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I believe that many girls have encountered the problem of split ends, especially girls with longer hair, split ends are more common, and some will not be able to resist using their hands to tear the split ends, but also to pass the time. So, hair split ends should be cut off? Hair split ends with conditioner is useful? How to shampoo and condition your hair with split ends? Take a look at it!

Hair split ends to cut off or not

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Need to cut off. The split ends are the part of the hair that has lost its nutrients and the hair layer is damaged, in fact, it is best to choose a good way to repair the hair layer, the best is to subtract the damaged area. Hair pigment will break down the cuticle layer thus causing split ends, that’s why many people have split ends after a long time of hair coloring, and bleached hair will be more prone to split ends because the hair becomes very porous and damaged.

Is it useful to use conditioner for split ends?

Hair splitting with conditioner is useful, when the hair has split ends can be trimmed regularly, so that it can prevent it from splitting. After splitting hair, you should try to reduce the number of perms, straightening and dyeing, and it is best to choose a shampoo suitable for the fastest hair, or use a conditioner. The effect is also very good.

How to shampoo and condition hair with split ends

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To avoid split ends, the first step in hair care is to shampoo regularly to keep your hair and scalp clean. Of course, when washing hair water temperature should not be too high or too low, using warm water is most appropriate; shampoo should be used to meet their own hair, such as oily hair or dry hair; rinse shampoo must pay attention to thoroughly clean, residual shampoo will cause stimulation to the hair scalp, affecting the absorption of hair nutrients; shampoo process to avoid scratching the hair root, scalp with nails to avoid Hair damage, you should use your fingertips to press the scalp to promote blood circulation in the scalp and so on.

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