Tape in hair extensions can add length and volume to our hair. Also you can design your hair. That’s very gorgeous.

Tape in hair extension comes in the form of a weft instead of a single strand. The weft contains an equal amount of hair, evenly distributed over the weft.

How To Put In Tape In Hair Extensions

Installed correctly, you can get a beautiful natural look and feel comforting and refreshing!

If you have thin hair, it is recommended to use tape in hair extensions. This is because wefts have less tension on your natural hair compared to other hair extensions. It looks more natural and safer because it is completely flat against your hair.Let’s see how to put tape in extensions.

Kinky Straight Tape In Hair Extensions Virgin Remy Human Hair

Kinky Straight Tape In Hair Extensions Virgin Remy Human Hair

Because installing tape in ,no complicated tools are needed and no heating tools are needed. So if you like DIY, you can try to install it yourself at home. Here you will know how to put in tape in hair extensions yourself. If you are inexperienced or worried about bad installation, you can also ask your hair stylist to install it for you.

How to put in tape in hair extensions yourself,first of all, wash your natural hair so that the tape in hair extension can last longer. Wash your hair as usual to get it as clean as possible without using conditioner.

Next, determine the amount you need. It needs to be based on the length and volume of your own hair, and what you want to achieve.

Do not remove the covering on top of the tape until the hair is well separated. Do not touch the adhesive directly with your hands, as there is grease on your hands that will weaken the tape’s adhesion. It may cause the weft slip off the hair.

The width of each tape weft is approximately one inch. A small strand hair of your natural hair must be placed between each pair of tape in hair extension. That is, the tape in hair extension must be applied like a sandwich, with a thin strip of natural hair placed between the two pieces of tape in hair extension.

How to put in tape in hair extensions (step by step)

1.Separated with a part of your hair horizontally just above your ears.

Use your fingers or a comb to create the horizontal part where you will install the hair extension, so that the natural hair above can cover the hair extension.

how to put in tape in hair extensions

2.Tape one piece of hair extension under sectioned hair

about :1/4 inch from the scalp, and peel the tape cover off.

how to put in tape in hair extensions

3.Secure the first piece of tape in hair extension at the bottom.

Take a strand of your hair and lift it up slightly.Put the tape in hair extension underneath this strand of hair and tape your own natural hair on the top of the tape in.

4.Secure the top tape in hair extension.

Take the second piece tape in hair extension strip and press it firmly towards the under pieces(the first piece of tape in hair extension).

Press the second hair extension to the bottom extension.

The top and bottom hair extensions should be glued together.

Press them together with your hands or pliers for a few seconds to secure them.


If the two pieces tape in hair extensions do not stick together, that is because you have put too much of your own natural hair in the middle of them. Gently brush off some natural hair.

5.Repeat the process.

The number of extensions depends on the amount of your own hair and the effect you want to achieve.

How to put in your own tape hair extensions


The extensions should always stay covered under your natural hair.

6.Use hair straightener to straighten your hair.

Once hair is in,use your flat iron . you are finised, your hair now is thick and seamless.

How To Care Tape In Hair Extensions

      1.Take more time to care hair.

You have to be careful and patient when using hair extension. Because it is attached to our natural hair, it can easily get tangled if not properly cared . Spend more time in the shower as well.

      2.Comb your hair frequently.

Comb your hair at least 2-3 times a day to smooth it, and it will look more natural.

      3.Sleep with your hair well fixed at night.

Before you go to bed, braid your hair or put it in a loose ponytail . this way can avoid messy and hard to comb when you wake up in the morning . It is best to sleep on a silk pillow.

How To Put In Tape In Hair Extensions ? How to put in your own tape hair extensions?Now is this blog helpful for you to apply tape in hair extensions? do you have any suggestions or questions?Welcome leave message to us.



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