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hair type for black hair

Do you know your hair type

As we all know, there are many hair type for black hair in the world. There are black, white, yellow, and mixed race people in the world. So it causes us to be born with different type of hair. Caucasians and yellow people have more natural hair, straight hair. Black people have more natural hair, curly hair.

Come to beautylacehair and seek more knowledge about hair type, your hair will be beautiful.

hair type for black hair

Whether it is fine, coarse, long, short, shiny, curly or straight, your hair deserves to be respected. This article will to find hair type for black hair.

Because hair with different type has different characteristics, it is not quite the same care. So get to know your hair type, curl pattern, density and styling needs better. All of these will help you know better care for your hair.


4 Hair type for black hair

Andre Walker, the father of hair design, divided all hair types into four categories. Hair type depends on the curl pattern of the hair. hair type is divided into four types

  1. straight
  2. wavy
  3. curly
  4. coily

Based on the shape of the waves and the tightness of the curl, each category has subcategories A, B and C. A is looser, B is medium and C is the tightest curl. 12 hair types are shown below picture.


hair type for black hair


You can change the curl pattern through a hairstylist, using chemicals. Or you can take medication or hormones to change the curvature of your hair. But your hair will not change when you grow it back. Hair type has a genetic cause because hair type is in your DNA.

How to know my hair type for black hair

The hair type is obvious from the picture. But in reality, many of us have more than one hair type, it can be a natural mix of 2 and 3, or 3 and 4, etc.

Do a fun experiment. Run your fingers through your hair, feel the texture of your hair, and observe the type of your hair to get an idea of the type of hair you have.

If you want to be more precise, take a strand of hair and place it on a piece of paper. Using a pencil next to your hair, draw the type of your hair. Compare it with the picture below(hair type for black hair ) to see which one is your type.

hair type for black hair

How to care for your hair type for black hair

hair type 1 Straight

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In order 1a, 1b, 1c. hair is the straightest, smoothest slowly to somewhat curly, somewhat dry.

Hair type in 1a is the thinnest and smoothest. If you put a hairpin in your hair and do not fix it well, there is a chance that the hairpin will slip out. You can use a texturizing spray.

Type 1b hair has some wavy and the roots tend to get oily. Use dry shampoo.

Type 1c hair is thicker and coarser, so it is more wavy and dry. If your straight hair has been curled, or heat set, your hair can easily become type 1c. Use some hair mask when you wash your hair.


Obviously, straight hair doesn’t have natural curl, the hair may be finer or thicker, but it doesn’t have curl and down naturally.

If you have naturally straight hair, you will hairstyle and your hair is prone to oil, so it is recommended to use a texturizing spray or a dry shampoo.

I have straight hair and after I wash my hair, the first day it will be rather frizzy and I can put some spray on it. The second day works best, and by the third day the hair is oily. This time the scalp will be itchy and there is more oil in the hair. Because there is too much oil, the hair does not flow, so the hair looks little.

I usually use a neutral shampoo because my skin is somewhat dry, but tends to be neutral. You can choose the right shampoo for your skin.

Different shampoos work differently, and when you buy one, you can read the instructions on it. Your hair type may be mixed, so sometimes try more shampoos of various types and you will find the one that suits you best.

Hair type for black hair type 2

Hair type 2  wavy is bendable and has a definite S shape from the root to the end of the hair.

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Hair type 2A hair type, hair texture is softer and easy to straighten. You can use sea salt spray to add a natural wave to your hair. I especially like the hair type 2a. no need to do wavy styling, it is born with this texture and looks extra full with more hair.

Type 2b has a more defined “s”shape. Medium thickness, easier to curl.

Type 2c is more wavy than 2b type, the “s”shape is more compact and has spiral curls.

Hair type for black hair type 3 curly

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Type 3a, curls are large and loose.

Hair type 3b, bouncy and tighter curls than 3a, but they are also more prone to dryness and require the use of moisturizer hairspray to keep hair moist and frizz-free.

3c curls are tighter in curl than 3b and have a spiral shape. Usually voluminous and highly dependent on the climate, they are more prone to dryness and the curl is easily damaged. Requires proper care to maintain healthy hair.

Hair type for black hair type 4

type 4 coily also called kinky curly

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4a Very tight curls with a spiral s-structure.

4b Tighter curls than 4a, are sharp jagged curls, like a “Z”shape.

4c is tighter z-shape than 4b, sometimes the curl can’t see what kind of curl, very high density.

Hair type 4 is curly very tight hair, this kind of hair is very fragile very easily damaged. In humid climates, it shrinks and their cuticle is less than other hair types. Therefore they need more moisture and can use gels and moisturizers to add more moisture to their style.

Best hair type for black hair

Whichever hair type is the best hair type, genetics and lifestyle influence the type and texture of hair. We inherit genes from our parents. This cannot be changed. Cold winters can make our hair dry. The same climate with high humidity will make hair curlier.

hair type for black hair

How to change the hair type for black hair

So changing the genes of our natural hair is not possible. But you can go to a hair salon and straighten or curl your hair by straightening or curling it. Of course by heat styling and chemical treatments sometimes too often can damage our hair.

If you don’t want to damage your natural hair and want to have other curls, you can choose to wear a wig. beautylacehair has a variety of hair type for black hair,such as straight hair, body wave hair, natural wave hair, water wave, deep wave, loose wave, deep curly, jerry curly, loose curly, curly, kinky curly, kinky straight. And also we can do the hair type for you according your request. So you can choose the one you like, I trust you will find the best hair type for you to love.

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