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The best way to 2022: How to eliminate hair static

Static-ridden hair is difficult to create and maintain an elegant hairstyle. The good news is that there are many ways to reduce frizz and static. If your hair is constantly static, change your hair care routine by not using plastic combs, washing your hair less frequently, and using an ionic hair dryer. Smoothing papers and moisturizing hair care products can also help you solve static problems instantly.

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Quickly eliminate static electricity

Quickly remove static electricity with smoothing paper. If you have softening paper at home, use it to smooth out your hair when it is sticking up with static. You can also wipe your comb with softening paper to prevent static electricity.
Put some softening paper in the drawer where you keep your comb. Or put a piece of softening paper under your pillow when you sleep at night, it will prevent static electricity.
There are antistatic papers that are specially designed to remove static electricity from hair.

Smooth out frizz with a little lotion. Try a hand cream or any other kind of lotion in the house. Take a coin-sized amount of lotion and place it in the palm of your hand. Rub the lotion with both palms and then massage it into each strand of hair evenly.
You should not use too much lotion, as it tends to make your hair lose its volume.
Apply the lotion by inserting your fingers into the hair. Focus on applying to the ends of the hair and any other areas that are sticking up.

Pluck the hair out of your face and tie them all up. If you don’t want to deal with static hair, tie your hair into a ball or braid it. Braid the hair next to your face, or braid all of your hair into one big braid.
If you are in an environment that is prone to static electricity, then tie up all the hair that is close to your face and don’t loosen it until you leave the area.

When wearing a hat, tousle your hair to the other side. Before putting on the hat, put the hair in a different direction than usual. After you take off the hat, poke your hair back to its original shape. This way you don’t have to worry about static electricity and you don’t have to deal with sticking hair.

Replace rubber-soled shoes with leather-soled ones. Rubber-soled shoes are more likely to transmit static electricity from the bottom of your feet to your hair. To prevent this from happening, it is best to choose shoes with leather soles to avoid minor electrocution reactions from static electricity.

To reduce static electricity, wear more clothing made of natural textiles. Synthetic fabrics are more likely to carry an electrical charge and generate a lot of static electricity. Clothes like those made of cotton, silk or wool can reduce static electricity on your hair.
For example, tying your hair with a silk scarf when you sleep or using a silk pillowcase can prevent your hair from generating static electricity.
Stay away from synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon.

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Change your hair care routine

Reduce the frequency of washing your hair. Instead of washing your hair once a day, wash it once every two or three days. Washing your hair only when necessary is not only better for your hair, but the oils that accumulate on your hair can also reduce static.
If your hair is prone to oil, it may not be practical to reduce the frequency of washing your hair. Try using a dry shampoo pomade powder on days you don’t wash your hair, it will balance the oils on your hair.

Use a rubber or metal comb. Plastic is a huge conductor of electricity, so combing your hair with a plastic comb can easily create static electricity. To create soft, static-free hair, try using a comb made of metal or rubber.
Replacing a plastic comb with a natural bristle comb can be effective in reducing static electricity.

Use a microfiber towel or T-shirt to wrap your hair while you dry it. Regular towels can increase static electricity and make your hair frizzy and dry, so it’s best to wrap your hair with a microfiber towel or soft cotton T-shirt. This trick is especially good for preventing curly hair from becoming frizzy.
If you want to wrap your hair in a t-shirt, it’s best to find a larger t-shirt so that you can easily wrap all your hair.

Replace your old hair dryer with an ionic hair dryer. An ionic hair dryer neutralizes the electrical charge that creates static electricity. If you’ve had your hair dryer for a long time, why not switch to an ionic hair dryer, which will both dry your hair faster and help you accomplish a static-free look.
Spray your hair with an anti-heat spray before using your blow dryer, it will prevent static and protect your hair from damage.

Before straightening or curling your hair, apply a heat spray to your hair. If your hair gets static after straightening or curling it, it’s probably because you didn’t protect it well. Spray your hair with anti-static spray before heating it up and spread it evenly with a comb.
To avoid damaging your hair, always wait until your hair is completely dry before heating it.

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Select hair care products

When you’re busy, use a leave-in conditioner to prevent static. Static-prone hair is usually dry, so moisturizing your hair can prevent static. Keep a bottle of leave-in conditioner for yourself, it can come in handy when you’re traveling, going to school, or when your hair is in desperate need of a tidy up. Squeeze a dime sized amount of conditioner into your hand, massage it into your hair, and use it to get rid of static.
Hair oils and moisturizers can also be used to easily and quickly tidy up your hair. Hair oils and moisturizers are available at beauty stores, regular stores, and online.

Neutralize static electricity on your hair with a conditioner containing silicone oil. Healthy hair cannot be nourished without a conditioner, and this is especially true for dry, frizzy hair. If you keep skipping the conditioner step in the shower, or don’t use it at all, try choosing a good conditioner to help you get rid of static.
Remember to use conditioner after every time you wash your hair with shampoo.
When selecting conditioners and other hair care products, it’s best to avoid ingredients that can dry out your hair, such as alcohol.

Choose a hairspray that doesn’t contain alcohol. Many hair gels contain alcohol, which can cause more static electricity in the hair. So to remove static, choose a hairspray without alcohol. These products are usually labeled “alcohol-free” on the packaging, or you can just look at the ingredients list on the back of the product.
Applying the right amount of alcohol-free hairspray to your hair can actually prevent static electricity.

Smooth out frizz and remove static with a frizz-fighting hair cream. Look for anti-frizz hair creams at drugstores or stores. Apply a dime sized amount to your hair, focusing on the area below your ears to prevent the top of your head from becoming oily.
Insert your fingers into the hair and spread the hair cream evenly.
Do not apply too much anti-frizz hair cream to the scalp, especially for fine hair or straight hair. The texture of such products is generally thicker, and when they mix with the natural oils of the scalp, the hair not only looks oily, but also sticks to the scalp.

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