In the fast-paced life, get up early in the morning and rush to work, simply can not spare time to comb the hair properly, usually are randomly picking a few times to go out, there is also the comb material also choose the wrong, in short, crazy stepped on the mine. So, can you comb your hair when it’s wet? The misconceptions about the comb combing hair, let’s take a look at it, you hit it?

Wet hair can be combed?

When you wash your hair, the hair is swollen, bigger and softer, and the grease that is usually attached to the hair scales to play a lubricating and protective role is washed away, and when they are rubbed around, the friction between the hair increases, and the hair scales are prone to open, warp, and then damaged. If you comb your hair frantically at this time, it will undoubtedly add to the problem. Combing your hair while it is still damp will stretch the teeth or bristles, causing your hair to break or curl.

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Other misconceptions about combing hair

1. The wrong material for the comb

Putting aside personal preferences, the material of the comb should meet the following requirements: 1 is low friction, so as to reduce the wear and tear of the comb on the hair scales, 2 is not electrostatic, do not stimulate the scalp, 3 is clean and hygienic. So it seems that plastic combs are first ruled out, because plastic combs friction, and static electricity, but also stimulate the scalp, not suitable for long-term combing, wooden combs are not particularly ideal, most of the poor quality wooden combs friction is actually very large, only some high-grade wooden combs, smooth feel, this more suitable for combing hair. Want to massage the scalp by combing, keratin combs are the ideal choice, such as horn combs, ram’s horn combs, the human body stimulation is very small, keratin itself is also relatively smooth, will not let the hair quality deteriorate.

2, side blowing hair combing

And the above situation is actually the same. Human hair in just after washing, wet hair is the most vulnerable period, the hair scales lose protection. This time blowing hair itself has some stimulation to the hair, plus combing hair, two destructive behavior plus together you say the hair can still be good? Some people wash their hair, blowing while combing, combing and combing to find hair frizzy, combing is not smooth, blame the shampoo is not good, in fact, and you comb the timing of the relationship is greater. Wet can not be combed, blowing air can not be combed, then wash your hair after how to do? The best way is to wipe with a towel to 6 or 7 percent dry, simple combing molding after the natural air dry. If it is necessary to blow hair in winter, less comb, more hands, hair dryer away from the hair, can play a role in protecting the hair.

3, comb your hair too many times

Combing will stimulate blood circulation, it is true, but also take into account the combing process hair is constantly being pulled and friction, which is harmful to the hair. If you are healthy hair, appropriate more combing hair benefits a lot, but if you are in the hair loss stage, then combing should be careful, one is not too strong, the second is not too many times, or you may be in the resting phase of the hair by the comb directly down. Generally normal hair people, combing 100 times a day can, hair fragile people, combing 20 times a day is good.

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