How to repair the hair dryer is broken Hair dryer common failures and repair

Hair dryer is broken how to repair

1, the hair dryer has a leakage phenomenon, to check whether the wire is broken, if so, with the electric insulation tape wrapped tightly around the broken wire, it can be restored to normal.

2, if the fan blade disk in the rotation of the collision with the shell, you can open the shell, adjust the position of the fan blade.

3, the use of hair dryer, suddenly hot air into cold air, indicating that the thermal wire burned off, you need to remove the shell, replace the new thermal wire, in order to troubleshoot.

4, the rotation of the fan blade disk is unstable, fast and slow, should be slightly added at the shaft end of the rotor lubricant, so that the fan blade disk rotation smoothly.

5, after opening the switch, the fan disk does not rotate, the coil also has no sound, and the thermal wire is red, the reason is the coil line failure, should check whether the line has broken, according to the situation to adjust.

6, after opening the switch, no wind and no sound, which is the result of the switch failure, the need to replace the new switch, the hair dryer to return to normal.

How to disassemble the hair dryer clasp

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the side of the hair dryer clasp, and then you can remove the clasp from the hair dryer. It should be noted that the operation should be slow, do not be too hasty, and do not forget the small parts of the installation back carelessly, or it may damage the hair dryer. Look at the place where the logo is affixed with or without screws, if not is all inlaid, snap together! Use a small flat-headed screwdriver along the seam slowly pry open.

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Wig can be blown with a hair dryer?

Yes, you can.

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