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What is hairline powder for?

Hairline powder is something like a finishing powder that can modify the forehead, hairline powder is also called hairline shadow powder, is a light-textured powder cosmetics, if the hairline is relatively high or relatively, appropriate use of hairline powder for modification, can make up for the problem of high hairline, improve the visual effect of these parts, but long time use will cause some damage to the scalp. Hairline strife as a cosmetic itself is not harmful, but it can affect the scalp. In daily life, after hairline use, it is best to wash your hair well that night so that the harm of hairline powder can be minimized. And it’s good to do a good job of removing makeup after use.

Can hairline powder cover gray hair?

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Hairline powder can cover gray hair, but only temporarily. The hairline powder is very similar to the color of the hair, in the white hair can play a certain cover effect, but after washing the hair, the cover effect will not work, if the hair is more, you can go to the hairdresser to dye the hair, you can also use the side cypress leaves boiled water after washing the hair to improve. Usually you can also eat more black food.

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