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Dyeing hair is dry hair or wet hair

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Hair dyeing is dry hair dyeing. In the case of dry hair, apply hair dye directly to dry hair, the color will be more uniform and better coloring, wet hair dyeing, the moisture on the hair will affect the color absorption, plus the hair dye cream is diluted by water, easy to color unevenly. Don’t wash your hair a day before dyeing, because the secreted oil can form a protective film to prevent the hair dye and airborne microorganisms from infecting your scalp, and usually pay attention to not scratching hard when washing your hair to avoid scratching your scalp and causing infection and allergy when dyeing your hair.

Do you have to bleach your hair for the first time?

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Some lighter hair colors need to be bleached, and bleaching can play an auxiliary role to make the hair color look more obvious and increase the overall three-dimensionality. For some darker hair colors, the requirements for hair color is not high, direct dyeing can be. Hair bleaching is to wash out the original melanin inside the hair, and then dye the hair with the color you need to dye, so that the hair can become the desired color. Hair bleaching is done with hydrogen peroxide and bleaching powder, and hair dyeing is done with dye paste.

Can hair dye cause skin allergies?

Lace Front Wig Human Hair 13x4 Lace Wigs 99J Burgundy Color Silk Straight Transparent Virgin Human Hair

Whether hair dye can cause allergies or not is related to the individual’s body type. If you are allergic or allergic to a certain ingredient in the hair dye, then hair dyeing can cause allergies. If you are not allergic, then you will not be allergic to hair dye. This is a specific problem to be analyzed. If an allergy occurs because of hair dyeing, it is clinically known as contact dermatitis. It is necessary to stop using the hair dye and never dye your hair again. The clinical treatment is oral antihistamines. If the patient develops vesicular oozing, consider an intravenous dexamethasone injection to control the condition. Allergies can be treated with loratadine, an anti-allergy drug, and skin itch granules. Avoid scratching during treatment. Eat a light diet. Drink more water. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating spicy foods.

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