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Best Hair For Sew In

It is essential for women to have a beautiful hair. Having gorgeous hair can increase your confidence and charm. Every woman wants to have her own best hair for sew in. Especially for African-American women, hair weaves are particularly attractive to them. Are you also looking for best hair for sew in?

In this article, you will know what is sew in weave, not every weave is right for you, how to choose the sew in weave that is right for you, which sew in weave styles are popular right now, and how to care your sew in weave , how to take care of sew in weave and without sew in weave, what else you can choose.

What is sew in weave

sew in weave is a process. The sew in weave technique was created by Christina Jenkins in the 1950s. In 1951, Jenkins patented the technique and at the same time began teaching others how to install hair. As you can see, Sew in weave has been popular for a long time until now.
The video is Sew In Weave Tutorial: Start To Finish

This is a great video. As you can see from the video sew in weave process. First weaves natural hair into a corn cob pattern and then uses a sewing needle to stitch the weft to the top of the weave track to achieve it.
A technique that allows people to have fuller, more styled, longer hair.

Sew in weave benefits

1. Sew in weave is natural looking and versatile.

2.Sew in weave allows you to have long, elegant hair, or body wave, or curly, or any other texture you prefer.

3. With a variety of colors highlight, omber, red, 613 blonde and so on.

4. Have beautiful elegant hair while you do not need to perm your own hair, so you do not have to worry about hurting your own natural hair.

5.You can try various lengths of hair, pixie cut, bob, long hair and so on.

How to choose the best hair for sew in

Sew in weave has many advantages, which is why it is always the best. Faced with the various prices of sew in weave in the market, it can be very disturbing. But there is one thing that must be remembered, particularly cheap hair still calls itself best hair for sew in, you have to be careful. After all, you will get what you pay for.

This is the time to choose best hair for sew in and have a high quality hair weave, which will make the hair look more natural and will also last a long time.

When money allows, it is recommended not to use synthetic hair. Especially now that the weather is getting hotter and hotter, using synthetic hair, will feel stuffy. And it is not good for your own natural hair growth.

Which is the best hair for sew in

Which is the best hair for sew in depends on your own preference, the money you have in your pocket, and the style that suits you.

If you have enough money, recommended that you purchase 100% human hair. Virgin hair is our first choice. Unprocessed hair can be dyed or re-style for texturee.

For sew in weave, it is best to choose 100% virgin remy unprocessed human hair.

Beautylacehair best hair for sew in

There are many types of hair weave. The most popular ones are Brazilian hair, peruvian hair, malaysian hair, indian hair.
Here are top 6 Beautylacehair best hair for sew in weave.

1. Brazilian Hair Water Wave Weave Sew in Weave with Closure

Hair Weaves With Lace Closure Water Wave Human Hair 4x4 Lace Closure Brazilian Hair Bundles Sew In

Water wave curl has become very popular in recent years, and is also the preferred texture for black women.
Water wave between wave and curly.

Also double weft , can last longer without shed.

Water wave texture it is easier to maintain. Of course with proper care to keep it bouncy and shiny, you will get the most beautiful water wave style.

Sew in weave with water wave, so realistic that you can’t tell it’s a wig. This hair will last for a long time because it is cuticle remains intact, and in the same direction. Normal and reasonable care, no tangles.

Also wear a lace closure, lace closure is pre plucked natural hairline baby hair around, so it gives you a more natural hairline.

And you also can do sew in weave with leave out.

2.  613 honey blonde remy brazilian hair straight sew in weave near me

Blonde Bundles 613 Hair Weave Unprocessed Virgin Remy Human Hair Straight Blonde Color Brazilian hair


Blonde hair has an irresistible allure for black women. Every black woman should have a blonde hair. Wearing blonde hair will make you glowing.

Long and shiny straight hair never goes out of style, 613 blonde straight is sleek and natural, wear it and you will be the brightest star.

The hair is double weft, so it doesn’t shed easily. Because it is 100% virgin remy human hair, it is not tangled. With normal and proper care, there is no problem of tangle and hair shed.

The hair is shiny and elastic, and you will look beautiful with the perfect combination of your skin tone.

3. Brazilian body wave hair weave sew in weave near me

Hair Weaves With Lace Closure Natural Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair 4x4 Lace Closure Hair Bundles Sew In Hairstyle

If you like long hair, but do not like straight hair, you can choose this body wave, this wave will make your hair look natural, fluffy, bouncy.

It’s also double weft, so you don’t have to worry about shedding. You can comb through it directly, preferably with a wide comb. Be sure to comb gently to prevent pulling your hair down.

4. Malaysian Kinky Straight Hair

Milk Hair Weave Human Hair Sew In Extensions Brazilian Hair Kinky Straight 3Pcs Hair Bundles

If you like to have hair that is as natural as your own, then choose this kinky straight hair. This is the closest hair bundles to the natural hair of black women.

This kinky straight hair will look thick, voluminous and durable. It’s easy blend with your hair.

5. Brazilian kinky curly hair weave

Hair Weave Human Hair Hair Extensions Brazilian Hair Bundle Kinky Curly Style 3Pcs Hair Bundles Sew In

kinky curly has always been a popular look for black women because it is closer to our natural hair. kinky curly is a good blend of African-American women’s hair and is very soft, very thick and durable.

Also, because it is kinky curly, it requires more care.

6. Indian straight hair

Hair Weaves With Lace Closure Natural Straight 4x4 Lace Closure Hair Bundles Quick Weave Hairstyle

Recently long straight hair is also very popular among black women. It is very bouncy, stylish, smooth and soft.

It has a natural shine and is light and bouncy. You can color and do curly or wave style.


How to wash your hair under sew in weave

It is recommended to go to your professional stylist every 1-2 weeks to wash your hair.

If you work out a lot and sweat a lot, it is best to wash your hair once a week.

You can wash your hair at home, please use a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Sew in weave hair extensions usually last 6-8 weeks. Please do not use them for too long as they can damage your natural hair if wear it too long.

Other options without Sew in weave on your head

Since Sew in weave is very expensive to install, the cost of the weave install may depend on the area of the city you live in and the stylist you choose. It can range from $100 to $500.
Sometimes the cost will exceed the cost of the hair weave you purchase.

Having to weave your own hair into it for a long time can lead to hair loss and cause hair breakage.

At this time you may be thinking about not using sew in weave, then there is an alternative to sew in weave, that is wig.

The hd lace front wig, 4*4 lace closure wig, 5*5 lace closure wig and other lace wigs, and also no lace wig are very popular nowadays.

They also have sew in weave process. But wig just isn’t sew in on our head. Instead, a wig cap is used, and the hair weave is sew in wig cap. Wig is easy to wear and use, and can effectively protect our scalp.
In short, what suits you is the best hair for sew in. It is recommended to choose virgin, remy, unprocessed hair, which will last longer and be more natural.

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