A dry weather into the autumn and winter season, you can often see the phenomenon of static electricity, whether the hand touches the place, wear and take off clothes or fried hair, etc., static electricity is everywhere. So, what is the reason for more static electricity in the hair? What are the ways to prevent static electricity? What is the danger of static electricity in the hair? Let’s learn about the causes of static electricity and preventive measures.

The reason for more static electricity in the hair

The reason why the hair will generate static electricity, both external and internal reasons. External reasons are mainly caused by the dryness of the environment, cold and unclean air, clothing and hair friction. The internal reason is due to the lack of water in the hair, and the lack of water in the hair on the one hand is the problem of the hair itself, on the other hand, is the impact of the external environment.

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Four ways to prevent static electricity

The first is the negative ion hair dryer (or negative ion comb), built-in negative ion generator, within a minute to neutralize the charge in the hair, blowing and smooth and soft

The second method is the shampoo can add a little vitamin E, vitamin E is actually an antioxidant coating that can eliminate free radicals and prevent static electricity from gathering.

The third method is the use of conditioner, can reduce the friction of electricity, can be a long time to stop the generation of static electricity

The fourth usually wear more cotton clothes, often bath, pay attention to the skin moisture and elasticity, can also help reduce the occurrence of static electricity.


The harm of hair static electricity

Because the static electricity will make the hair scales open – increase the friction of the hair – accelerate the loss of hair moisture so that the hair will be frizzy, long-term this will make the hair more dry – and dry hair is more likely to generate static electricity so that the more will be a vicious circle.

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