what is a quick weave: 7 steps teach you have an amazing quick weave

What Is A Quick Weave: 7 Steps Teach You Have An Amazing Quick Weave

What is a quick weave, do you want to try quick weave, and here will explain 3 method do a quick weave. Here is the guide all things about quick weave.

Nowadays, people’s lives are getting busier and busier, and people prefer to have beautiful wigs in a time-saving way. That’s why quick weave has become an easy way for everyone to get a beautiful and stylish wig and get lively and attractive hair in a short time.

Quick weave is a hair style where the wig cap is glued to the head and then the hair extension is glued to the wig cap. If you are looking for a quick way to make a wig, this is a great way to wear it.

history of quick weave

Quick weave was invented by Christina Jenkins in 1951. She also invented the sew in , and applied for a patent. It has a long history and is still a popular way for women to wear until today.

how do a quick weave

Now we know what is a quick weave,then we need know how do a quick weave

What you need to prepare for a quick weave installation.

Quick weave requires very few supplies, many of which you will have at home. If you want to do the Quick weave yourself, you can buy it online or at a beauty store near you. If you want to go to a professional to install, you can make an appointment in advance and call for advice on exactly what you need.

  1. hair weave /hair bundle
  2. hair gel
  3. protective wig cap
  4. hair dryer
  5. scissors
  6. molding gel
  7. edge scarf (if you need to install place closure or place frontal, can fix the edge)
  8. towel
  9. comb

how do a quick weave step by step

  1. Prepare your natural hair. Before you begin, wash your natural hair and blow dry it with a hair dryer. Weave your hair into a braid. Braiding is similar to sew in weave. The smaller the braid, the more comfortable it is. You can leave out a portion of your hair in the middle or on the side to use as a parting.
  2. Put the protective wig cap on your head. After braiding, put the wig cap on your head to fix your hair and prevent it from sticking to the gel. It is recommended to use two wig caps to better prevent the glue from sticking to your hair and to strengthen the solidity of the wig cap. You can apply glue protector to the wig cap to prevent the glue from sticking to the hair.
  3. mark the hair leave out. If you leave a part of the hair without weave, please mark the portion wig cap, not too close to this part of the hair extensions.
  4. Dry the hair. Use a hair dryer to blow dry the glue protector or air dry it. Please make sure that it is completely dry before installation.
  5. Glue the hair weave to the wig cap.

First, measure the size of your head to see how long you need to cut the hair weave.

what is a quick weave: 7 steps teach you have an amazing quick weave

What is a quick weave

Then from the back of the head and neck position, from the bottom to the top, piece by piece glued to the wig cap. When you finish gluing a piece, make sure the glued area is dry.

Then measure how long the hair weave needs to be in the next position, cut it off and continue to glue it to the cap.

  1. cut off the excess of the wig cap. When the wig is close to the leave out position, cut off the excess wig cap.
  2. Comb and style the hair. Now all the quick weave is done. Take the hair that you just started to leave out and open it up to your desired middle or side part. You can now cut, style and create your own look to your liking.

3 ways to install Quick weave

  1. Salon installation video  how to protective quick weave

2. Salon installation video  quick weave closure install

3.Installation video by yourself how to simple quick weave method

Pros and cons of quick weave

Now you know what is a quick weave, let’s take a look the pros and cons of quick weave


  1. time saving and fast installation.

Compared to sew in , quick weave only takes half the time to install sew in weave.

For all things about sew in weave, please see this blog

Best Hair For Sew In

  1. Affordable price

Compared to sew in weave, clips in extension, wig, the price is cheaper. The installation cost of quick weave is around 100 USD. The price varies a bit by location. If you are experienced and              install it yourself, the price will be cheaper, you just need to buy hair weave and wig cap. Other tools, I believe that for a wig enthusiast, there are all at home. You can search for videos on                  youtube and learn to install them yourself. The article also shows how to install through the video.

  1. low maintenance cost

 Since hair weave is glued to the wig cap, there will not be much movement, so it does not require much maintenance. This style does not require much maintenance, you just need to wrap your  inside the silk scarf at night. when you sleep,  you also can wrap your hair with a satin cap to prevent tangles. Open it up the next day and you may need a little mousse to apply shine, or just lay your edges with gel to take care of the hairline.

  1. protect your hair and scalp.

Because there is a wig cap separated, the hair extension glued to the wig cap, can effectively prevent their hair and scalp from damage. At the same time do not need like sew in weave, to hair weave with crochet to their own braids above, reducing the damage to their hair.

  1. easy to buy

You can buy your favorite hair weave directly from online or beauty stores near you.

Beautylacehair has high quality, inexpensive hair weave.

Brazilian Hair Silk Straight Hair Extensions

Hair Weaves With Lace Closure Natural Straight 4x4 Lace Closure Hair Bundles Quick Weave Hairstyle what does unprocessed hair mean Brazilian Hair Silk Straight

  1. easy to disassemble

Sew in weave is easy to disassemble compared to sew in weave, which usually takes a few hours to remove the stitching. Whereas the quick weave is glued to the wig cap, it is much easier to remove and only takes about half an hour to remove. Usually, it can be removed at home yourself.

  1. Reusable, saving more money.

If you remove the quick weave carefully and carefully, there can reuse these hair weave and can save you more money.

  1. Can be styled in many ways

Many beautiful hairstyles can be created to give you a beautiful and attractive look. You can use long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair. Mix colors and highlights. The recently popular pix cut wig can also be made with quick weave.

Quick Weave Disadvantages

Of course we explained what is a quick weave, now quick weave has its disadvantages. For beginner, there are some things to be aware of.

  1. it may have an effect on the hairline. If the wig cap is worn too tightly, it will compress the scalp. It may cause damage to your hairline and the pressure on your scalp may cause you discomfort. If the hairspray comes in contact with your natural hair, it can also cause damage to your hairline.
  2. Short application time

Compared to sew in weave, it will last for a shorter period of time. quick weave only lasts for about a month because the gel will wear off.

  1. Easy to fall off

Because hair weave is cut and glued to the wig cap, it makes the hair fall off more easily. Especially where it is cut open, it is easy to cause hair loss. Although the installation can be done at home, without enough experience and improper handling, it may cause excessive shedding.

  1. Use of hair gels, glue and styling products

There may be some people who are allergic to gels and are not suitable for using quick weave. Using low quality hair gels, glue and styling products can damage the hair and scalp.

  1. hair loss

If you use poor quality glues, low quality wig caps, there is a risk that the hair gel will stick to the hair and damage the natural hair. When removing quick weave, there is a risk of pulling on your own hair, causing breakage or tangle.

Quick Weave Hairstyles

Quick eavwes can have almost any style you want, and generally people like to try shorter hair with quick weaves.

For example, bob, pixiecut and usually like to have a variety of colors to try, such as various blends, highlights, etc.

Quick weave can be long, short, wave, curly and all kinds of texture you want to do.

This is because shorter hair is easier to maintain. If it is a quick weave for long hair, it requires more effort to maintain.

how long does a quick weave last

If handled properly, a quick weave lasts about 1 month. If it falls out, it is time to take it down.

It is also not advisable to use a quick weave for too long, as your own natural hair needs to be cleaned and conditioned. 4-5 weeks is about the right amount of time to remove a quick weave. Too much time can irritate the scalp, hair breakage and hair loss.

so how long does a quick weave last, do you know now? I suggest our natural hair healthy is important. if it is the time to remove, please do not hesitate.

How to care for quick weave

  1. Protect your hair with a silk scarf at night when you go to bed, you can increase the time of using quick weave.

2.You can also use hair rollers to keep the curl of your wig in place while you sleep, use curling irons or fix your hair to keep the curl in place.

If you have a curly quick weave, adding rollers or pinning the hair while you sleep can also preserve the curl.

  1. Please avoid using oil-based products, as they can loosen the glue and are track off.

What is a quick weave

How to wash quick weave

This video is about how to wash quick weave, the most important point is to take your time, do not rush,wash gentle and gentle.

When we know what is a quick weave, we also need know how to wash quick weave.

This video is about how to wash quick weave, did you get it? maybe you have other view, please leave message to us below.

How to remove quick weave

When the hair starts to fall out quick weave, this is also the time to remove quick weave. Because glue has a life cycle, the natural wear and tear of glue will make the hair fall out.

You can remove quick weave at home with an oil-based product and warm water, or go to a salon to remove it.

How to remove quick weave teach you step by step

What is a quick weave

  1. Clip your leave out hair
  2. Add massage oil or oil-based conditioner to your hair to loosen the glue. You can also use a regular shampoo, gum removal shampoo. Let the mixture sit on hair for a few minutes, the oil will loosen the glue.
  3. Rinse the hair with warm water. Let the water stay along the edge of the wig cap, allowing the glue to gradually loosen. This process must be done slowly to avoid pulling your hair.
  4. Start removing your wig cap. Place your fingers under the wig cap and slowly remove it.
  5. Slowly massage the hair and scalp around the leave out area with a hair care product. Slowly massage this area to loosen the glue and rinse with running warm water. Prevent the weave from getting stuck in this location. Be sure to take your time, if you are in too much of a hurry, you may pull your own hair out.
  6. Take off the wig cap completely. At this point, you should be able to remove the wig cap from your head.
  7. Undo the braid and rinse out any excess glue. Cleanse your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove the excess glue. And deep condition your hair.

The best hair for quick weaves

The best hair for quick weaves is the original human hair. Here are a few affordable, low cost, high quality hair weave for you to choose. Brazilian, Peruvian and Malay hair are the best choices for creating quick weaves.

Body Wave Bundles Brazilian

Hair Weave Human Hair 3Pcs Hair Bundles Sew In Hair Extensions Brazilian Hair Body Wave

Other options

Now you know what is a quick weave , Maybe you are tired of the quick weave and sew in weave, or want to try something else that doesn’t hurt your scalp, try the lace wig. It can be worn directly on your head without all the fuss of weaving, and with the experience of the quick weave and sew in weave, you can wear the lace wig yourself at home.

Lace front wig is currently the most popular and affordable wig, and is very popular among black women.

Loose Deep Wave Wig 13×4 Lace Front Wig

Loose Deep Wave Wig 13x4 Lace Front Wig Virgin Human Hair Wigs For Black Women Pre Plucked Natural

Do you have any other ideas about what is a quick weave or other question? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Beauty takes time, but it doesn’t have to cost you all the money! Do you agree?

more videos about what is a quick weave

beautylacehair youtube

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