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Different grades of hair

What are hair grades and what is the different grades of hair

different grades of hair

When you are looking for wig, hair bundles, hair extensions, you will be concerned about hair grade. Many customers also ask me this question when they are buying hair. What grade of your hair?

This question bothers a lot of clients and confuses me because I don’t know what grade of wig my clients want and what grade is the concept for them.

Because there are many different kinds of wigs, hair bundles on the market. Theoretically, the grade of hair has been analyzed very well, and you can theoretically determine the quality of hair.

Although the hair grade has some value when choosing a wig. However, since hair grades are inherently unregulated by the system and each supplier has their own set of standards, sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting, which can be frustrating and disappointing.

This blog will tell you what hair grading is,different grades of hair and how to choose the hair grade you want so you don’t lose your hard-earned money.

What is the hair grade system

Hair grade was created by Chinese hair suppliers to give their customers different options. To know the history, you will know better different grades of hair.

History of the hair grade system

Around 2010-2011, hair grade appeared as 3A, which many people said was amazing.

In 2012, 4A was created, and 4A was considered to be the highest grade of hair.

In 2013, 5A was created, which became the best hair grade.

In 2014, there was 6A hair, which also became the best hair extensions.

In 2015, 7A hair was considered the highest grade.

In 2016 to 2017, there was 8A and 9A, and of course 9A was more expensive than 8A. 8A was considered the most popular, and 9A was the best.

In 2018, there are a lot of people selling 10A, 10A is the best.

In 2019 till now, you will see there are 10A, 11A, 12A, 13A and so on. there are also some hair suppliers labeled 20A

Are you noticing an interesting trend right now? Every year hair grade gets an extra A.

In fact, hair grade is a way to market and keep hair competitive.

But although it is a way of marketing, every year the factory develops new hair products and new technologies. Also the quality of hair is constantly improved. There is a reason why hair grade become higher.

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How to define the hair grade system, different grades of hair

Since there is no organization to define 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, 12A and higher grade of hair, it is not necessarily accurate to use hair grade to define the quality of hair.

The 10A you buy from this company may be the same as another company’s 9A.

There are also some suppliers who named their 6A hair as 10A, or even 11A hair.

Each factory has its own hair grade system, and they can know which grade of hair is good. But this grade is not used to rate the quality of hair from different factories, because there is no universal standard to define the grade of hair.

That’s why some customers buy the same grade of hair from different factories and the quality is not the same.


Therefore, comparing the quality of different factories by hair grade is inaccurate in many cases. For the same grade, the quality of different factories is not necessarily the same.

Why use the hair grade system, different grades of hair

So, why use the hair grade system? Because when buying wigs, hair bundels or hair extensions, customers’ needs are different.

Because the primary goal of the factory is to make the customer happy.

Some customers prefer high quality and expensive hair, while others prefer a little cheaper and better quality.

So by using hair grade, we can offer our customers different price options.

So there is no problem with using hair grade to differentiate. Customers can find the right wig for them by price and needs.

Different grades of hair for example

6A: Grade 6A hair is 100% human hair, no animal, chemical fiber hair. But 6A grade is none remy hair.

7A and 8A: Both are 100% virgin remy human hair. But 8A is thicker than 7A because 8A has less mixed short hair.

9A, 10A and higher grades: also remy virgin hair. 100% human hair.  So from different grades of hair , we can know the higher grade is also because there is less percentage of short hair.

Why does high grade not mean high quality?

From the above analysis, we know that different grades of hair and the higher the grade, the better the hair. But there are many customers complaining that sometimes they buy high grade hair but the quality is not good.  That is why sometimes they buy 12A from different factory, the hair quality different.

This is because the grade of hair is different from supplier to supplier. Because so far there is no regulatory authority, there is no uniform standard.

So buy hair, how to choose a donor, you trust them, the same seller, he understands your needs better, you will always buy from him.

In fact, look at the hair grade, the same seller’s hair grade, look at the price, you can compare the quality of hair good or bad. But different merchants, with the price and hair grade to compare, is not comparable.

But if you see a factory with a super cheap price, this time you have to consider how the quality of their hair. There may be animal hair inside the hair, and there may be hair from chemical fibers. They may also tell you the hair that is remy virgin hair, in order to sell hair to you.

Some factories are particularly expensive, then there is a possibility that he is not a factory, so the quality of the hair can not be guaranteed, this time also pay attention to the purchase.

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What grade of hair is the best for different grades of hair

Through the above, we know the knowledge of different grades of hair. This question, I think you should have the answer in your own mind.

If you are buying online, see if the website is doing a good job and if someone is answering your questions.

Look at the content of their blog and see if they are professional. Look at the reviews on the site and if you have hesitations, contact them. Ask them to take videos and photos for you.

Also you need to consider your budget, the style you want.

Things to keep in mind when buying high grade hair

As mentioned above, in many cases, high grade does not mean high quality hair. Hair grades should only be used as a reference.

Beautylacehair has always offered high quality hair products such as  such as hair bundles, hair extensions, hair wigs, lace closure, lace frontal.

Due to the current confusion in the market, it is difficulty to know the different grades of hair for different factory.

So if you have a need and don’t know whether to buy or not, you can always contact us. We are always online to answer your questions. We believe that our products will bring you beauty and happiness. It is always our goal to let you buy high quality hair products at a good price.

Different grades of hair

beautylacehair specializing in the production of wigs for more than 20 years, for your beauty, your money responsible. Your support is our motivation to move forward.

Now you know different grades of hair. Do you still have questions about hair grade? Welcome to leave a message to us.


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