Walnuts Good For Hair Growth

Walnuts a very popular nuts, often eat walnuts can be educational brain is also a major factor in the purchase of walnuts. But do you know walnuts good for hair growth? And there are many people found that in the treatment of hair loss prescription dietary supplements mentioned walnuts. So, what are the benefits of eating walnuts for hair growth? When is the best time to eat walnuts? How many walnuts can you eat at a time? Let’s learn about it!

Walnuts good for hair growth

walnuts for hair growth

For walnuts to treat hair loss, in fact, in ancient Chinese medicine has been recorded, the relevant literature has recorded walnuts “eaten so that fat health, moisten the muscle, black hair, eat more than a small water, to five hemorrhoids.” It can be seen that walnuts have the effect of hair growth. From the modern hospital, walnuts can effectively prevent kidney deficiency, brain, improve the function of the heart, is a rare health remedy and walnuts good for hair growth. However, walnuts for hair growth is only for kidney deficiency or endocrine disorders caused by temporary hair loss, but the cause of hair loss is very complex, so in the treatment must be targeted related to the treatment.

walnuts good for hair growth treat hair loss

Walnuts because of the high fat content, can make the thin body fat; rough, dry skin becomes moist delicate and smooth, elastic; for people with premature gray hair, there is the role of woolly hair, moisturizing hair.

Modern nutrition research data show that 0.5 kilograms of walnuts is equivalent to 2.5 kilograms of eggs or 4.5 kilograms of milk nutritional value, so it is also known as “longevity fruit. In addition, they are also rich in phospholipids, which is one of the main components of the human cell structure, and adequate phospholipids can enhance cellular vitality, which is important for hematopoiesis, promoting skin tenderness and wound healing, and walnuts good for hair growth.

walnuts good for hair growth

When is the best time to eat walnuts

Walnuts for hair growth. Walnuts are recommended to eat every day for breakfast is the best. The reason below.

1. Every day when eating breakfast in moderation to eat walnuts can supplement human nutrition, improve the quality of breakfast. The walnuts are rich in protein, fat and calcium, but it does not contain cholesterol, so hypertensive atherosclerosis patients can also eat walnuts in moderation at breakfast.

2. After breakfast, people’s metabolism is generally faster, and work or study tasks are relatively heavy, so a moderate amount of walnuts can supplement human nutrition, and not easy to make fat accumulation, the body is not easy to Fat.

walnuts for hair growth and walnuts good for hair growth

How many walnuts one day

Ever walnuts good for hair growth, but also cannot eat too much every day.

Eat 2 to 3 walnuts a day the best.

Walnuts Good For Hair Growth

The protein content of walnuts is 12% to 20%, fat is about 60% to 70%, and dietary fiber is about 5%. A medium-sized walnuts within the walnut kernel about 6 grams, about 40 kcal calories.

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