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Best 7 Tips: Take Care of Your Hair While You Sleeping 2022

How to style short curly hair everyday

Cut short hair and then hot a volume, fashionable value doubled oh, a curly hair design, show hair volume at the same time, but also can greatly enhance your temperament, but hot curly hair should be well care oh. So, short curly hair daily how to take care of good-looking? How to restore the combed curly hair? Here to teach you how to take care of hot curly short hair styling, learn it together!

Short curly hair daily how to take care of good-looking

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1, when washing hair, if it is short curly hair, remember to wash the scalp first, and then gently scrub the curly hair part, do not use your hands to straighten the curls, which will destroy the curl degree Oh.

2, when wiping hair, many people like to rub the hair, but short hair is best not to do so Oh, in fact, short hair is easy to dry, so just use a towel to absorb the moisture on the line.

3, fashionable short hair is generally curly hair styling, so the elastin is indispensable after washing hair, and so the hair half dry when you can use the elastin, when applied little by little, so it will not be a block together.

4, it is best to use the hair dryer less. Short hair is generally easier to dry, so it is recommended that it is best not to use a hair dryer, because the hair blown by the hair dryer is often dry, affecting the styling.

5, the morning hair care, you can properly spray some water to wet hair, with hands to help styling, but remember not to spray too much Oh.

How to restore the combed curly hair

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If the hair is completely straight, go directly to the hairdresser for help, or re-perm again, if not very straight can use elastin to restore the curl of the hair, curly hair after the follow-up maintenance is very need to pay attention to. Curly hair comb open can try wrapping your hand around the curl of the hair, then blow with a hair dryer, and finally use elastin to set the hair can be. Often perm and dye will lead to serious hair damage, so after the perm use some hydration repair hair care products, can improve the damaged hair to some extent.

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