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If you are used to wearing long hair, do you sometimes want to choose a short or medium length hair?

14 inch wig length is a good choice.

how long is a 14 inch wig Lace Front Wig Short Ocean Wave Bob Wigs 13x4 Lace Wigs Ocean Wave Human Hair Wigs Pre Plucked

When you want to choose a 14 inch wig, do you also wondering how long is a 14 inch wig.

When you see a very beautiful wig, the model wear the wig, the length of the wig about to the waist, you like it very much.  And you order this 14 inch  wig , but after you receive it and realize it’s not what you want?

This blog will tell you how long is 14inch wig , what you need pay more attention  when buying a  wig, and how to choose the wig you prefer.

How long is a 14 inch wig

We all know that 1 inch is roughly equivalent to 2.54cm, so 14 inch wig length is about 35cm. For an average height/size person, it is about clavicle length/shoulder blade length when worn.

The 14 inch wig length falls under Medium hair length, and its exact position on your body also depends on your height, head size, shape and neck length. And it is also influenced by the texture of the wig.

For example, 14 inch curly hair length will looks a little shorter than 14 inch wig length straight in appearance.

More about wig length chart, check out this article that also talks about how to measure the wig length and how to choose the right length for you.

wig hair lengths

For Medium hair lengths, 12inch and 14inch are very popular, especially for bob human hair wigs.

How to choose 14 inch wig

When buy a wig, did you encounter such a problem? The wig you buy does not meet your expectations.

When you find a wig that you like after a lot of selection.

The wig which the model worn is very beautiful, and you are happy to buy this 14 inch wig. Can’t wait to receive the package, but very dissatisfied after open the package, why it is so different with the wig on the picture?

This is because the same texture and different hair length will give a different appearance. If the model in the picture is wearing a 24 inch straight hair wig that reaches the waist. And you purchased a 14 inch straight wig that reaches the shoulder, so the wig length difference is larger.

If it is afro curly hair wig, the difference between 14 inch and 24 inch will be more. afro curly hair is tighter, because of the texture difference, so 14 inch wig length, can not reach the shoulder.

How to measure the length of the wig

 You also bought a 14 inch wig, the model wears to the shoulder position.

But when you wear 14inch, it can not reach the shoulders.

So 14inch wig reaches to which position of your body, also has a relationship with your height. If you are very tall, with a large head and a long neck. 14inch wig you wear will be different from the effect of the model.

Another reason, perhaps your supplier sent the wrong length. The probability of this is relatively small, in general, the supplier carefully checked the product before delivery, but for the delivery of a particularly large number of suppliers, there may be individual errors.

When you encounter this problem, you can contact your supplier for confirmation.

Pay more attention to the style of 14 inch wig.

At present, when come to 14 inch wig , bob human hair lace wigs is more popular.

14inch wig is the length between Short hair length and Medium hair length.

There are many short styles, the popular ones now are bob, pixie cut.

The most popular length of pixie cut is 6 inch and 8 inch.

For bob wig, 12 inch and 14 inch are the preferred size.

In addition to the bob wig, there is also the normal 14inch wig, not bob wig.

Let’s take an example. The following video is a straight 14 inch bob wig video and a normal straight 14 inch wig video.

Straight 14 inch bob wig video

Normal straight 14 inch wig video

Through the video we can see that the length of the straight 14 inch wig is longer than the straight 14 inch bob wig. However, the end of the straight 14inch bob wig is thicker than the straight 14 inch wig. This is the reason for the hair style.

Those are the problems that we often encounter when buying wig. If you are a beginner, in order to buy your favorite wig, in fact, the easiest way is to consult the seller, and let the seller send you a real video of the wig, or send the real hair video before send hair to you .

After you agree, then ship the hair to you.
If you have more experience, I’m sure you know why this embarrassing situation occurred. And how to avoid it in the future.

For example, the following wig, the model is wearing 22 inches, if you buy 14 inches, certainly not as long as the model worn. But the shape is the ordinary straight 14 inch wig of this video. Not the straight14inch bob wig.

If it is the following wig, the model is wearing 14 inch. You buy 14 inch, in general, you wear it almost the same with the model.

But if you are short, wearing 14 inch wig, may be longer than the model. If you are taller than average, the effect of wearing may not reach the shoulders.

14 inch wig length deep wave wig 13×4 lace front bob

14 inch deep wave wig 13×4 lace front bob human hair wig

In addition, for the regular wig , not a special shape wig. Have you recently purchased wig encountered this situation, for example, you purchased a 13 * 4 lace front wig, you purchased 22 inches.

The hair on the front it is shorter than you expected . The front is also the lace frontal (more knowledge about what is a lace frontal) . The front hair may only 16 inches. This makes it appear that the front hair is very short. It will be awkward when you wear it.

Now there is a lot of talk about wig length, and our wig will look a little longer than other vendors. Here’s why our wig looks longer and more natural.

The length of 8-22 inch lace front wig

You won’t be embarrassed by the short length of hair at the front .
Meaning if you order a 20inch unit the frontal will be a 20inch, sew in weaves also same 20 inch.
Some of other vendors use all frontals come 4inch shorter than wig length.

The length 24inch-30inch lace front wig

All frontals of the wig use longest 22inch, sew in weaves come to same length with one unit. Meaning if you order a 24inch unit the frontal will be a 22 inch, sew in hair weaves are 24inch.
If you order a 30 inch unit, the frontal will be a 22 inch, the hair weave are 30 inch.
Some of other vendors in addition to using a short lace frontal and also use shorter hair weaves than wig true length.

13×4 Lace Wigs Pre Plucked Silk Straight

HD Lace Wig 13x4 Lace Front Wigs Silk Straight Remy Human Hair HD Frontal Wigs

So that’s why when you buy the same length wig, our wig will look longer, all of our hair products are true to length. Some customers think our price is expensive.
Compared to same quality hair product, our prices are already very cheap.

Of course, if it’s a special look, such as a pixie cut, bob or Cute Lace Front Wigs Inner Buckle Straight Layered Wigs, it can’t be measured as a regular wig length. In order to achieve the effect of this special style, the wig is trimmed by our professional stylists.

We dont use short frontal with long hair weave to made wig , if you have other request to make wig, please tell us in advance, we will do according your request.
14inch is popular nowadays is bob. if is the comparison picture between normal 14inch straight wig and 14inch bob wig.
Bob is the trimmed look.

14 inch wig length has its unique advantages

1.Easy to maintainable.

Because it is medium hair length, it mixes the best of short and long hair to give a versatile look. Medium length hair is the most popular hair length because it offers more versatility and it is easy to care for.

2. It can be easily change hair style.

If you buy a straight 14inch bob wig, you can make it into a wavy curl with a curling iron. How to use hot rollers in short hair

Lace Front Wig Short Ocean Wave Bob Wigs 13x4 Lace Wigs Ocean Wave Human Hair Wigs Pre Plucked
Likewise, if you are buying body wave wigs or curly hair, you can also straighten it. For any of our deep wave, loose wave, curly, our curls are permanently shaped.

But you also can straighten these curls. Because all of our hair are 100% human hair, it can be straightened. For example, if you make our water wave to straight, it can do. and it will looks like kinky straight.

When you want to go back to the previous water wave, you can wash your hair or wet it and it will become the previous wet and wavy.

3. Great wig for beginners.

4. Affordable price

Suitable for your budget. If you dont have enough money, you can buy 14inch wig, because it is not long hair. so the price is affordable.
It looks natural. 14inch hair is not too short and not too long. Just right!
100% human hair wigs, comfortable and easy to wear, and give you confidence. Put on a wig and you’re ready to go!

Now , do you know how long is a 14inch wig? Was this article helpful to you? Do you have any other questions or problems?

Welcome to leave comments, your support is the motivation for our continuous progress, and I hope my article can help you, thank you!

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