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Natural drying and blow-drying which is better

Which is better: natural drying or blow-drying

Natural drying is to air dry yourself, but many people feel that the hair has been wet uncomfortable, long hair air dry or very troublesome. The hair is wet when the scales are open, sometimes wash your hair at night without blowing dry, the next day the hair is still wet, hair will not blow dry brain pain, dandruff will also increase, it is recommended to blow a 80% dry and then air dry the best. Blow-drying is to use the hair dryer powerful wind, so that the hair quickly dry, accelerate the evaporation of water. But the long-term use of hair dryer will make the hair dry and frizzy, no luster, hair quality will become bad.

How far away from the hair dryer blowing hair

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When blowing hair, to keep the mouth of the hair dryer at a distance of about 15cm from the hair, to avoid letting it touch the hair, too close not only the risk of hair involved in the wind tube, but also lead to heat damage to the hair.

Blowing hair first hair roots or hair ends

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Blowing hair roots first. Because the hair roots and scalp is very close, if not blow dry in time, the scalp has been in a damp state, will not be conducive to the health of the scalp and hair follicles, increasing the risk of dermatitis and hair loss. Secondly, the water on the hair are flowing from the top to the bottom, even if the first blow dry the tail, but the root of the water flowing down the tail will be wet, resulting in the foregoing, so in general, blowing hair are first blow dry the root and then blow the tail.

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