balance between budget and quality. By understanding the features associated with various densities, you can make a well-informed decision when buying a wig.

Styling Options: The versatility of styles you can achieve with a wig depends significantly on its density. Your desired style and appearance are influenced by the specific hair density required. Hence, considering hair density opens up a world of styling possibilities and helps you achieve the look you desire.


In this blog, we’ve delved into the details of wig density, from what it means to how crucial it is for a natural and appealing look. We talked about how density is gauged, the range of densities out there, what factors affect your density choice, myths people often believe, and ways to keep your wig in good shape while picking the perfect density for you.

Knowing about wig density is super important if you want to rock a wig. Whether you’re going for a low-key, natural vibe or full-on glam, the density you pick really matters. Make sure to think about your natural hair texture, the hairstyle you want, and even your face shape to get that perfect fit that looks and feels great.

Your thoughts and experiences matter to us. Drop your feedback, questions, or any extra insights about wig density down in the comments. Your input not only benefits our community but also assists others in making informed choices about finding their ideal wig density to match their specific preferences and needs.

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