how to cut a lace front wig

how to cut a lace front wig

a lot of people don’t know how to cut the lace off

you want to know how to cut it in a way where it’s not too jagged it’s not too straight and it looks natural and kind of blends in and melts with your skin. Because it’s important how you cut the wig determines how natural it will look

Before cut lace, please check hairline and bleach knots

Please make sure hairline is plucked and knots is bleached.


Nowadays, many hair vendors have pre-plucked lace front wigs, so you don’t need to pre-pluck hairline. Pre plus meaning they kind of already thin out the front so that it looks nice and natural for you. It blends in perfectly with your skin.

And check the knots, if you not like, you also can bleach knots in advance.

If you buy a lace front wig without pre plucked unfortunately , it is better to  pluck. With plucked hairline, after cut the lace, the hairline will look more realistic.

All of beautylacehair hairline are pre plucked, and also lightly bleach knots.

how to cut the lace off of your frontal


  1. Put lace front wig on your head


Place the frontal on your wig head or you can place it on your head, you can do whichever is easier for you to cut lace.


  1. Cut the lace near your ears.


When you’re cutting the lace, the first step and the most important step that you want to make sure you do first is you want to focus on the lace near your ears.

Hair vendors make the lace a little longer, because some people have longer hair lines, some have a wider head, some have a bigger head, some have a smaller head. So we make the lace a little bit longer so that you can actually customize it to your liking.



beautylacehair lace front wig the length of frontal is 13 inch. For example, if your hairline is nine inches, so we need to go ahead and cut off the excess. It is really important to cut the lace off that is above your ear. Because that kind of determines on how flat the lace will lay, and it also determines how comfortable your wig will be when you’re wearing it. So if you have extra lace over it and you don’t cut up enough, it’s just go to be so uncomfortable for the rest of the night.


Make sure it’s directly on top of your hairline ,you want to slide it up a little more,  but careful not to minimize  the forehead .  Next you can see it’s too long it’s making your ears curl and take your trusty comb rat tail to be exact.


Follow the shape of your ear by create apart . Go ahead and follow that part that you made.

Some people like to keep a sideburn I like to keep there a little bit of lace right here just so that it looks natural. Make sure you don’t cut the elastic Benes underneath, make sure you’re not cutting too much into the construction of the cap.



  1. Cut the main portion of the lace

You can do with jagged or do it straight. It’s whatever you want to do from your head or whatever fits your head .Make sure you have your hair just kind of like going back, out of your face and out of your way.

Use scissors, so it makes it like a little bit easier, put this hair behind your ears, please don’t cut too close to the lakebed and don’t leave a lot of lace. Follow the hairline and cut jagged but not jagged straight.

And do this because it’s a little and just makes it look a little more natural.  So you can see how it’s looking right now, it looks a little more natural rather than in a straight line.  Especially if you did not pluck the hairline properly again, which you can do it by a razor blade


That’s exactly how you cut your lace, it’s super easy and it’s right to the points, and it doesn’t literally not much work involved.    I hope you   really learns how to cut your lace so it was super easy  .Make it as easy as possible for you,  especially for   beginners I got a lot of beginners so I try to make it in two steps,  so you guys can follow along .


Honestly it will grow to be one of your favorite textures and it looks so natural, it looks so real, it looks so good and it feels good and it is not tangle, so it must be one of your favorite types of hairs.

And make this wig look amazing on our heads

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