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How to take care of your hair

In fact, we see a lot of hairstyles that are actually taken care of, so that’s why when you get home after a haircut your hairstyle changes drastically and you don’t have the same kind of styling that you get from the barber store at all. So, how do you take care of your hair? How do you take care of your hair if it becomes particularly dry? If you want to know, then read on!

Daily hair care tips

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1, the first is to wash your hair, washing your hair may seem like a rare thing, but there are big questions here. First of all, the hair will be completely wet, and then apply shampoo, use your fingertips to gently rub the wash, do not use your nails, will hurt the scalp. You can wash it twice more to make your hair more silky.

2, after washing your hair can be blown with a hair dryer, can make the hair more layered, just like we do in the barber store, the barber with a hair dryer can make our hair more fluffy, haircut when you can learn the barber blowing hair techniques.

3, after blowing the head can use a little styling hair wax, the hair wax applied to the hair, and then grab the shape they want, hair wax can help us quickly styling.

4, if still not satisfied, you can go to the barber store to perm the hair, which is also a lot of small partners choose a method. After the hair is permed, the fluffiness and layers will be stronger.

How to care for dry hair

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You can use hair oil care, baking oil and conditioner care for dry hair. You should also pay attention to the way you clean your hair, but also strengthen physical exercise, reasonable diet, and keep your mood happy. If you want to improve the hair quality, you can use white vinegar with beer to promote hair growth.

1, often massage the scalp: dip your fingers in a small amount of olive oil, and then start from the hairline to the back of the hair to push, each massage 50 times a day, 2 times a day, so as to effectively improve the problem of dry hair frizz, but also to play the effect of moisturizing hair, quickly smoothing frizzy hair.

2, correct hair washing: hair frizz and wash hair way has a direct relationship, the correct way to wash hair can make frizzy split ends of the hair can be improved, when washing hair first wet, then pour shampoo into the hands to add some less water to rub out the foam and then put the bubble on the tail of the hair and start rubbing. In addition, do not wash your hair too hard, and can not use a comb, which is easy to cause hair split ends.

3, wash your hair with beer or white vinegar: want to improve the problem of dry and frizzy hair, you can often use beer to wash your hair. Washing your hair with beer can make your hair softer and also take care of your hair roots. You can also add a little white vinegar to the hair washing water when you wash your hair. Washing your hair with white vinegar can help soften your hair. Add a little white vinegar to your hair washing water every day, which will make the frizzy hair softer.

4, supplemental protein: hair lack of protein, there will also be hair fluffy frizzy condition, the loss of protein will make the hair lack of nutrition, so eat more meat, eggs and soybean food to supplement protein.

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