During the Christmas period, I believe that many partners at home must have prepared a very large number of food, at home will certainly overeat, so your little belly will also be fat very, unknowingly the waist of the swimming ring out. So many of you, after the holidays to lose weight first reduce belly. How can you quickly and easily slim down the stomach? I’m going to share a few tricks today, the beauty of the need to hurry up and collect it.

After the holidays to lose weight first reduce belly

The first trick, first of all, in terms of diet to make control, after the festival, we do not eat and drink, eat more light food, usually nothing to drink, and some absorb fat pu-er tea, this way to be able to reduce the small belly to go down.

The second trick, many weight loss beauty home, I believe there are hula hoops, every day adhere to shake the hula hoop, each time half an hour, a week down, your stomach can definitely lose 5 cm.

How to lose weight after the holidays

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The third trick, whether sitting or standing, do not let their belly too unrestrained, try to maintain the habit of sucking the belly, which is very good for thin belly.

The fourth trick, you can massage the stomach. There are very many points around the belly button, you can according to these points of the stomach, and then apply some massage cream for the stomach area massage, but also can play a very good effect of thin stomach.


Ways to lose weight after the holidays

The fifth second trick, running, although running is thin whole body, but the first effect is the stomach. Get up every morning to run five kilometers, every night after dinner to run five kilometers, a week in the past, can definitely see the obvious effect.

The sixth trick, that is, through the belly band, to reduce the belly. The first belly band to the body, will play an immediate effect. Often with the words, it will make the meat on the stomach to produce memory, will not expand, but also to reduce appetite.

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