Got2b Glued The Swiss Lace Wig Gel

Got2b Glued The Swiss Lace Wig Gel

Anyone who has been in the hair extension and lace wigs industry knows this got2b glued. Over the past few years, women and men have used it to achieve a more natural look with their extensions and lace wigs.

Thanks to this glue, today you can wear wigs and not look like a clown.

It makes the hair extension lay and holds naturally especially when you use it to secure the frontals for a unique finish of the style.

Whenever you are using wigs and weaves, it’s our aim to use an application method where the extension is secure.

What Is Got2b Glued?

If you love wigs, then you know what it is. With the product got2b glued, people have taken weave wearing to another strength.

Over the past couple number of years, you must have noticed that the products got2b glued is one of the highest selling products.

This is a type of glue or gel that you use to secure the lace frontals and wigs on your head for an authentic look. It ensures that the edges are slick down in place with the aim of making sure you secure the flyaways.

With this product, the styling possibilities are endless. You can even try the trendy styles in the market especially if it suits your personality.

Is Got2b Glue Good for You? (Got2b Glued The Swiss Lace Wig Gel)

Since the trend of using tapes and glues, more people have asked this question and here are the dangers of using it.

While you will look your very best, glues often mess up your scalp and hair causing permanent damage sometimes. Using the glue means that you block the scalp pores on the parts where you have applied it. This will damage the hair follicle.

In some occasions, people have complained that it goes ahead to dry out and burn the hair. Moreover, the hair extension pulls your hair and this leads to the thinning of the hair strands. When this happens then shedding is a possibility.

While you are still wearing the hair extension, it won’t be easy to clean the scalp. This means that for about 2-3 weeks you can’t properly clean your hair. Sometimes the hair extensions cause headaches and some people have said it even causes bald spots.

Got2b glued is a great quality product for anyone but you have to ensure you don’t use it over a prolonged period of time. This will give your hairline time to breathe. Also, ensure you clean the parts where you used the glue thoroughly to make sure it there is no particles remaining.

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Things to Know When You Are Applying the Glue

There’s never a better learning experience than when you have to learn things on your own. So, for those DIY fans, below are some of the tips you shouldn’t forget.

  • Just use a little bit of the glue

While this is something that everyone should know, some people just forget to apply it. Only use a little bit of the glue to secure the wig. Apply a layer or two wherever you want to attach the weave, then go ahead and attach it.

If you use a lot of the glue, it will turn white and that ruins the entire hair extension experience.

  • Apply the gel first then do your make up

If you are the DIY kind of person, you should know this. Don’t do your make up first rather apply the gel first. If you apply the makeup first, the gel will turn white on the parts where you have the makeup.

What you should do is apply the gel let it dry and once you are done fixing the hair then apply your makeup.

  • Use the cool air for drying

Notice that heat doesn’t work best with the gel. It will destroy it. So, if you are using any heat tool to dry the gel, make sure it’s on the cool level. It goes without saying that heat or hot air will allow for the moisture, humidity, and sweat. This leads to the destruction of the formed bond.

  • It’s not so water resistant

While the manufacturer claim that this product is water resistant, it’s not all that true. During extreme heat days and if you are one that loves swimming, this won’t work for you. When you start to sweat, the bond starts to loosen slowly.

  • The good thing is that it will re-dry

Sometimes after you have been sweating at an event, the thing you should do is tie a scarf on the weave front and use cool air to dry it. This will make sure it dries once again.

  • You might just pull your hair out after all

While you are removing your extensions, it’s often upon you to be careful or else you will have it pulling your hair. The way to go about it is by saturating the hair with water and conditioner before you begin removing.

  • Don’t expect that since something worked for one person it would do for you

We are all different and our hair textures are even more different. Our level of skin sensitivity is also different. Therefore, what works for one person may not work for you. That’s just the way it is. Remember some people don’t even sweat and therefore it’s easy to use the glue.

If you are the type that sweats a lot and don’t expect the glue to work for you the same way it does for the others.

  • When wearing the glue, you should tie it down for a few minutes

The thing that will create all the difference is whether you tied down your hair or not. Once you have applied the glue, you should tie down the edges for about 45 minutes. This helps the hair dry out.

Use a satin scarf to tie it down. That will give it a perfect hold. If you tie the hair for an even prolonged time, the glue will give you a stronghold.

1. Got2b glued water resistant

This product gives you a never-ending hold. It’s water resistant and lightweight making it easy to wear the hair extension when you are going for party events. It features a white paste that you only need a little bit to secure the wig.

It will work perfectly even when you don’t use the freeze blast spray. Even better is the fact that it stays clear when it’s wet. The item is made to suit anybody including those with sensitive scalp because it lacks all forms of toxins.

Got2b glued for lace frontals

2. Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel

This is a great piece since you can use it to secure your wig and go for all the sweaty activity yet it will still hold the hair in place. Removing the hair is also easy and you won’t have it pulling the hair strands.

You can use the product on your vertical hairstyles. An outstanding attribute of the product is that it makes the slick down edges thus it’s a great product for those times when you want to wear the lace frontals.

Forget about the flyaways because there will be none here. The product will last all day long and it will never flake. It further gives you perfect and stronghold. The gel is clear which makes it ideal for use on your edges.

3. Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray Aero

The essence of the spray is to give your hair a strong hold that won’t come off even when you are partaking in rigorous activities. This is particularly designed to serve you when you are wearing the extension for a couple of days to 2 weeks.

No more embarrassing situations where you have the extreme rock-hard hold. It will even help your hair stay in place when you want to achieve the sexy and messy look. I don’t know about you but I can tell the difference when you use the spray and when you don’t.

When using it, spray the hair at a 30cm distance. Apply the spray all over the hair for the perfect hold. If you are looking to give it even further hold, apply it on each strand. Remember to use the spiking glue with the spray for a maximum effect.

The Difference Between Got 2b Spiking Glued Gel Vs Got 2b Ultra Gel

Of course, this brand is making the highest sales when it comes to the glue used to attach hair extensions. But since not most people will tell the difference, here is a breakdown.

Got2b ultra glued Got2b glued
It comes in a black packaging It comes in a yellow packaging
It features a clear gel This one is white glue.
It’s going to give you the perfect hold. It gives you a good hold but for it to work best you should use it together with the freeze blast spray. This will give it a firmer hold
It has a shimmer and shines especially under the sun. It turns white when wet. It’s not reflective neither does it shine. It remains clear and put when it’s still wet.
You will receive it being clear and when it dries out it still remains clear. It comes white but when it dries out it becomes clear.
This is a great glue for taming the edges thus will make the baby hairs appealing. It will help to design your edges but not as much as the ultra one.
It’s very easy to apply so there’s no way you will form the flakes. Unless you apply it properly it will leave the flakes under the frontal.

How to Apply the Glue

Like every style, when you are applying the glue, you ought to make sure you have cleaned the parts where you expect to fix the hair.

This works when you get rid of the sweat, oil and any other form of dirt. Clean off all forms of product build ups.

Simply use the alcoholic formula for the ease in the cleaning of the hair. However, you should confirm your sensitivity before you go forward to clean the part. Simply conduct a patch test.

This is also the time when you use the skin protector if you have sensitive skin.

Best skin protector

4. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Professional Scalp Protector

For those of you that have the sensitive scalp, this is the product to buy. It’s made using the olive oil which is nourishing to anyone’s skin. It won’t even get stuck on the skin because it rinses easily.

If you are adhesive sensitive then this is the product to use to keep you safe from allergic reactions.

  • Apply a layer of glue

To begin with, just apply a thin layer of the glue to the scalp. Let it dry out completely. If possible, even use a cooling dryer. When it dries perfectly you will have formed a base for the perfect hold.

  • Apply another layer

Following the dryness of the first layer, you can apply a second thin layer of glue and let it dry out until its tacky then apply another layer. This then means that you will have 3 layers altogether.

  • Now attach the lace frontal

Once you have applied the glue, it’s time to apply the frontal. You will have to apply the frontal on that particular section of the hair.

I don’t know where you like to begin with when attaching the frontal. You can begin at the center or middle that is just a personal preference. The only thing you must do is ensure that you have the lace being properly aligned. Ensure you press the frontal on the glue for even more hold.

  • Lastly-tie it with a scarf

Tie the frontal part with a scarf and leave it tied on for about 45 minutes. The longer you leave it on the more it will dry. This will give you the maximum hold.

  • Drying

You will need to ensure the glue is nicely dry before you leave the house. This means that you can even use the dryers and blow dries if you are in a hurry. Just remember to use cool air and not hot air.

Go for the coolest setting you have on the blow dry.

Got2b Side Effects

The reason why you will have side effects with this product is that it has contains the same ingredients used in other products like flammable gas, engine lubricants, fuel gas, furniture furnishes, emulsifiers among others.

Some of the toxic ingredients that are therefore used in the product can be inhaled while others will get into your body through the skin. It will go to your bloodstreams throughout the hair follicle.

Here are the side effects though to the glues

They can lead to hair loss especially if you don’t know how to remove them and apply them. It further leads to hair thinning sometimes because you have the nourishing pores blocked. When thinning occurs, you are headed for hair loss.

Dry hair and scalp: since you will cover the hair using glue, it tends to dry out especially because you can’t moisturize it as regularly as you should. The scalp also dries out because the nourishing oils can’t reach it. The pores are blocked.

Skin damage: for those who are allergic to some of the ingredients used, your skin will be damaged. However, you may decide to use the scalp protector.

Hair breakage: sometimes it’s hard to avoid the possibility of your hair breaking. This is especially true if you use the glue over a prolonged time. Your hair strands weaken and this leads to easy hair breakage.

Headaches: some people complain about developing headaches the moment they have installed the hair using the glue. You may attribute this to the fact that it blocks the breathing pores.

Some of the ingredient combinations are also hazardous to some people and this may cause headaches.

If you like hair extensions, you can use the glue attachment method but in moderation.

How to Remove the Got2b Glue

We all love the frontal and lace wigs since they allow us to style our hair extensions as if they are actually the real natural hair.

While it makes slaying easy, the removal process can be crazy especially when you don’t know the exact products to use.

Things you need

  • Applicator bottle
  • Your favorite conditioner
  • Rattail comb
  • Shower cap


  • To begin, mix 2 parts of the conditioner and 1 part of water. Pour the mixture in the applicator bottle.
  • Generously spray this mixture on the hairline and any other parts where the gel would be.
  • After you have saturated the parts with the mixture, massage it all gently so that it sips in perfectly.
  • Cover the hair with a shower cap giving the mixture time to loosen the glue bonds.
  • Next, remove the shower cap and begin gently pulling the lace wig or frontal.
  • With the tail comb, remove the glue residue from the hairline.

Important Tips for Removal

  • Through the removal process, you should maintain gentleness. Otherwise, you may pull your hair in the process.
  • Give the glue or gel ample time to loosen. Don’t be in a hurry. You will know it has loosened already if you can remove the lace with ease.
  • If it still doesn’t come off with ease, repeat the procedure until it can come off with ease.

Alternatives to Got2b Glued

For most people, the use of glue is just strange. Another good percentage can’t do without got2b glued. If you are one who is reluctant to use the got 2b glued, below are the best alternatives to use that will still make you slay.

  • Wig grip

This is a great way you can use to wear the wig but not have to attach the glue on. It’s one of the safest methods you will ever try.

It’s simply a band that will hold the wig in place securely. You put it underneath the wig and on your head then attach the wig.

You can have it in various colors. Therefore, take your time to find one that is the same color as yours.

  • The clips

Some of the wigs come with clips already and this the attachment safe and easy. You can have them being wig combs or clips and you only need to attach them on your natural hair.

If you know how to wear them, they will lay down perfectly flat. It works best if you have the wig having another snug fit.

  • The elastic bands

This calls for you to use the elastic bands for the hair. Simply purchase an elastic band material from your local store and then sew it on the wig. You should first consider sewing it on the nape area of the wig. This will give it a secure fit.

It’s the method that will give you the perfect fit even when the wig looks bigger than normal.

  • Hair spray

The got 2b hairspray is great at giving you a nice hold. This is especially ideal if you intend to use it only for a short while. Just place the lace front or wig the normal way you usually do then spray it.

Do Alternatives Work?

Most people are afraid of being embarrassed when the wig falls off when you don’t securely fit it. Understand this, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself because the alternatives work as well.

Where to Get Got 2b Glued

Since the glue is so popular today, I won’t be shocked if you can go to any beauty shop around you and still get it. Additionally, you can go to the brand shop Schwarzkopf, Amazon, Walmart, and many other online stores.

Also, if you will install the hair in a salon, you will get it in the salon you visit. They are easily and readily accessible.

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Wrapping up

Since the adhesives are quite dangerous to your scalp, you should make sure you are buying the legitimate brand. Got2b brand is made with your interest at heart but be careful so that you don’t fall prey to fake items.


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