In fact, now many fashionable men will go out before the haircut, so that it will look more fresh and sharp more spirit, handsome sense doubled Oh. So, how do you want to take care of your hair before you go out to look better? The first thing you need to know is how to take care of your own hair, so read on.

How to take care of boys’ hair looks good

1、Blow dry head

Get up in the morning after washing, before walking out of the bathroom, use the blow dryer to blow dry the hair simply, because the hair in the wash stained with water vapor will lead to sticky hair is not easy to grasp, has been collapsed.

2、Separate the hairline

The hair is divided into boundaries, bangs, sideburns, and the top of the head, and each is treated separately. However, not every guy’s hair has a good line, so you may need to scratch it yourself, but those without a side parting can skip this step.

3、Styling spray

It is recommended that men use it before styling their hair, it can inhibit oil secretion, while making the hair fluffy and more layered, the hair is thin, soft, and even oily boys especially need!

4、Grab evenly with hand styling spray

After the spray or hairspray hair wax is applied on, use your hands to grab in order to ensure the uniformity of the styling and the uniformity of the name outside, otherwise it may lead to asymmetry of the hair, while in the bangs and the top to use more styling equipment, but also be able to use hair clay gently pressed in the hair temples, so that the two sides of the hair more convincing.

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Precautions for using styling water

1. When using styling water, comb your hair, do your favorite styling, and spray styling water evenly on your hair.

2. When spraying styling water, be sure to control the amount, long-term spraying too much styling water will increase the burden on the scalp.

3. When using styling water, the distance between the hair should be kept at 10-15CM.

4. The day after the use of styling water must not be overnight, cleaned before going to sleep.

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