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The idea of having to wear a lace front wig for long periods of time doesn’t seem too appealing. I researched whether lace front wigs can be taken off every day and here is what I found.

Yes, lace front edge wigs can be taken off every day.

It depends entirely on the type of adhesive used and how the adhesive is secured. If your plan is to take off your lace front wig every day, it is best to choose a weaker wig adhesive than most to make the take off process easier and achievable every day.
Lace front wigs are a great way to add something new to your look without having to make any major changes to your natural hair.

They are one of the most natural wigs on the market and are a great addition to any wig collection. What is also great is that these wigs can be worn for long periods of time or even shorter depending on the needs of the wearer.
Let’s take a look at how you can adjust your wig application to fit the length of time you may prefer to wear it.

Lace front edge wigs – make them last, or not.

The length of time you wear a wig varies from person to person. Since most women tend to want to wear their wigs longer without having to take them off at all, it has become a common assumption in the industry to assume that this is what all wig wearers want.
However, this is far from accurate. In my case, I don’t like to wear wigs for too long. I don’t really like sleeping with a wig on every night, I prefer to let my scalp breathe.

So now that we realize that not all wig wearers want the same thing, the question of how the market will adapt to this situation comes to mind. It’s really quite simple, the market has become more and more diverse in the types of wig adhesives it offers. Each of them has its own specifications and these adhesives are able to satisfy all types of wig wearers.

Wig adhesives

If you wear wigs on a regular basis, you may have realized that all wig adhesives are not created equal. Most women tend to look for a wig adhesive that promises to hold for about 1-4 weeks.
This is because, in general, people don’t want to have to put on and take off their wigs every day. However, it is important to note that even the same brand and type of wig adhesive may work completely differently for each client.

Wig glue is placed on the skin, and the natural oils, sweat and elasticity of the skin play a role in holding the glue in place. This is why it is important to try different types of wig adhesives to find the best fit for your wig. But what does this have to do with how long or short a lace front wig you can wear?

Here are some considerations for choosing an adhesive that will allow you to take your wig off every day.

To – Choose a wig adhesive with a short retention period. It is best to look for an adhesive with a 1-2 week retention period to ensure more frequent wig removal, or daily removal if that is the retention period you want.

Don’t – buy a wig adhesive that promises a longer retention period. Most of these types of adhesives are in the 1-4 week range, and some even stretch the hold period to 8 weeks. This will only make the removal of your lace front wig a difficult and painful process.
Do it – Purchase a wig adhesive that is not waterproof. This will relieve you of the hassle of trying to remove your lace front wig after daily use.

Don’t – Purchase a wig adhesive that is waterproof. Waterproof glues are meant to be long lasting. This means that daily wig removal will probably not be possible without damaging the skin and damaging the lace front wig.
When removing a lace front wig, use a wig adhesive remover. Look for an alcohol based remover as these removers are stronger and more effective. Wig adhesive removers are a quick and easy way to remove glue from your lace front wig and easily remove your wig without damage.

Don’t – try to remove your wig every day without using a wig adhesive remover. This will be very difficult and will definitely damage your lace front wig because of how fragile lace is. It is best to avoid doing this altogether.

So, we’ve discussed how using wig adhesive wisely can allow you to take off your lace front wig every day.

It all ultimately depends on the type of adhesive you use and of course how you use it. But for those of you who don’t usually choose to take off your lace front wig every day, you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to take off a lace front wig every day, right?

Well, here are a few reasons why taking off a lace front wig every day might not be the worst idea.
Why do people want to take off their lace front wigs every day?
For people who are not used to it, taking off a lace front wig every day may sound like a hassle. The process of fitting the wig and taking it off is not always easy and is certainly time consuming.

Which brings us back to the question: why would anyone want to do this every day?

There are quite a few reasons why someone would want to take off their lace front wig every day, and there are some benefits to taking off your lace front wig every day that you may have missed.
So let’s talk about this ……

1. you are not a regular wig wearer.

One of the most common reasons that some people choose to take off their lace front wigs is because they don’t wear them very often. Wigs, for some people, are a great addition to a special occasion or formal look.
For some ladies, there is no real need to use wigs for everyday styling, and that is perfectly fine. These types of people prefer to wear a wig for their specific reason and remove it as soon as they are done.

2. It’s too uncomfortable to sleep with a wig on.

I know this is super important to me, and I totally fight when it comes to wearing anything to bed.
For someone who is not used to having things secured to their head, especially someone who is a light sleeper like me, a wig that is glued or taped in place can be very uncomfortable.

Now that we’ve discussed two reasons why someone might want to take off a lace-trimmed wig every day, let’s look at some of the benefits of taking it off more frequently.

Gives your hair and scalp time to breathe – Wearing a lace front wig for an extra long time at a time can be very unhealthy for your natural hair and scalp. Wigs often do not allow enough airflow to the scalp and roots of your natural hair, and oxygen is extremely important for maintaining the overall health of your scalp and hair.
Avoid long-term damage – People tend to glue wigs directly to their hairline or edges, which is really what often happens. This puts tension on this hair and can become destructive when left for long periods of time. Removing the wig daily allows room to correct small mistakes, such as this one, which can potentially cause great damage.
Hair and Wig Care – Taking off your lace-trimmed wig every day gives you the freedom to properly moisturize your natural hair and give it the attention it deserves. This also allows you to groom your lace front wig more effectively.

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