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The most purchased products online after 90s are not clothing or luxury goods, but skin care, sleep aid and anti-hair loss products. Thus, it seems that insomnia and hair loss are no longer a mid-life crisis, even for those who have not yet reached the age of majority, they cannot escape this miserable status quo. Poor skin, body dysfunctions, hair loss, memory loss …… The side effects of sleep deprivation are a great challenge to physical and mental health, so how can you get a good night’s sleep and save your hairline from moving upward day by day?

What will happen to your skin after a late night?

Skin looks like it’s dehydrated after staying up all night
After staying up late, the skin is especially dry and rough to the touch. A: Yes, staying up late dehydrates the skin. Staying up late causes a large loss of intercellular mass, and the skin’s water-locking and moisturizing function decreases. Even if you drink more water, the skin’s surface barrier cannot be locked, so it will still be dry and tight, so it is very important to strengthen moisturizing externally.
Why are pores getting bigger too?
A: The large pores are not just because of oil, but also because of dryness, resulting in cellular dryness, so that the skin around the pores “shrinkage”, pores will become large, even peeling flakes, at this time, you need to do is still intensive moisturizing.

Dark circles under the eyes come uninvited
The skin is not lustrous, dark circles serious A: this is due to lack of sleep leads to metabolism and microcirculation slowed down, the skin oxygen content is not enough, toxins, melanin can not be timely discharge. There is even data to show that people with poor sleep quality are more prone to fine lines, spots, sagging, elasticity loss and other signs of intrinsic skin aging. The yellowing is a minor point, aging is the magnification.
The first time you stay up late, you get acne
Large forehead acne! Concentrate on the eyebrow A: Staying up late will make the mind in a state of tension and stress, so that the various internal balance of the body is disturbed, the hormone level is abnormal, that is, there is an endocrine disorder, which includes increased secretion of androgens. The acne breakout after staying up late is one of the symptoms. Endocrine disorders, is a disease, have to cure.

Face like a vegetable is very ugly
A: The yellowing of the skin is obviously a condition of oxidation, in addition to the daytime sunlight caused by light oxidation, the night skin does not have enough sleep time for repair will also appear oxidation aggravated problem, so if you must stay up late, before the first good cleaning and antioxidant care.

Stay up late only four hours, get up and find the face is very loose ah A: night is the golden time of skin metabolism, but also because of this, many skin care products will be effective focus on the night care, stay up late will accelerate aging, so it is recommended to apply some efficient repair products to make up for the loss of sleep before staying up late.

Will staying up late often lead to hair loss?

Work reasons always stay up overtime, do not stay up late also sleep poorly, into the job half a year hair is getting less and less stay up late seems to have become a common problem of modern people, although there is no research shows that staying up late must lead to hair loss, but stay up late is usually accompanied by stress, anxiety, resulting in the body and mind are in a state of stress, and long-term stay up late will lead to a decline in body immunity, damage the scalp environment, so that the scalp oil imbalance, hair loss is naturally more likely to find you.

Using professional scalp care products can slow hair loss, strengthen hair roots, and improve hair loss. Of course, a good schedule, get enough sleep, and find a suitable way to relieve stress such as insisting on exercise, all of which help hair health.

Why do you lose more hair once the season changes?
When the season changes, the hair falls out in large quantities, almost catching up with the animals for hair Autumn and winter change of season, the quality of sleep will also be bad, resulting in circulation slowdown and metabolic disorders, so that the scalp nutrient deficiency, and increased hair loss. However, not everyone will have hair loss during the change of seasons, generally in the hair quality of fine and soft, hair roots are not strong enough on the body.

When the hair and scalp adapt to the change of seasons, hair loss will gradually reduce. However, during the change of season, you should pay special attention to scalp care, you can use some volumizing and anti-loss shampoo and care products containing natural essential oil ingredients, along with scalp massage to promote head blood circulation and nutrient delivery, so that the hair grows faster and stronger.

There are always people who suffer from insomnia and poor sleep quality at night What happens when you can’t sleep?

01. increase the chances of gaining weight research shows that poor sleep and gaining weight are highly correlated, compared to the general adequate sleep 7-9 hours of the surveyed people, less than 5 hours of sleep is more than 50% more likely to gain weight.
02. prone to aging a team of researchers at the University of Chicago studied 11 healthy people aged 18-27, the researchers found that metabolic slowdown occurs when sleep deprivation.
03. Insomnia increases the risk of heart disease A medical study in the United States reported that women who get poor quality sleep every day are significantly more likely to suffer from heart disease than women who get 8 hours of sleep a day.
04. insomnia reduces the body’s immunity German scientists for the study between sleep and immune function found that after sufficient sleep and rest, the body’s immune system can produce stronger resistance to invading viruses, and vice versa is weakened.
05. cause high blood pressure and cancer risk U.S. researchers found that those who sleep less than five hours a day have more than twice the risk of hypertension than those who sleep normally. A Harvard University study found that sleep deprivation increases the risk of cancer.

These ways can help you sleep well

01. Half an hour before bedtime, the blue light from electronic devices will reduce the production of melatonin in the body, prompting people to stay awake. So you should not use your cell phone or iPad before bedtime, put down your cell phone at least half an hour in advance and wait for sleep to come.

02. keep regular sleep to develop a good biological rhythm, follow a regular sleep schedule, go to bed at the same time every day, get up at the same time, and follow this sleep schedule on weekends, do not stay up late.
03. Use tranquilizing sleep aid products for frequent travelers try a pillow spray that has a familiar smell when sprayed on hotel pillows. At home you can try scented candles, the refreshing smell can help to fall asleep faster.
04. foot bath 1 drop of benzoin and 1 drop of cedarwood essential oil mixed with an appropriate amount of coarse salt added to hot water, soak your feet for 15 minutes to soothe the body and mind and improve sleep.
05. Reduce the room temperature indoor temperature is too high is difficult to enter deep sleep, sleep needs to have a quiet, clean, comfortable environment. The temperature is about 23 degrees and the humidity is 45-60%.
06. right-sided sleeping position is the best to adjust the sleeping position, the right side of the best, which is conducive to muscle tissue relaxation, eliminate fatigue, help the food in the stomach towards the duodenum to push, but also to avoid pressure on the heart.
07. take medication when necessary Many people talk about sleeping pills have resistance, in fact, sleeping pills are far less harmful than insomnia to the body, mental harm, as long as the medical advice to take can improve sleep.
08. These foods can improve the quality of sleep Chinese medicine believes that medicine and food have the same origin, through food conditioning is also able to improve sleep. Food has a certain auxiliary effect, added in moderation in the daily diet, can help improve the quality of sleep.

Have you tried the breathing sleep method?

What is the Breath Sleep Method?
It is called a “natural calming agent for the nervous system” that can make people who have difficulty falling asleep fall asleep within 60 seconds and improve the quality of sleep.

Why is it effective? This method helps the lungs to inhale more oxygen, increasing the amount of blood oxygen, so that the parasympathetic nerves are regulated, the person’s mind will relax, and slowly produce sleepiness.

How to do it right? 1. relax your body and take a deep breath 2. inhale through the nose, while silently counting to 43. stop inhaling, hold your breath and silently count to 74. exhale and silently count 8 numbers 5. so repeat 3 times to

Simple yoga before going to bed to help you sleep peacefully
Action 1: Standing forward bend 1. Stand in mountain pose at the front of the mat. Inhale and straighten your arms upwards. 2. Exhale, tighten your abs, keep your back straight and bend your upper body forward. Chin toward the chest, shoulders relaxed, the top of the head towards the ground. 3. Body weight forward to the toes, legs as straight as possible. Put your hands on the ground with your fingers and toes level. 4. Hold this pose and complete 10 breaths.

Action 2: Butterfly Pose 1. Sit with your hips on the mat, knees bent and feet aligned. Open your legs with your hands and press your knees down with your elbows. 2. If you want to strengthen the extension effect, your arms can be straightened forward. Hold this position and complete 10 breaths.

Action 3: Open leg forward bend 1. Slowly rise from the standing forward bend and stand at the front of the mat. Feet apart about 90 centimeters, heels slightly wider than the toes. 2. arms placed behind the body, palms opposite fingers crossed tightly. Bend forward on the hip axis with the top of your head down and your hands pointing to the floor. Relax your feet and shift your weight forward at the hips and feet in a straight line. 3. Hold this position and complete 10 breaths. Then inhale and stand up.

Action 4: Bridge Pose 1. Lie flat on your back with your arms at your side and palms down. Knees bent, heels as far as possible against the hips. 2. palms and feet close to the ground, lift the hips upward. Press your hands on the mat or cross your hands under your pelvis. Alternatively, you can bend your elbows and place your hands on your back. If your feet are close enough, you can also grab your ankles with both hands. 3. Hold the pose for 10 deep breaths and lift your hips as high as possible.

Action 5: supine relaxation 1. lie flat, close your eyes, in order to fully relax, keep a few centimeters between the arms and the body, palms up. The heels of the feet are two fist distance apart, and the feet are relaxed and open outward. Shrug your shoulders up and down, try to extend your spine and relax your back. 2. After finding the posture that makes you most relaxed, try to wait until your heart rate slows down and your breathing returns to a normal soothing rhythm.

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