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Lace frontal is very popular among black women because of its versatility and flawless way. what is a lace frontal, for beginners, may not be very clear. What is a lace frontal, lace frontal pros and cons, classification of lace frontal, what is hd lace frontal, how to choose lace frontal. here is everything you need to know about lace frontal. So, let’s dive into the answers!

what is a lace frontal

A lace frontal is also called a lace frontal closure.

Hair Weaves With Lace Frontal Silk Straight Sew In Hair Extensions Quick Weave Hairstyle Hair Bundles Virgin Human Hair what is a lace frontal

what is a lace frontal

Lace frontal is a hand crocheted hair product. Because it is crocheted hair on the lace one by one, the hair looks as if it grew from your own scalp. It can help you get a more natural look for your wigs and hair extensions.

Hand Crochet Video

Lace frontal is also one of the most popular ways to complete your protection. With no leave out natural hair and a hairline coverage from ear to ear all around your forehead, you can part it anywhere and have complete versatility.

Lace frontal helps complete your look and is perfect for styling your wigs, sew in weaves and natural hair extensions. It can also be used to create wigs. This blog is about how to make a wig with a lace frontal

lace frontal categories(what is a lace frontal)

Nowadays popular lace frontal are 13 x 4 lace frontal, 13 x 6 lace frontal, 360 lace frontal.

1.    13 x 4 lace frontal

The image is of the 13 x 4 lace frontal, which covers the front hairline and is by far the most affordable and popular lace frontal. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a protective style that leaves no hair out. If installed correctly, it gives the illusion of hair growing out of the scalp.

what is a lace frontal


The picture is the back of the 13 x 4 lace frontal, which shows a width of 13inch from ear to ear. The maximum center frontal parting length is 4inch.

 2.    13 x 6 lace frontal

13 x 6 lace frontal,the width from ear to ear is also 13inch. the length of the frontal parting position is 6inch, which can make long deep part.

3.     360 lace frontal

360 lace frontal is a lace frontal for the whole head. There is also baby hair at the back of the neck, so you can wear 360 lace frontal to tie a high ponytail. For a complete hairline coverage, 360 Lace Frontal is a good choice.

what is a lace frontal

Pros of lace frontal(what is a frontal)

  1. lace frontal is the best choice for women with thin edges

A lace frontal is a half wig with lace on the front of the head. It can conceal hair loss on the hairline . It is a good choice for people who have a small hairline or baldness. The lace frontal, which is popular now, is pre plucked natural hairline from ear to ear, so it looks very natural. On the lace, the hair is sewn into a knot and the lace looks like your scalp.

  1. Installation time is short.

Usually shorter than sew in hair weave or quick weave installation time. If the lace frontal wig is already made, the installation time is less than half an hour.

Lace frontal wigs are the preferred choice of modern black women who want protective styles to protect their natural curls and want to spend less time getting ready each day.

  1. Be versatile and style your hair however you want.

Because of the large styling area in the front, it makes the lace frontal have a lot of versatility. Its flexibility allows you to experiment with different hairstyles. You can do middle part, side part, half up half down hairstyle and ponytails. lace frontal provides you with a natural hairline. So you have the freedom to style it as desired. It’s almost like styling your own natural hair!

  1. Breathable, not stuffy.

Because it is hand hook lace, it is breathable. Lace frontal has large hand hooks area, so it is comfortable to wear on the scalp. The air flows very constantly to the scalp and hair.

  1. Making a lace wig can save hair bundles.

Compared to lace closure, lace frontal uses less hair bundles. The lace frontal seems to be expensive, but overall, you can buy fewer bundles to match. Therefore, you can also save on sewing and wear it comfortably.


Cons of Lace frontal(what is a lace frontal)

  1. May damage your hairline.

Lace frontal is usually bonded because it sits in front of the hairline. lace frontal usually requires glue to install and can irritate the skin if you are allergic to glue. The glue used can also damage your hairline if it is poor quality. The longer you wear it, the more it will irritate your scalp and damage your hairline.

  1. Installing a lace frontal may require a lot of preparation and care.

When installing a lace frontal wig for the first time, a lot of adjustment is required to get a natural look. You will need to do things like bleaching the knots, tweezing, coloring, plucking or trimming baby hair, and installing the wig properly so you can get a realistic hairline.

Many lace frontals are now pre plucked, lightly bleached knots , so there is less time spent on preparation.

After the first installation, subsequent installations will take much less time.

The lace frontal usually requires weekly care and maintenance for better results and a more natural look.

  1. price expensive.

Lace frontal is usually more expensive than lace closure, but you also need less hair bundles to make a lace frontal wig.

Because the lace frontal has a large hand hook area, more hair needs to be hand hooked on the lace. Therefore more dedicated skills and time are needed to produce

lace frontal. And because it allows for a more realistic natural look,. They are the reason why it is more expensive compared to a lace closure.

what is hd lace frontal

We talked about what is a lace frontal, so what is hd lace frontal?

13 x 4 hd lace frontal body wave

HD Lace Frontal 13x4 Body Wave Frontal Hair Style Swiss Lace Frontal Human Hair Bleaching Knots For Beginners

It is easy to understand that hd lace frontal is a kind of lace frontal. It is divided according to the color of lace.

lace frontal has brown lace frontal, transparent lace frontal, hd lace frontal.

Hd lace frontal is the most popular one. This is because HD (High Definition) lace frontal is a very thin invisible lace frontal.  What is hd lace, Hd lace vs Transparent lace Here’s everything you need to know about hd lace.

Brown lace frontal is a brown lace. In the beginning, it was designed to be light brown, medium brown and dark brown according to the difference in skin tone of black people. brown lace frontal last time is longest than transparent lace and hd lace.

what is hd lace brown lace

Transparent lace frontal is transparent lace. The color of the lace is almost white, which is perfect for light skin tones. Since the transparent lace is lighter, it is a bit whiter. But transparent lace is light and easy to color, and it blends into any skin even after tint and bleaching knots and bonding hairlines. That’s why black women love it so much these days. It is not as thick as brown lace and not as thin as HD lace.

HD lace is invisible lace. Lace is very thin and usually frays at the ends. It is very fragile and should be handled with care.    Because HD lace is very thin, you have to be careful when pulling it out. If it is not pulled out correctly, the lace may tear. Because of the invisibility of hd lace frontal, it is also the most expensive.

13x4 Hd Lace Frontal Wig Deep Wave Virgin Human Hair Undetectable Lace Pre Plucked Natural Hairline #1b Natural Color

Whether it’s brown lace frontal, transparent lace frontal or hd lace frontal, they are all swiss lace and are very soft and suitable for wearing.

How to choose  lace frontal(what is a lace frontal)

If you’ve never tried lace frontal, imagine laying a thin piece of fabric along your hairline. It is comfortable and has baby hairs along the lace frontal. It will provide you with a natural look and a beautiful hairstyle that you will feel confident and proud of.

So every black woman deserves a high quality lace frontal or lace frontal wig.

Cheap Lace frontal wigs deep wave transparent lace for black women

Lace Front Wig 13x4 Frontal Wig Glueless Wigs Human Hair Deep Wave Affordable Transparent Lace Wigs

The most durable type of lace is the brown lace. It is the one that lasts the longest. If you want a cheap and long lasting lace, you can choose brown lace frontal or transparent lace frontal. However, if you want an undetectable lace frontal, HD lace is the best type.

According to the characteristics of brown lace frontal, transparent lace frontal, hd lace frontal, you can choose according to your own needs.

How long does a lace frontal last(what is a lace frontal)

With proper care, regular lace frontal can last 1-2 years.

Hd lace frontal has a life span of about 1 year due to the thin lace.

Of course, this is also related to how often you use it. If you wear it every day, the life span will be shortened. If you wear it once in a while and take care of it and store it properly, the life span will be longer.

Some of our customers have given us feedback that our wigs lasted three years.

About what is a lace frontal, do you have any other questions or other knowledge you want to know, please let me know. I hope this blog will helpful to you.

Your support is my motivation to move forward, welcome to leave a message to us.

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