In addition to the comb used to comb the hair, scalp should not forget Oh, and massage the scalp with a comb has a health care effect, can make the hair quality better. So, what are the benefits of combing your hair every day? What is the most suitable time to comb your hair each time? About the comb combing tips to learn together!

The benefits of combing your hair with a comb every day

1, relieve neurasthenia

Most of the time, neurasthenia is often accompanied by memory loss and insomnia.

One way to relieve neurasthenia is to comb your hair! Use a comb to comb your hair every morning and evening.

Suggestions: the top of the head mainly to both sides of the comb, or from back to front comb, which can unblock the Yang meridian on the head, with a good tonic effect.

2, reduce dandruff

Many people have dandruff, hair splitting problems, this time through the comb can also play a corresponding relief effect.

Suggestion: use the comb to comb from the scalp to the hair end, bring the natural oils in the scalp to the hair end, so that the hair tips get nutrition, avoid using the hair comb to force the hair, which will have damage to the hair.

3、Diversion of qi and blood

In the morning, the body’s Yang Qi follows nature and has the characteristic of rising upward and outward. The head is the meeting of all the yang, more combing every day is conducive to reach the yang, unblocking the qi and blood, is a method of health care that has been attached great importance by medical practitioners for generations.

4、Relieve headache

Stimulate the scalp can make the tense nerve relaxation, so that the tension spasm of the blood vessels diastolic, vascular neurological headache, migraine, neurasthenia and other conditions have a relieving effect.

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9 to 5 office workers to 5 minutes each morning and evening is appropriate, the rest of the time if you can adhere to, of course, better. But do not comb your hair after a full meal, which will affect the function of the spleen and stomach. Wet hair should not be over combed. Many people feel that wet hair is good to comb, but I do not know that the moisture will make the protein structure of the hair loose, the hair will be more brittle than usual intestine, then if vigorous combing will cause harm to the hair and hair follicles.

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