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How to prevent hair static the easiest way

Autumn and winter season is very easy to generate static electricity, and hair because of static electricity will be fried, very affect the whole shape, and static hair is not easy to fit down, a branch prong is particularly difficult to take care of. So, how to prevent hair static electricity? What is good for hair static electricity? These life essential knowledge quickly to learn it!

How to prevent hair static electricity

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1, the use of amino acids and other moisturizing ingredients shampoo, and in the shampoo with the fingertips massage scalp, stimulate the scalp blood circulation, to promote the absorption of nutrients. After shampooing use high moisture retention conditioner indispensable, it can form a protective film, so that the moisture and nutrients required by the hair is not easily lost.

2, dyeing, perming, straightening and other more severely damaged hair, must be insisted on and regular deep care with hair care products specifically targeted.

3, with silk protein-rich leave-in hair care products appropriate amount of spray on the hair, or first take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand to spread open, and then lightly wipe the hair, can play a certain protective effect of static electricity.

4, with a horn comb, not plastic or metal combs, can reduce the generation of static electricity.

5, massage the scalp

This can disperse the scalp oil to the hair, so that the hair not only has a shiny but also because of the oil slip and reduce the phenomenon of static electricity, it should be noted that do not use that massage comb to massage, because the comb will make the hair more frizzy, thus aggravating the static electricity.

6, hair do not always wash

Hair simply do not need to wash every day, a week to wash two or three times in fact, wash more will only make the hair more and more dry, aggravating the phenomenon of static electricity, so look at their own hair quality in winter, try to reduce the number of times to wash your hair.

7, hair moisture

A large part of the reason for static electricity is because of dryness, so pay attention to hair moisturizing, in addition to drinking more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, you can also use moisturizing power of hair products.

8, the use of wooden combs

Wooden comb, not only can soothe the scalp, but also because of the insulation material to effectively prevent the phenomenon of static electricity when combing hair, so long-haired girls to the best choice of this comb in winter.

9, humidifier

Improve air humidity can also reduce the phenomenon of static electricity in the hair and body, so it may be worth placing a humidifier indoors, if you do not want to break the bank, then more water will also have some effect.

10, reduce the use of hair dryer

Hair dryer will only blow the hair more dry, so that moisture loss faster, naturally will aggravate the hair static electricity, so try to reduce the use of hair dryer, that is, also adjusted to the cold air gear.

11, wear more cotton clothes

Relative to some chemical fiber clothes, cotton static electricity is less, so in order to avoid static electricity hair always stick with the clothes phenomenon, then wear more cotton clothes it.

What shampoo for static hair

Choose an efficient moisturizing shampoo

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Dry hair women wash their hair after the conditioner to do a simple hair care, in the choice of products to pay special attention to the winter is best to use a full set of efficient moisturizing hair care and cleaning products. Hair moisture enough, static electricity will naturally recede! After washing the hair in the hair is about to dry, you can also properly use some moisturizing milk, moisturizing milk and other moisturizing products to keep the hair moist, according to their own hair characteristics, maintain a week 3-7 times the frequency of hair washing, that can not only maintain the daily hair cleaning, reduce the environmental pollution of the skin on the face, but also greatly weakened due to fine particles rubbing and caused by Static induction problems. After shampooing, moderate rubbing some moisturizing and hydrating nourishing the actual effect of hair lotion, but also can reasonably reduce the generation of static electricity, but if the hair plant oil metabolism is abundant, it is not suitable for frequent application.

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