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How to Bleach Knots Wig

How knots come about

when we ware a wig, there will be knots at the lace. so we want to know how to bleach knots wig. Now we need to know how knots come. Then it is better for us to know  how to bleach knots wig.

When hand crocheting hair on lace, a professional hand crocheter uses a crochet hook to hook the hair one by one on the lace. At this point, a knot is tied, leaving about 3 inches of hair at one end of the knot to prevent the hair from falling out. The other section is the long hair. This video below shows how to tie a knot when hooking hair.

The function of knots

As you can see from the video, the hair is held firmly in place above the lace by this knot. This way the hair looks like it is growing out of the scalp. There is also a downside, the knot is too dark and some people mind it and want to make the knot less dark.

what kind of knot can be bleached

Then we consider at this time how to make the knot not obvious? First we need to know what kind of knots can be bleached. At this time, it is best to choose unprocessed human hair, natural color without dye, because it is unprocessed, so it is easy to bleach the knot. If the hair is dyed, it is not easy to bleach the knot.

Why bleach knots

As we have mentioned before, because it is hand hooked on the lace, the hair will look like it is growing from scalp, one by one, naturally. But the knot of hooked hair will not look natural and will be darker. So this time we need to bleach the knot and to make the knot look not too black.

Especially with natural color hair, the knot is too black. If you mind the knot, you can bleach the knot. The purpose of bleaching the knot is to make the color of the knot not too black and not natural. This makes it look more natural.

If you have brown hair, you don’t need to bleach knot. Or dyed, colored hair, blonde, orange, gradient, red, purple, blue and so on. Because it is dyed, it is not easy to bleach. If it’s #1, jet black color, you can’t bleach it because it’s also dyed.

The advantages and disadvantages of  knots bleached

Advantages: It looks more natural because it’s not very black. It looks as if the hair is growing out of the scalp and is very realistic.

Disadvantages: The knot is used to hold the hair in place and prevent it from falling out. When the knot is bleached, this knot becomes more fragile and damaged. This will reduce the life of the hair. If the knot is bleached excessively, it may directly lead to the loss of hair.

The process of knots bleached

Knots Bleached Preparation

If you are inexperienced, it is best not to bleach knots. Find an experienced professional to do it. You can learn from them and then do it yourself.

If it is the first time to bleach knot, it is better not to bleach knot with good hair. Because once the bleaching knots is excessive and the bleaching knots fails, the hair will suffer a lot of damage, which will lead to hair loss and there will be a lot of damage.

Here are the things you need to prepare for bleaching knots

  1. hair bleach
  2. developer
  3. mixing bowl
  4. Mixing brush for applying bleach
  5. Gloves
  6. neutralizing shampoo.
  7. hair conditioner.
  8. T-pin (optional)
  9. Mannequin head (optional)

Bleaching knots process

Step 1. Turn the bottom of the wig’s net over and secure it in place. Bring the net cap facing outward to the top of the mannequin head and secure the front place with a T-pin.

how to bleach knots wig

Turn the bottom of the wig’s lace net over and face upwards. If lace wigs have baby hair, use clips to secure the baby hair to prevent the baby hair from getting in the way and to prevent the baby hair from being bleached.

Step 2. Make bleach mixture

Pour some bleach into a mixing bowl, and then pour some developer into it. Mix the professional developer and bleach well in the bowl, be sure to mix thoroughly and the mixture should be very thick. There should be no lumps in the bowl.

Step 3. Apply the bleach to the top of the lace

Use a mixing brush to apply the bleach mixture to the top of the lace. Do not use too much force, if the bleach mixture leaks out onto the top of the hair, it will bleach the hair roots.

Step 4. Wait for the knot to turn honey blonde

Make sure enough of the bleach mixture is applied to the top of the lace to ensure bleaching of all the knots. Wait about 15-20 minutes and watch knots closely.

Step 5. Rinse the bleach promptly

Be sure to check the bleached part of the knot often to see if the knot changes color. Wait until the knots turn honey blonde, then rinse off all the bleach.

This is very important, do not wait until the lace turns blonde or you speak of having a brass colored wig. Be quick to rinse the lace and do not let the mixture get on your hair.

Step 6. Wash the lace wig

After rinsing, clean the bleach with a neutralizing shampoo, keeping the shampoo on top of the lace for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse out the bleach thoroughly to prevent it from bleaching other areas you don’t want to bleach.

Step 7. Blow dry your lace wig

Do not use a hair dryer to blow dry your wig directly. Especially lace, do not use a very high temperature to blow a place all the time, or a very high temperature of the iron, to iron the hair.

The temperature is particularly high and can damage the hair or the lace. Gently squeeze the moisture out of your wig and use a dry towel to soak up the moisture in your hair. No need to wring and rub. Gently press the hair with your hands to soak up the moisture inside. Let the wig dry naturally.

Step 8. styling wear

Wait for the hair to dry, you can do the styling, wear the head cover. According to your needs, deal with the front hairline, do your favorite parting seam,and you will get a perfect confident and charming look.

Picture comparison, before bleaching knots and  after bleaching knots.

how to bleach knots wig

Bleaching knots, key points.

  1. Not all bleach is needed
  2. Make sure the bleach mixture does not seep into the hair, the mixture needs to be thick and very thick.
  3. Before bleaching knots, fix the baby hair.
  4. Make sure there is enough bleach in the area where you want to bleach the knot to ensure bleaching.
  5. Wait until the knot turns honey blonde, not platinum blonde, and rinse off the bleach.


Bleaching knots advice

All lace wigs, lace frontal, lace closure, 360 lace frontal, full lace wigs and other hand hooked lace wigs, have knots. We do not recommend that all the places where there is a knots are bleached, only bleach knots the place where you make the shape, the parting of the seam.

If all the places where the place hand hooks are bleached knots, this will affect the life of the hair and will cause the hair to fall out.

knots bleached of Beautylacehair wigs

All wigs from Beautylacehair hand-hooked lace products, we have done a light bleaching knots treatment. Because of the heavy bleaching knots treatment, it will shorten the life of the hair.

Light bleaching knots treatment, for many of our customers, is already very natural. The light bleach knots has no effect on the life of the hair.

Proper and correct care will make the hair last for more than one year. Some of our clients have given us feedback that they have used our hair for more than three years.

But if some clients are very mindful of the knots, they can go back and bleach knots themselves according to their own requirements.

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