How to deal with bad hair cuts

Having your hair cut can be both disappointing and maddening, but fortunately there are some simple ways to help you remedy or cover up your unsightly hair and save you from the unhappiness. Try trimming your hair to a different style you like, or covering it up and waiting for it to grow in slowly. You can also take steps to prevent your hair from suffering another misfortune.

Method 1 Remedy a failed haircut


Tell your hairdresser what you think during the cut. The best way to save a haircut is to tell the barber what you think as soon as you feel something is wrong. A good barber will listen to the customer and ask more questions about what the customer wants, rather than continuing to cut as he or she sees fit.
You can politely say, “I don’t really like how many layers there are in my hair. Can you make the layers less pronounced?”
Don’t be afraid to hurt the barber’s ego. If you made your request at the beginning, then this is the time to be even more bold and questioning.
Explain your request in more detail, such as specifying how long the hair is to be cut off, or what part of the haircut you want to create a layered or gradient effect.

Give your hair a week’s rest. Freshly cut hair may look a little odd because the exposed cuticle needs time to adjust. Try washing your hair 1 to 3 times in the week after the cut, and you may achieve the results you’re looking for.
If you’re not happy with your haircut, try not to ask your friends or loved ones for their opinion in the first place. Wait until your hair grows more naturally and your mood has calmed down before asking others for their opinion.
If you are still unhappy with your hair after a week, it’s not too late to fix it!

Call the hairdresser and ask them to fix your haircut for free. If you have expressed dissatisfaction during or at the end of the haircut, then you can call the salon again and say that you can’t live with your hair like that. Tell them that you tried to fit in, but the haircut is just too far from what you asked for.
You can say, “The barber doesn’t seem to have figured out what I’m asking for. If you can cut it for me for free, I can explain it again.” This time you must make sure to say your request as carefully as possible.
You are better off with the same barber who has just served you and knows your hair better. You can also try another barber, or find another hairdresser who can meet your expectations.
If it’s not a big problem, you’d better go back to your original hairdresser because it will cost you another time to find another barber.

Explain in detail how you feel about your current hairstyle. When you go back to your previous hairdresser, tell them what you like and what you don’t like about your haircut. There may be things you like about the haircut, but as soon as you see the barber, you may just vent your frustrations. Doing so may cause the barber to modify the areas you are happy with as well.
You could say, “The overall length of the hair is still satisfactory, but it looks too flattering. Can you make it fuller and more voluminous?”

Clearly tell the barber what needs to be modified. If you feel that the problem with your hair is that the layers are not natural and look thick, explain it well. You can try saying something like, “I like the layered areas to be lighter and less abrupt. Can you help me thin this part of my hair a bit?”
If you have a lot more hair in the back of your head than in the front, you can have your hairdresser do an “inside thinning” for you. This method involves thinning the hair from the inside without changing the length of the hair to make the front and back look more coordinated.

If the layered part of your hair is too thin, have your hairdresser cut your hair shorter. If the barber loses control for a moment and cuts the bottom hair thin and messy while cutting the layers, you must make your feelings known. Tell the barber that you want the layers to look more even and that you want this part of your hair to blend in more naturally with the rest of your hair.
If the hair is already cut short, you have only one option, and that is to wait for it to grow longer. However, here are some other easy ways to help you cover up your short and unsightly hair.

Method 2 Cover up unsightly hair

Cover up unsightly hair with a bobby pin, hat or bun. If you want to cover up a bad hair cut, hair clips and accessories like hair ties can always come in handy. Pull the cut hair over and hide it underneath the rest of your hair and secure it with a bobby pin or hair tie. You can also use a hat to cover up your entire head.
Apply a smoothing serum to your hair while pulling it back in a bun, then scrunch your hair back into a ponytail. Put your hair in a bun by wrapping it around the root of the ponytail and secure the bun with a hair band. If you have messy hair, apply some serum and secure it with bobby pins.

Hide your bangs in a headband or hair tie. If you are not satisfied with the bangs cut by your hairdresser, tuck them into a headband or hair tie and try to fix them when they grow longer. When you are ready to cut your hair short, tell the barber to match the length of your bangs with the rest of your hair.
Comb your bangs back with hairspray. If you don’t want to wear a headband or hair tie, try putting some hairspray on your bangs and combing them back into your preferred hair style. This method is best for ponytails, buns or short hair styles.

Use bobby pins to hide any out of place messy hair. If your hair is cut too short, you can use a variety of cute bobby pins to hide your hair while you wait for it to grow in. Pay attention to the technique used when hiding the disheveled hair under the rest of your hair.
You can furthermore twist parts of your hair into strands and secure them to the front and sides of your head with bobby pins. Finally, don’t forget to spray some hairspray to hold the hair in place.

Use a curling iron to hide uneven hair. If your hair looks asymmetrical, use a curling iron to curl parts of your hair and cover up the uneven parts. The straighter your hair is, the more uneven parts will stand out.
Use a serum or hairspray with a volumizing effect to set the curls.

Use a straightening iron to remedy hair that has been cut too short. If your hair is cut too short, you can use a straightening iron to straighten the natural curls so that your hair looks longer. The smoother your hair is, the longer it will look.
Put some heat protection product on your hair before straightening it, and apply a smoothing serum to permed hair to prevent it from becoming curly again.

Use hair pieces with clips to cover up short hair. If your hair is cut too short and you don’t have the patience to wait for it to grow out, go to a hair supply store and buy some hair pieces. Pay attention to the color and texture of the wig piece to be close to the real hair. Give the wig piece to the barber and ask him to help trim it shorter so that the wig will look natural mixed in with the real hair.
Before each use of the hair piece, comb 2.5cm below the connection between the wig and the real hair upside down to fluff it, and then use hairspray to set it.

Consider a full color or highlighting to save your hair from failure. If you want to grow your hair out and reshape it, another great way to save your hair is to try changing your hair color or highlighting it to divert attention from it.
Get your original or new hairdresser to help you decide which color suits you better.

Method 3 to prevent your hair from being cut again in the future

How to deal with bad hair cuts

Choose a barber based on recommendations. If you want to find a reliable barber, the best way is to ask friends or family for recommendations. When you walk into a salon, don’t let the first barber you see serve you. This person may not be good or may be a novice, which is why no one patronizes them.
If you have recently noticed that a friend, family member or colleague has a great haircut, ask them which barber they went to. Referrals for that barbershop will also be good for your friends and family, and they may get a discount the next time they go back.
If no one has a good recommendation, you can also check online for reviews of local hairdressers.

Talk to your hairdresser before you get your hair cut. If you don’t like your current haircut or are using a particular barber for the first time, you can schedule a time to talk with him before the official cut, even if it’s just a moment before the cut. You can use this opportunity to make a good case for why you don’t like your current haircut and what you expect your new haircut to look like.
The barber will recommend the best haircut for you based on your hair type and facial features, as well as what styling and maintenance routine you need to do to maintain that haircut.

Bring photos of hairstyles found in magazines or on the internet. The best way to avoid misunderstandings is to let the person gently see exactly what you want your hair to look like. Look for favorite hairstyles in beauty magazines or online, and choose the one you like best to bring to the hairdresser.
A conscientious barber will tell you that it won’t look as good on your head as the picture shows because everyone’s hair and facial features are different.
After getting your hair cut, you may feel that you look different from the model’s haircut in the picture. If you have communicated with your hairdresser beforehand, it will be easier for you to accept this situation.

Talk to your hairdresser about how you normally style your hair. If you can’t spend a lot of time and energy on your hair, then you must tell your barber so that he won’t give you a haircut that is a pain to take care of. Based on your description and photos, the barber will tell you if the haircut is suitable for you, or if it would be more suitable with a slight change.
If you don’t mind taking the time and effort to take care of your hair, there are more hairstyles to choose from. You should always ask your stylist to detail the steps for styling your hair, because it’s time to style it after the haircut.

If your hair gets a bad cut, try not to slam the door in anger. You can ask the staff to ask the manager to come over and explain to him carefully what you expect from the haircut and the result of the haircut. Tell him that you can’t accept the haircut and want the barbershop to refund or promise to cut your hair for free next time.


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