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How to pick and dye your hair at home

Picking and dyeing your hair is a great way to change your look and without having to dye it all in a certain color. If you are confident in dyeing your own hair, go to the nearest beauty supply store and buy everything you will use. Usually, you have to use bleach to make the hair light enough for the dye to color easily. Once you have decided on a color and have everything you need, you can start coloring your hair.

Method 1 Plan and buy the supplies

Prepare the materials for bleaching and coloring. The choice of materials is determined in part by your original natural hair color. If you have light colored hair and want to pick it up and dye it darker, then you don’t need to use bleach. If you have dark or medium colored hair, you will need to bleach it before picking it to make the color look brighter and better. You can buy the supplies at a beauty supply store. You will have to prepare these supplies.
Bleach powder, either in bags or buckets. You don’t need to buy much if you’re only picking a little bit of color.
Developer’s essence, used to be bleach works. If your hair is flaxen or light brown, 20 or 30 ml of developer is enough. Do not use more than 40 ml or you will damage your hair.
Red Blonde Neutralizer, used to add to bleaching powder to enhance the bleaching effect so you don’t have to bleach twice. If you have dark hair, it is essential to use a neutralizer.
“Purple Shampoo”, a shampoo specifically designed to clean bleached hair.
Stain brush, bowl, rubber gloves and aluminum foil.

Pick a hair color. First, you have to decide on a color to pick. If this is your first time dyeing your own hair, it’s best to pick a color that is slightly lighter or darker than your own hair color. But still, the color you want should prevail. You may want to pick your hair to be blonde, pink or purple. If you’re not sure which color will work best with your hair, start by picking a small strand of hair with your favorite color. If you think it looks good, then pick up a few more strands.
Some people like to dye the sides of their hair pink or purple. This will give a more subtle aesthetic.
For a punk look, you can dye a large swath of color starting from the center of your hair to the ends. Choose blue, green or platinum blonde.
If you want to pick up your hair and dye it blonde or two shades lighter, maybe you don’t need hair dye. Use only bleach to achieve the effect you want.

Determine how many strands of hair you want to highlight. Consider how many strands of hair you want to color. You may just want to pick up a few strands as an accent, or you may want to pick up more strands to change the overall color of your hair. It’s important to think about the desired effect before you start picking and coloring.
If you’re not confident in your hair coloring skills, it’s best to only pick out a few strands of hair.

Method 2 Bleach your hair

How to pick and dye your hair at home 2022 Best Guide

Treat your hair well before dyeing. Bleaching and dyeing can completely dry out your hair, so you should want to treat it properly first as well. Do not wash your hair with shampoo or use styling agents or other hair products for a few days before dyeing. Allow the head oil to protect your hair from the chemicals you are about to use. Once you are ready to pick your hair, your hair must be completely dry when you dye it.
The package of bleach may require that the hair be washed first. Remember to check the instructions before use.

Pick out the hair that was picked and dyed. Before you proceed, you need to separate the hair that needs to be bleached and colored from the rest. You can do this with the help of a special picking cap or hair clips and aluminum foil.
Beauty stores sell hats that are designed to pick and dye your hair. Put the cap on your head and use the hooks to pull the hair out of the holes. You can use this method if you want to pick and dye all your hair.
Hair clips or aluminum foil are more suitable for picking and dyeing only part of your hair. Pick out the hair you don’t want to dye and clip it in place. Place a long strip of aluminum foil under the hair you want to color. Clip the foil around the roots of the hair so it doesn’t come off.

Mix the bleach, developer and red-blond neutralizer in a bowl. Read the instructions for the bleach and developer to figure out how much to mix. The amount used depends on the size of the bottle you purchased and the brand you picked.
If you are only dyeing part of your hair, you can cut the amount in half because you don’t need to bleach the entire amount of hair.
The mixture looks blue-white.

Apply the bleach. Using a hair coloring brush, apply the bleach starting from the tips to the roots until the hair is covered.
Be sure to wear gloves when applying bleach. Bleach contains strong caustic chemicals that can stain your hands and burn your skin. Do not apply to any area around your eyes.
If you are using a picket cap, then cover your head with a large plastic sheet while bleaching.
If you are using aluminum foil to separate your hair, fold the foil over the hair that needs to be bleached to avoid drying it out.

Check the hair after 15 minutes. Wipe off a little bleach with a towel. If the hair turns blonde, the bleaching is done. If the hair is still dark, then you need to apply more bleach to the hair you wiped off, replace it with a new piece of plastic sheeting or aluminum foil, and wait a little longer. Check every 10 -15 minutes until the bleaching is complete.
Do not leave bleach on your head for more than 45 minutes, even if the hair still looks black. If bleach is left on your hair too long, your hair will be damaged.
You may need to wait a day before bleaching again to achieve the results you want, which is especially common for people with dark brown or black hair.

Wash out the bleach. Carefully rinse the bleach from your hair, separating the rest from the bleached hair so the bleach doesn’t rub off. Rinse until the water becomes clean.

Use a purple shampoo to wash your hair. Purple shampoo is effective in conditioning your hair while removing the yellow color from your hair. Wash your hair with purple shampoo as soon as you have washed the bleach out of your hair. Let the lather stay on your hair for about five minutes. Then rinse your hair thoroughly and pat your hair dry with a towel.
There are many brands of purple shampoo available in beauty supply stores.

Method 3 Coloring

How to pick and dye your hair at home 2022 Best Guide

Prepare the hair and the hair dye. Pick out the bleached hair again. The method of preparing the hair dye depends on the product you are using. Sometimes you have to mix the hair dye and developer in a bowl. Or, you can squeeze the hair dye directly into the bowl.
If you’re worried about the color staining the rest of your hair, you can use a picking cap to get the hair through the top hole.

Use a brush to apply the color. Use the dye to apply color from the roots, covering each strand of bleached hair completely with the dye. The dye should completely cover the bleached hair. Repeat this step for all bleached hair, brushing on the dye. Make sure you haven’t missed any bleached hair before applying the color.
If you are using aluminum foil to separate large sections of hair, replace the foil from bleaching with a new piece before staining.
Follow the instructions on the dye package to the letter.

Coloring. Follow the instructions on the package. In most cases, you’ll need to let the stain sit for about 30 minutes to make sure it’s fully colored. However, after 10 to 15 minutes you can check how well the color went on.

Wash off the colorant and shampoo your hair. Keep the dyed hair separate from the rest of your hair and rinse the dye from your hair until the water becomes clean. Follow the instructions on the package to make sure you are using it correctly.

Condition your hair. Dyeing your hair may dry it out, so be sure to condition your hair after washing the dye out of it. Any color-care conditioner will do, but it’s best to use a deep conditioner specifically for colored hair. Allow the conditioner to remain on your hair for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a deep conditioner once a week to keep your hair soft and smooth.

Keep the dyed color from coming off. Once your hair has dried, the pick color will be very striking. Wash your hair with a shampoo designed to maintain the brightness of colored hair. If you want to keep the dyed color from coming off for a long time, you need to keep bleaching and coloring the roots of your hair after it grows out.
Most beauty supply stores and supermarkets carry shampoos and conditioners specifically for colored hair. If you are not sure which product to buy, you may want to consult with the store clerk.

How to pick and dye your hair at home 2022 Best Guide

You will get the best results when you follow the instructions in the bleach and colorant box. These instructions can guide you on how to pick your color at home. And these instructions can reinforce the effect of the product itself.
Wear old clothes, put a towel over your shoulders, and sit in the bathroom or somewhere else where bleach and dye won’t ruin the furniture.
If your parents don’t allow you to use hair dye, you can also go to the store or buy different colors of decorative wig bundles online.

Some people’s skin may be allergic to hair dyes. If this happens, you can call the manufacturer of the hair dye and consult your doctor if necessary.
You should not use coloring products in excess. Always follow the instructions in the box.

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