The haircut looks very different from the natural state, so to improve your face and temperament, guys should learn to take care of their own hair at home. So, how do guys usually take care of their hair? How to use hair wax to grab hair? The following will teach you hairdressing skills for boys, go out and grab a haircut more handsome Oh, hurry to learn it!

How to take care of hair for boys at ordinary times

1, blowing hair from the root to start blowing, is blowing good hair will have a certain sense of air, better to manage.

2, the following will have to use the hair wax to play, the hair wax evenly coated in the fingers, fork, stick to the scalp from the root of the hair to play, the use of finger gaps to create a sense of hair bundle, the temples to play less, otherwise it will look like a big head, the back peng up on it, the layers to play out, remember not on too much, to not have clumps, playing head is fine work, not good to say to slowly practice.

3, and finally played well, the hair soft with styling spray again to the hair styling is complete.

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How to wash your hair after using hair wax


When washing hair, feel itchy scalp will scratch hard, but in fact, this practice is not desirable. This is because scratching the scalp too hard may cause damage to the scalp and lead to scalp scratching. Generally when washing hair we will use shampoo, conditioner and other hair care appliances, these household items add a lot of chemicals, the hair more or less have a certain stimulating effect, and too often to wash hair may lead to our hair on the natural protection of the role of oil is also washed away. So we should not wash too often.

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