How to remove hair dye from the skin

At the very moment, it is difficult to make an appointment at the hair salon, so you have to rely on your own DIY. However, home hair coloring is not just a matter of smearing! Collected years of experience, collated DIY hair coloring 5 key points, the day before not washing hair has a basis, pick dye so never miss.

1. Avoid using hair lotion before dyeing hair

The most taboo thing about hair dyeing is uneven coloring, poor color holding power, just coloring warm water a flush of color fading ~ to avoid coloring difficulties, first of all, before dyeing hair absolutely must avoid the use of moisturizing milk, hair film and hair wax and other styling, repair products! Most of these hair products are rich in oil, which will affect the color holding power of the hair dye, and a lack of attention will make you lose all your work.

2. The day before not wash your hair has a basis

As for the second point, I think most people have heard ~ that is, the day before the hair dye can not wash your hair! The reason for not washing your hair the day before is that the sebum secreted by the scalp protects the scalp from the risk of irritation and sensitivity caused by the dye coming into direct contact with the hair muscle. Also remember to do a skin test two days before you dye your hair, apply the dye to the inside of your wrist, leave it on for 48 hours and then wash it off to observe if your skin reacts with redness, swelling and itchiness, and then perform the hair dyeing procedure.

3. Remember the golden 60 minutes after applying the dye

The third point is that you should never doze off when you are using hair dye! Most of the hair dyes on the market are rich in chemical ingredients, even if it is a plant-based hair coloring product, its pigment particles on the scalp for too long may also cause scalp discomfort, so try to wash away most of the dye with warm water within an hour after the dye is applied, and then wash your hair with the corresponding mild color care shampoo, which can gently care for the health of the hair muscle.

4. pick dyeing so do not miss

This season, pick dye, brush dye styling is hot, and even sometimes because of white hair, pudding head needs, must be partially dyed, and this seems to be quite technical pick dye, in fact, at home can easily DIY!

5. Rinse with cold water

The last point is also many people will ignore the small details of daily life, is the water temperature! When rinsing hair dye, it is recommended to use slightly warm water, cold water rinse, because too hot water will make the scaly surface layer of the hair (also known as hair scales) open, not only easy to second degree stimulation of the scalp and hair, dyed hair color will also be excessively washed away oh!

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