Our hair quality will become worse and worse because of blowing, pulling, dyeing, perming, etc., hair frizzy, dry and easy to break really do not be too annoying. But want to have a good hair quality, the following five wrong methods must be avoided, but also often hair care Oh, together with the hair station editor to see it!

Five hair care misconceptions

1, do not lower the head to wash hair

Many girls with long hair will be accustomed to bending low way to wash their hair (so will not be easy brain congestion?) In fact, this is not good for the hair, this action will actually hurt the hair scales and cuticle Oh!

2, the correct use of hair dryer

When using a hair dryer remember to blow from the inside out, first dry the roots of the hair, and then blow dry the ends of the hair, and alternate hot and cold, hair dryer at the same time to maintain a distance of more than 20cm from the scalp.

3, it is best to wash your hair before 20:00.

It is said that hair grows most significantly from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Therefore, in order not to destroy the rhythm of growth, it is recommended that the best time to wash your hair is before 20:00.

4、Avoid washing from top to bottom

You are very alert to the skin of the face, at any time you know to make it resistant to the attractiveness of the ground, in fact, the scalp is also the same, the scalp is also part of the skin, and directly linked to the face.

Remember to comb your hair, or wash your hair, from the bottom to the top, pull up the scalp, to avoid scalp sagging, sagging.

After understanding the five secrets, the most important thing is to be persistent and not lazy, after a period of time you will also have an angel aperture!

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How often to do hair care

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1, if the hair is very dry and knotted after washing without conditioner is very damaged 1 week care 2 times.

2, if the hair is only generally damaged 1 week care 1 time on the good.

3, and perm before care once, after coloring hair care once.

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