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How To Get Rid Of Flyaways On A Wig

When you wear a wig, a fine strand of hair that sticks out or does not lie smoothly against the rest of the hair,a stray hair. Are you often plagued by flyaways? This time we need to know the cause of flyaways to prevent and get rid of flyaways.

Why flyaways on wigs

Flyaways can be caused by static electricity, dry weather or frizzy hair. Especially caused by dry weather or static electricity, the hair becomes dry and the flyaways caused by static electricity can make what you have worked so hard to do in the morning fall apart.

If you don’t take proper care of your wig for a long time, it can cause it to be very dry and lack moisture. The epidermis of the hair becomes prone to flaking because of the damage.
Static electricity occurs because the hair in a damaged state and lacking moisture rubs against each other. As a result of static electricity, the hair becomes more susceptible to damage, creating an endless vicious cycle. If you don’t take action early, your hair may even fall out in the long run.

How to deal with these annoying flyaways varies depending on the type of wig you wear, and the following important tips include something for everyone.
In order to avoid static electricity damage to the hair, from the living environment and hair maintenance aspects of the two-pronged approach to identify the problem points to improve, so that wigs can not be affected by static electricity, to maintain the same soft and smooth.

how to get rid of flyaway hair

1. Pay attention to the humidity in the room

If you live in a dry environment, in order to avoid static electricity due to dryness, the first priority is to increase the moisture in the room.

Whether it is the use of humidifiers, or hanging a wet towel in the room, or place a pot of foliage plants, are very simple and effective method of humidification.


2. Select clothing that does not easily generate static electricity(how to get rid of flyaway hair naturally)

I don’t know if you have ever touched the door handle in the winter, the moment, was “snap” to the experience of electricity. This is actually because the static electricity scattered throughout the body are concentrated on the fingers in contact with the door handle relationship.

Static electricity has a tendency to gather in narrow places. The friction between the hair alone will already accumulate static electricity, and the static electricity generated by the friction between clothes will also accumulate on the hair.

Another common situation in winter is when you take off your sweater and suddenly get electrocuted by static electricity. The reason why you will be electrocuted is because the clothes rub against each other when you take off your clothes and generate static electricity. Especially in winter, in order to protect the cold wear several layers of clothes can be said to be no more common than that, but the more clothes you wear also means that the more clothes will rub against each other, the friction generated by the static electricity will also follow the increase.


In addition, the fiber of the clothes is also one of the reasons for static electricity. Clothes fiber can be divided into easily positively charged material and easily negatively charged material, two kinds of material if they rub against each other, it is also easy to generate static electricity. The next time you pick clothes, try to choose the same or similar material clothes, you can effectively avoid the static electricity generated by friction because of the clothes.


3. Try using odorless dryer sheets to control additional static electricity.(how to get rid of flyaways)

That’s what dryer sheets are for! You are thinking. Yes! They are excellent at controlling static electricity, and if you have no qualms about rubbing your hair with anti-static sheets, they are very effective at taming flyaways. Great for use on the fly.

4.Take an ice cube and put it on your flowing hair.(how to get rid of flyaways)

Okay, so you won’t be able to do this once you get to class or the office, but if you’re still at home when you get Medusa hair, this method works well. Simply take an ice cube and apply it to any hair that is hot, i.e. too dry. The cold water will help your hair retain moisture and help control it.

5. Use a small amount of non-greasy hand or body lotion.(how to get rid of flyaways on top of head)

The operative term here is non-greasy. As with dryer sheets, you may not associate moisturizing lotion with your hair. But pat a little into your hands, spread it out, and apply it to your hair, concentrating on problem areas. Remember, flowing hair is dry hair, and infusing it with some moisturizing lotion can go a long way.

Use this method only if you have medium to thick textured hair.

6. If you are prone to flyaways, comb through your hair with your fingers instead of using a brush.(how to get rid of flyaways)

Less friction equals less static. Combing your hair with your fingers will reduce the friction on your hair, while using a brush will increase it. The more friction and static electricity there is, the more flyaway hairs there will be.
Change the way you comb your hair
The comb you are currently using or the way you comb your hair is most likely one of the causes of static electricity.
As the hair type and purpose of use varies, the appropriate comb will change. If you use a comb that is not suitable for your hair type, it will not only make your hair frizzy, but also make the hair strands easily tangle with each other.

If you use a comb with a thicker gap between the teeth, you can effectively reduce the static electricity generated by rubbing your hair.
Next, when combing your hair, start with the tips of your hair, and then slowly comb the tips towards the roots to avoid rubbing your hair. Also, if your hair gets tangled during the combing process, don’t use brute force to break it up.

7. Use products designed for your hair.(how to get rid of flyaways)

Flyaway hair is caused by dry hair, excessive product buildup or chemical damage. As hair becomes dry, it creates more friction and static electricity. A silicone based hair serum works on most types of hair, keeping it moisturized, shiny and supple. But if you want to get serious about flowing hair, you’ll want to consider what kind of hair you have and use products designed specifically for your hair.

Hairsprays designed to fight flyaways are best for fine to medium hair. A quick spray gets the job done without sacrificing any of the naturalness that hair usually has.
Lightweight moisturizing oils designed to lock in moisture are best for thicker hair. The trick to moisturizing hair oil is to apply just a little; it goes a long way! Make sure to apply the hair oil to your hands and spread it evenly before applying it on the fly.

8. how to get rid of flyaways Use shampoo, especially for curly hair, and don’t forget to condition.(how to get rid of flyaways)

You don’t have to wash your hair every day. Washing your hair every day is the secret to dry hair. Unless you work in a greasy, sweaty or dirty place, or your hair desperately needs to be washed every day. Otherwise try to wash it every two or three days.

But when you do wash your hair, choose an anti-frizz or moisturizing shampoo. Anti-frizz and moisturizing shampoos contain humectants like aloe vera that essentially provide extra protection against dryness. Use an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, which will help you smooth out your flyaways and provide a gorgeous scent and extra shine.

Choose the right shampoo for your hair type. For example, if you have curly hair, choose a shampoo marked for curly hair.
Condition your hair every time you shampoo. Conditioning your hair helps prevent it from drying out and splitting into flyaways and split ends.

9.Use a clarifying shampoo once a month.(how to get rid of flyaways)

If you use a lot of styling products in your hair, the buildup of these products over time can cause flyaways. To solve this problem, use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month. Be sure to condition your hair afterwards. Perform a deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair moisturized.

10. Use special leave-in products to make hair more conductive.(how to get rid of flyaways)

Look for products with the word “quat” or “amine” in them, as they have better conductive properties than silicone or alcohol-based products. Better conductive products mean fewer flights.

11. how to get rid of flyaways,Avoid hair breakage.(how to get rid of flyaways)

Too much hair breakage can also lead to flyaways. Preventing hair breakage is easier than treating hair. Handle your hair gently. Some ways to prevent hair breakage include.

how to get rid of flyaways tips 4

1)Use a silk pillowcase, which will retain moisture better and prevent breakage and frizz.

2)Turning down heating tools such as hair dryers and curling irons

3)Reduce chemical treatments

4)Choose cloth elastic bands

hair type for black hair


12. Use clear mascara(how to get rid of flyaways fast)

If you need something to tame flowing wigs on the go, clear mascara is portable, affordable and easy to use to keep flowing wigs flat. It’s also great for taming baby hairs(how to get rid of baby hair flyaways). The rollers (or mascara wand) are perfect for capturing every stray hair. For best results, all you have to do is wipe the excess product off the spool and use it to smooth the hair in the direction you want them to sit. Let it dry for a minute or so, and you’re good to go!

How to get rid of flyaways,taming the flyaways is all about retaining moisture in your hair. If you shampoo and condition your hair the right way, use the right products, and control any flyaway frizz from anti-static cheating, it will make your wig look great.

We hope you’ve found something here to help you tame that flyaways! If you’ve found any tips and tricks of your own, we’d love to hear them, so please leave us a comment below and make our wigs beautiful.

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