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2022 How to get more hair without hair transplant, the best three tips to double the volume of voluminous hair

Because everyone’s hair volume is different, there are various reasons for less hair, some people are born with less hair, and some people have less and less hair because of hair fall. So, how to make more hair without hair transplant? What are the reasons for less hair? If you have a small amount of hair, don’t you want to take a look? The most important thing is to make sure that you have the right amount of hair.

1.perm hair

For most girls with thin hair, they can choose to perm to help them increase their hair. When we perm hair, we can make our own image get a good shape, mainly because there are many perm hairstyles, different hairstyles can give us to create a different visual effect. So when girls go for a perm, they also need to choose a perm look that is more suitable for them according to their image. When we choose a look that suits us, the technique of professional perming can help us make our hair more voluminous. The girl with thin hair can’t make her hair more quickly, so we can use perms to make our hair more voluminous, so we can achieve a very good effect of increasing the volume of hair. But we also need to pay attention to a lot of problems when perming hair. Some of the perm potions will be inferior, we must discuss with the hairdresser before perming to see what kind of potion is suitable for your hair quality.

2. fluffy powder

There is also a large proportion of girls with thinning hair will lead to their own hair is very dead. Because after hair thinning, it is very easy to stick to a piece, this time it will make our hair more attached to the scalp, making our overall image looks very greasy. So to make your hair look more voluminous, we can also use a product like hair volumizing powder in our daily life. In fact, hair volumizing powder is a very convenient product that can effectively help us to make our hair more voluminous. We can use the hair volumizing powder to puff on our hair before we go out and then tidy our hair a little to make it look very voluminous and natural. The hair fluffing powder is not very expensive on the internet, so we can buy such products with confidence.

3.Blow styling

For people with thinning hair, you can also help yourself by blowing your hair to make it fluffier. In fact, a very large proportion of girls can find an obvious problem, that is, after they wash their hair in the barber store, the hairdresser through the hair dryer, can help us make the hair look very lush. But after blowing your own hair at home, it will instead make your hair look very thin. This is mainly because we do not choose the right way to blow the hair, and when blowing the hair, did not pay attention to some of the skills on the problem. For girls with thin hair, when blowing hair must avoid letting the blow dryer suction mouth to their scalp. Because the hot air coming out of the mouth of the hair dryer will bring a lot of burden to our scalp, but also likely to scald our scalp, leading to more thinning hair. So we must pay attention to this problem when blowing our hair. When we blow the hair, you can turn down the temperature of the hair dryer, and then use a comb to comb your hair slightly upwards. This time as far as possible do not take the comb down, so that the comb will support their hair. We can choose an arc of support according to our hairstyle, for example, women with partial parting can support their hair directly in the direction of their bangs bias, and then use the hair dryer to blow against this arc. The hot air from the hair dryer can help us set the hair, so this time the hair will also look more fluffy and lush.

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What are the reasons for less hair

1. endocrine imbalance

The lack of growth hormone will make the growth of hair relatively slow, if estrogen in a certain period of time in a state of deficiency will lead to the phenomenon of hair loss. If the thyroid gland is overactive or not active enough, it is also likely to lead to thinning and thinning of the hair on top of the head.


Prolonged visual fatigue, excessive mental stress, excessive nervousness, impatience or apprehension, and late nights can lead to shortening of the hair growth cycle and hair loss, resulting in premature baldness. If the stress continues, coupled with weak psychological quality, then the hair loss situation will be more serious oh.


Malnutrition, poor digestion and chronic wasting diseases can lead to nutritional imbalance or absorption disorders, resulting in the normal growth of hair being inhibited and entering the resting phase, and hair thinning, scorching, premature graying or shedding.

4.Lack of vitamins

For many people who like to eat meat and do not like to eat vegetables, the chances of having thinning hair on the top of the head is much greater than the chances of people who like to eat vegetables to have this one situation, because our hair has a great demand for vitamins, if our body lacks vitamins, it will lead to the appearance of thinning hair on the top of the head.

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