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What does unprocessed hair mean

When talking about, what does unprocessed hair mean, we all know that human hair, hair bundles, hair extensions are all very popular now. Whether you are white, yellow or black, wigs are all the rage these days. When we lose our own hair, it is too late to take care of our hair. At this time, we can choose to wear a wig that suits us. At this time, we are younger, more fashionable and more confident.

Wigs are more popular for us blacks. For black women, we want to protect our hair, but also want to have a beautiful appearance, this time wigs become especially important. At this time, you may encounter unprocessed hair and processed hair options, so which one is more suitable for you?

Unprocessed hair, as the name suggests, unprocessed, is hair that has not been processed. For our own hair, it is unprocessed hair without chemical treatment, dyeing, perming, straightening with potion. Natural hair has its scales. They wrap the true body of the hair like fish scales to protect the hair.

Unprocessed hair is hair that has not been chemically treated in the factory during production. It has not been bleached, dyed, straightened, twisted. With this unprocessed hair, you can keep its own cuticle intact.

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1. Advantages

  •  (1)Unprocessed hair is not chemically treated, so it is easy to color and can be restyled. You can do it according to your hair color to match your hair color. And you can do whatever you like.
  •  (2)It can be used for a long time because it maintains its original structure and can be used for a longer time under reasonable care.
  •  (3)Using untreated virgin hair for extensions can make the wig look healthier and more natural.
  •  (4)Because the cuticle is intact, it is not easy to tangle and also easy to care.


  •  (1)Because of its unique advantages, unprocessed hair comes from one donor, so it is expensive.
  •  (2)It must be processed before it can be shaped.

What is processed hair

processed hair, as opposed to unprocessed hair, is processed hair. The hair is first soaked in acidic water to remove its cuticles. In this way, it is more used to perm the hair and make the curvature. Then the color produced is more durable. The resulting curvature is also more durable.

processed hair

1.Advantages of processed hair

  • (1)Although the cuticle is removed, you can change its color. It can be difficult to colorize the cuticle without exfoliating it. Not easy to bend or straighten.
  • (2)The processed hair is covered with silicone, which can better protect the hair and make the hair more supple and shiny.
  • (3)With processed hair, it’s easier to find a color that matches your own hair.

2. Disadvantages of processed hair

  • (1)Because of the treatment, the original structure of the hair is destroyed, so it is easy to dry and the hair is easy to become brittle.
  • (2)Due to the chemical processed, the longer the time is, the more unnatural the hair becomes, it is easy to frizz, and the hair becomes weak, so it needs more care.

The difference between unprocessed hair and processed hair

(1) Price. Unprocessed hair is more expensive than processed hair. Because it comes from the same donor and retains the unique structure of the hair, the price is more expensive. Some merchants claim that their hair is unprocessed hair in order to sell, but the price is very cheap. At this time, you should be careful, too cheap is not unprocessed hair, don’t be deceived.

(2) Unprocessed hair lasts longer than processed hair.

(3) Unprocessed hair looks shiny, elastic and natural. Processed hair looks darker. If there is black flow out after washing, it is definitely not unprocessed hair.

(4) Use a knife to scrape the color of a few hairs and observe the cuticle. If the color of the cuticle is slightly yellow or white, it is unprocessed hair. If the color is brown or black, it is processed hair.

Which is better? Unprocessed hair and processed hair, how do you choose.

As we know, hair is divided into unprocessed hair and processed hair. At this point we want to know, which is better?

Above we have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of unprocessed hair and processed hair. I think you should know how to choose.

First of all, we must know that processed hair is not bad, it is also virgin human hair, and it also has its own unique advantages. Unprocessed hair Since it is not chemically processed, you can treat unprocessed hair to suit your needs according to your hair color. You can also compose and straighten unprocessed hair to your liking.

But whether it is unprocessed hair or processed hair, it has been cut off from our human hair, when they cut off from young girl and young girl cannot provide them with nutrients. So they all need our careful and careful care. If not cared for properly, it can also affect their lifespan.

In fact, as to which is better, unprocessed hair or processed hair, we suggest that the most suitable for you is the best. Because each of us has our own preferences for using wigs. If you like natural hair, you don’t want to bend it yourself, don’t like dyeing, and you like high quality, long-lasting hair, then unprocessed hair is definitely the best for you.

If you like to bleach or dye the color of your hair yourself, you should choose unprocessed hair, unprocessed hair is not chemically treated, and the coloring effect is very good.

Of course if you like turmeric, highlight color, orange, blue, blonde and so many colorful hair, processed hair it is good for you.

What does unprocessed hair mean

Therefore, there are many factors that determine which type of hair we choose. So please choose the one that suits you best based on your preference, your lifestyle and your budget.

Beautylacehair only supply high quality human hair.

1.Here is our unprocessed brazilian virgin hair straight

Hair Weaves With Lace Closure Natural Straight 4x4 Lace Closure Hair Bundles Quick Weave Hairstyle what does unprocessed hair mean

Hair comes from a single donor. Untreated hair, cuticles run in the same direction. Hair is soft with double weft, so it can avoid hair shed.

The color is natural color black and the hair is healthy and shiny. Hair length from 10inch to 30inch.It is easy to style and make hair texture. With proper maintenance, it can be used for more than 1 year, and some of our customers use it for more than 3 years.

2.unprocessed brazilian virgin hair body wave

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100% virgin human hair. Also have hair test report. They are high quality. Very clean, soft, smooth, natural and easy to comb. Can be composed, straightened, dyed, bleached. Double weft process to avoid hair shed.

Also can use our hair bundles with closure or frontal, we supply wig customization service.

here is the video use our clsoure and bundles make, very nice and beautiful.


this one is lace front wig, use lace frontal and hair bundles make.





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