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How to make a wig with a lace frontal

Lace front wigs are very popular nowadays because of their natural hairline in front and their affordable price. Compared to a full lace wig, its price is much cheaper. It is a bit expensive compared to the headband wig or no lace wig . But worth every penny. If you want cheaper and more hair you want, you can assemble your own wig . Let’s look at how to make a beautiful lace front wig yourself!

First you need to have a lace frontal with hair bundles. Then let us go head to know how to make a wig with a lace frontal.

Hair Weaves With Lace Frontal Body Wave Hair Bundles Virgin Human Hair Sew In Extensions

Materials you will need before learning how to make a wig with a lace frontal.
Here are the things you need to prepare for make a wig with a lace frontal.
1. Wig cap
2. Model head
3. t-needle and thread
4. hair bundle (quantity according to your requirements)
5. lace frontal
6. scissors
7. combs
8. Elastic band
9. hair pin

Lace frontal bleaching knots

The lace frontal should be fastened according to your needs. Our lace frontal are done with light bleaching knots treatment. If you mind the knots, you can bleach knots. But don’t overdo it, overdoing it will cause the hair from lace frontal to fall off. It will affect the life of the lace frontal.
The following article describes in detail the role of the knots, and how to bleach knots. And how to Bleach Knots can not damage the life of the lace frontal.
How to Bleach Knots Wig 

How to make a wig with a lace frontal tutorial step by step

Step1: Put the wig cap on the top of the model’s head and use a pin to secure the wig cap in place. You can choose the right cap size according to your head circumference.

Step2: After fixing the wig cap, the next step is to sew the lace front to the front of the wig cap. Attach the frontal lace to the front of the wig cap and use a hairpin and T-pin to secure the frontal hairline part to the top of the model’s head. Sew along the back edge of the lace frontal with a thread and needle. After sewing, tie a knot to make sure the place frontal is securely sewn.

Step 3: Sew the hair weave to the back of the wig cap. Usually, buy 2-4 hair bundles to sew in. If you want to have more hair, you can use more bundles.

Step4: When sewing the hair weave, start sewing from the back of the wig cap. First sew the bottom part, where the neck is. Then slowly sew the hair weave upwards.

Step5: Finally, the hair weave should be sewn to the place where the lace frontal meets. This will make the lace frontal and hair bundles blend together perfectly and fix the front head better.

Step6: Cut off the extra wig cap under the lace frontal, be careful not to cut off the seam allowance.

Step7: Now a lace frontal wig is basically finished. Next is to sew the comb to the inside of the net cap, generally 3-4 combs. One for each side of the left and right ears, and one for the front and back. If you think other places are necessary, you can also sew to where you need.

Step8: Sew the elastic band. Measure the distance between ear to ear, and then decide the length of the elastic band. This mesh cap has an elastic adjustment, if you think it does not fit, you can sew a elastic band at the wig cap, the fixed the wig.

Step9: Now a lace front wig is complete, you can shape it according to your own preferences.

Here is how to make a wig with a lace frontal video, through the video you can see in more detail make a wig with a lace frontal.

Wig Cap Notes

The wig cap we chose has an elastic band at the back so you can adjust the size of the mesh cap.

How to make a wig with a lace frontal

Some wig cap is an elastic mesh cap, there is no adjustment band at the back, not sure the size of the elasticity, not convenient to adjust the size.
If you are not sure which one is suitable for you, it is better to choose the mesh cap that can be adjusted in size.

The time to make a wig with a lace frontal

Now we know how to make a wig with a lace frontal. It may take a few hours at first when you are not skilled. If you become familiar with it, the time to make a wig will be shorter.
If you are interested, you may want to make a wig at home.

Of course if you want to save more money, you can also buy  materials and hook a lace frontal yourself. This video below you can learn how to hand hook a beautiful lace frontal.

How many  hair bundles is needed to make a wig with a lace frontal

Lace Front Wig Glueless Lace Wigs Natural Color Transparent Lace Wig 20 Inch Wig Jerry curly Human Hair Wigs
The amount of hair bundles needed varies from length to length. In general, the longer the hair length, the more bundles you need.

1.8inch-14inch need 2 bundles

2.16-24inch need 2-3bundles

3.Above 26inch 3-5 bundles

How to care for wigs(Wig care tips)

How to Wash Wig

Put the wig in 35℃-40℃ water, add shampoo into the water,stir the water gently.

Slide your hand over the hair repeatedly until it is clean.

Rinse shampoo thoroughly and apply conditioner through the hair.

Leave conditioner in it for a few minutes before washing.

Rinse conditioner thoroughly and use a towel to take off the water.

Put the wig onto a wig standing and let it air dry.

How to Comb Wigs

Let the hair get lightly.Divide the hair into 4 parts.Comb 1/4 of hair from bottom.

2.Together 1/2 of all hair. Comb gently from middle bottom.

3.Take 3/4 of all hair smoothly, step by step, specially for silk straight, natural straight and wavy.

4.Use comb starting from top to bottom.Do not comb for curl texture by yourself.

Note: The style can use comb: Body wave and Straight.

The style cannot use comb directly (can use hand):Jerry curl

Kinky curly, Deep Curl, Deep Wave,Water Wave, Loose Wave and other curly.


When you don’t wear your wig, please do as followed

A.If you don’t wear it in short time, please brush it well and put on the wig holder.

B.If you don’t wear it for a long time:

1.Please brush it well

2.Spray dispodable hair care liquid and dry in air.

3.Put the wig in the silk bags, spray care liquid when you wear it next time.

Correct and proper wig care will extend the life of your wig and keep it looking beautiful for a long time. If you don’t want to make a wig with a lace frontal yourself, you can buy our hair bundles with lace frontal, we sew in for you free. how to make a wig with a lace frontal, have you learned? If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. beautylacehair welcome you!


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