Homemade hair mask with tomatoes and olives

This hair care method is more suitable for use after swimming or exposure to the sun when hair is lusterless and severely dehydrated, and it also eliminates the smell of second-hand smoke and oil smoke to reveal fresh and shiny hair. Because it contains olive oil, it is not suitable for oily hair.

Puree tomatoes, then add a little olive oil to the tomato puree, mix with flour to make the right consistency and mix well. Then wash your hair, wipe off the excess water in your hair with a towel, then apply the homemade hair mask to your scalp as well as your hair in a massaging manner, apply a hot towel for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.

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Homemade hair mask with beer

The nutrients contained in beer can be a good treatment for dry hair and hair loss, promote blood circulation in the head, help regenerate hair and make it shiny and beautiful.

Wash and dry your hair first, then pour the whole bottle of beer into a basin and soak your hair in it for two or three minutes, or go to the right amount of beer and apply it evenly on your hair. Then massage your scalp with your fingertips so that the nutrients in the beer are completely absorbed by your scalp. Finally, use a wooden comb to smooth and straighten the hair, and the submissive shiny hair is instantly revealed.
Homemade apple cider vinegar hair conditioner

Take an appropriate amount of apple cider vinegar and add water to dilute it. Then wash your hair, apply the blended apple cider vinegar on your hair, wait a moment and rinse it off with water. Repeat like this several times, so that the hair can fully absorb the nutrients in apple cider vinegar while getting rid of the smell of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can not only get rid of the residue of shampoo and conditioner, but also repair damaged hair and make it healthy and smooth.


Homemade hair mask with mango and olive

Mango is rich in vitamins and minerals, all of which are effective in promoting scalp health and hair regrowth, making hair shiny. With olive oil recipe, it can make dry hair more shiny and shiny. However, this formula is not suitable for oily hair.

Mash fresh mango flesh, or use a juicer to mash mango into a paste, mix with a little lemon juice and olive oil and stir well. Then apply it to the scalp and hair strands in a massaging manner and leave it on a hot towel for 15-20 minutes, followed by washing it off with water.
Homemade hair mask with banana and honey

Bananas are rich in potassium, which is good for the moisture and elasticity of the hair. With vitamins A and B from yogurt and milk, it can effectively help the hair to absorb the potassium completely. Mix honey and malt oil to moisturize and nourish the hair at the same time.

Mix banana, yogurt, oleo, milk, honey and malt oil together in certain proportions, then use a hair brush to brush an appropriate amount on the hair from top to bottom and wait for 45 minutes for the nutrients to be completely absorbed by the hair, then wash it with shampoo to make the hair healthy and shiny without using conditioner.

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