HD Lace Wig 13x4 HD Lace Front Wigs Pre Body Wave Milk Human Hair Pre-Plucked With Baby Hair

Do you know what is lace frontal and what is closure? What is difference between frontal and closure?

I believe that many friends who often wear wigs want their wigs with natural hairline. Yes, whether it’s lace frontal or lace closure, it can give you a natural hairline. And wearing them, the hair looks like it has grown from the scalp. This is why they are so popular. Are you curious why they are so realistic?

The sellers may ask you, do you want lace frontal or lace closure? At this time, then you want to know what is lace frontal or lace clsoure, what is the difference between them. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Which is more suitable for you? Now keep reading, you will know all the answer.

To answer this questions, first,Let’s take a look how they are made.the lace frontal closures comparison

In fact, whether it is lace frontal or lace closure, they all have a common feature. They are all 100% hand crocheted. When we mentioned hand hooks, which you may not have understood.

Then let’s watch the video below, and you will know how meticulous it is to hook hair onto the lace.

From the video we can see that the hair is crocheted onto the Swiss lace one by one. Generally speaking, whether it is lace frontal or lace closure, first we need lace and hair. Beautylacehair factory’s lace frontal and lace closure are swiss lace, and beautylacehair hair material are virgin human hair.

From the video, we can see that crocheting a lace frontal or lace closure takes a long time and requires very skilled workers. The hair is crocheted one by one onto the lace. Therefore, high quality human hair and skilled workers, as well as exquisite craftsmanship, are more expensive for a high-quality lace frontal or lace closure.

Because of this exquisite crocheting process, when you wear lace frontal or lace clsoure, you will see the hair grow out of our own scalp.Wherever the lace parts are placed on you, they will give the feel of natural hair.

And now beautylacehair’s lace frontal and lace closure are pre plucked natural hairline. You can also add baby hair around the edges for a more realistic look.

What is frontal

First, let’s take a look at the video below, this is the video is the frontal.


Lace frontal have 13 x4 lace frontal and 13 x6 lace frontal.

13inch means that the distance from ear to ear is 13 inches. 4inch or 6inch means that the distance measured by the middle part of the lace frontal is 4inch or 6inch. That is, when you wear it, do the longest distance in the middle.

13x4 Lace Frontal Hair Style Body Wave Human Hair full frontal closure frontal and closure difference

Lace frontal is the front part of a lace front wig. It can create a natural hairline. The 13 x 4 lace frontal is now the most common and most popular size for black women. Beautylacehair also has a 360 lace frontal.

The material of Lace frontal, it is Swiss lace. Swiss lace is also the most popular material for black friends. Swiss lace has transparent lace, light brown lace, medium brown lace, dark brown lace. Now there is a new hd lace. You can choose the color that suits you according to your own skin color.

Generally medium brown lace, is a very good sales. It’s popular because it’s affordable and more like the skin of most black women. HD is expensive, of course if you have enough budget, you can choose HD lace.

HD Lace Closure 4×4 inch 5×5 inch Body Wave Human Hair Swiss Lace Closure

If you want to know more about hd lace, you can read the following article.

What’s The Different HD Lace Wigs And Transparent Lace Wigs? HD Lace VS Transparent Lace 2022


What is closure

here is the video of lace closure

In fact, lace closure and lace frontal have many similarities. The difference is, lace clsoure , it is 4inch x 4inch base size. There are also many sizes of lace clsoure now available. For example, 5inch x 5inch lace clsoure, 6inch x 6inch lace closure, and 7inch x 7inch lace closure and so on.

Now we use 4inch x 4inch lace closure to explain.  4inch x 4inch, which means the base size of swiss lace, it is square, and the length and width are both 4inch. That is, the part of the hand hook is a square. You can make part in this square when you wear it. The same is true for other sizes of lace closures. The larger the size, the larger the area of ​​the hand hook, and the more expensive it is.

Generally, lace clsoure can make free part, middle part or three part.


Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Frontal

1) The hand hook has a large area and can be sewn at any position. The length 13inch from ear to ear. Runs the length of the entire hairline, so no matter how you part it, how you change it, the entire section of the hairline in front of you will look very realistic.

2) Suitable for women with thin forehead hairline. Because the hairline of beautylacehair’s lace frontal is pre plucked, it is very natual and you also can make more baby hair at front according your prefer.

3) Swiss lace can be better integrated with your scalp. Wearing it can make your friends think it’s your own hair, but it can’t be seen as a wig.

4) Lace frontal It is versatile, you can do free part, middle part, side part,  ponytail, messy bun and more.

5) Because it is a hand hook process, swiss lace is also a breathable material, so it is very comfortable to wear on the head, and the air can continuously enter the scalp and hair.

Disadvantages of Frontal

Because the lace frontal mesh bottom area is large, so need more hair and hand hooks are used for a long time and have many functions, so the price is more expensive.

Advantages of Closure

1) It is simple and convenient to wear, because the hand hook area is small, so it is not as cumbersome to wear as the lace frontal. If you are skilled in wearing it, you can put it on in a few minutes.

2) It is precisely because the hand hook area is small, the hand hook time is relatively short, and it requires less hair than the lace frontal, so the price is cheap.

Disadvantages of Closure

Compare with the lace frontal, there is less function for styling . But for some people who don’t like to change frequently and like to maintain a style, lace closure is also a good choice.

How to choose

At last, whether to choose lace frontal or lace closure depends on your preferences and budget. Lace frontal can give you more style, but requires a lot of maintenance. Lace closure is cheap, but it’s not perfect for those who like to change their look. But they all give you realistic, natural results.

So according to your own preferences, choose which one, you can’t go wrong. If properly installed and maintained, they both can protect your natural hair from heat damage and breakage.

If you are looking for a lace closure or lace frontal, you can check it out in beautylacehair online store, we have many texture for you to choose .There are straight, body wave, deep wave, water wave, curly, deep curly, jerry curly, kinky curly, afro kinky curly , kinky straight and we also can do according your request.

beautylacehair  Services

If you also want to make a lace wig with lace frontal or lace closure, you can choose our bundles with lace frontal or bundles with closure.

Contact with beautylacehair, we can make a lace wig for you  free.

here is the  video of our lace front wig including inside cap. qtfn is our brand.

Here is the video of customer wear  lace closure wig.

Pick your favorite closure or frontal and show off your natural hair!





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