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How to wash hair fall hair wash hair fall how much hair normal

Read: Usually fine, when washing hair began to crazy hair loss? What are the causes of hair fall when washing hair? What should I do if I wash my hair? How much hair loss is normal for women?

What’s wrong with losing a lot of hair when you wash your hair?

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What should I do if my hair falls out when I wash my hair?

Normal hair fall when washing hair

Hair has its own normal life span, and hair will have normal hair loss when it undergoes normal metabolism. When washing hair because of the massage stimulation of the scalp, may accelerate the speed of blood circulation of the scalp and accelerate the metabolism of the hair caused by hair loss. Generally speaking, it is normal for people to lose 50~100 hairs in a day.

Hair loss caused by unsuitable shampoo

When washing hair, if you choose an unsuitable shampoo can easily cause hair loss. The main role of shampoo is to help open the hair scales to help clean hair, while the conditioner is mainly to help shrink the scales. If you use a shampoo that combines washing and conditioning, it will make the hair scales in a constant opening and closing, which will make the hair fragile and easy to break.

Frequent hair loss caused by washing hair

Although frequent hair washing can help to remove grease and dirt from the hair in time to ensure clean and healthy hair, but if you use the wrong shampoo or let the shampoo stay on the hair for a long time every day, it will aggravate the hair loss when washing hair.

Frequent perms, hair loss caused by hair coloring

Frequent perming, hair coloring can seriously damage the hair follicles, not only to prevent the normal growth of hair, but also affect the supply of nutrients to the scalp, so that the hair does not get enough nutrients and become dull, fragile and easy to break. When washing hair, if the scalp is vigorously stimulated or stimulated by shampoo, hair will fall out.

What is the cause of hair fall when washing hair?

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How to wash your hair and lose hair

Hair loss caused by lack of qi and blood in the body

If the body is in a state of insufficient qi and blood for a long time, it is easy to cause the hair to become fragile and breakable without effective nourishment. The massage stimulation of the scalp when washing hair makes it easier for the fragile hair to fall out. This situation must pay attention to eat more coarse food, eat more easily digestible food, and participate in more exercise to regulate the qi and blood.

Hair fall caused by hair tied too tightly

If a woman ties her hair tightly for a long time, it is also easy to cause the hair to become vulnerable to external damage and easy to fall out. When the tightly tied hair is spread out for washing, a lot of hair will fall out.

Seasonal hair loss

Some people may also find that they do not lose a lot of hair all year round. Generally, it is in the autumn and winter seasons that hair falls out easily when washing hair, and this situation is significantly reduced in the spring and summer seasons. This is still because the climate is drier in autumn and winter, not only the skin, hair is also prone to dehydration become dry and easy to fall off.

How to wash hair fall hair

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How to wash hair fall hair

1, to ensure adequate sleep. Adequate sleep can promote the normal metabolism of skin and hair, and metabolism is mainly in the evening, especially between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am, this period of sleep, can make the hair normal new wave metabolism.

2, to avoid excessive damage. Dyeing, perming and blow-drying will cause some damage to the hair, and more times will make the hair lose its luster and elasticity, and even become yellow and dry. The ultraviolet rays of sunlight can also cause a lot of damage to the hair, making it dry and yellow. Both warm and cold air conditioning can be the cause of hair loss and gray hair, and too dry air or too much humidity is not good for hair protection. Suggestions: hair coloring, perm interval of at least 3 to 6 months, summer should also avoid sun exposure, swimming, sunbathing is to pay attention to protection.

3, eliminate mental depression. Mental instability and daily anxiety can lead to hair loss, and the deeper the depression, the faster the rate of hair loss. For women, life is busy and maintain the appropriate amount of exercise, hair will be lustrous black, full of life. Therefore, often deep breathing, walking, doing relaxation gymnastics, etc., can eliminate the mental fatigue of the day.

4、Wash and comb your hair correctly. When washing the right amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand with water and rub lightly, foam up before contacting the scalp and hair. Do not rub your hair too hard when your hands are in contact with it, because wet hair is fragile and vulnerable to damage. If you can shampoo your hair in a natural downward position, it is better. After washing, generally add conditioner and, if necessary, moisturizer. Do not use nylon combs and head brushes when combing your hair.

How much hair loss is normal when you wash your hair

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How to wash hair fall

Generally speaking, most people wash their hair and fall out because of the normal renewal of hair, as long as a very small number of people wash their hair and fall out more hair only need to pay attention to. Now you can do a test, pay close attention to the number of hair you lose every day, if the number of hair loss is within 80, then it may be normal hair renewal, it does not need to worry! But if the number exceeds this, it is possible that the cause of hair loss, which is a more serious problem, we need to pay attention to!

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