how to pluck a wig

When we want to put on lace wigs, the first thing we see is the hairline in front. If the hairline is not natural, you will know it is fake when you wear it.
When you buy a wig that is not pre plucked, you need to know how to do a natural hairline.

Of course, many wigs are pre-plucked now. so it doesn’t take much time to get a natural hairline. If you want a more personalized hairline, or if you buy a wig with a hairline that is not what you want. It’s important to learn how to pluck a wig and get a natural hairline.

Today we’ll take a look at how to pluck a wig, and teach you how to pluck a lace front wig step by step in details. Also with a video detailing it. And how to fix it if overplucked.

How To Pluck A Wig?

What is plucked wig

Pluck wig is the process of removing excess hair around the hairline of a lace wig using tweezers.

Items needed for how to pluck a wig

  • Lace Front Wig
  • Rat tail comb
  • Tweezers
  • Mannequin head/wig stand
  • Pins
  • Clips to hold hair back

Before pluck wig some customers may be want bleach knot. When you look at the lace inside the wig, you will see a bunch of little black dots. This looks a little unnatural on your scalp, so some people choose to fade the knots to get a more flesh tone that blends in with their scalp color. More about : How to Bleach Knots Wig

How to pluck a wig step by step

Step 1. Place the hair on the wig stand or mannequin head

Secure the wig with pins, making sure your wig doesn’t slip off when you tweeze at your hairline.

Step 2. Comb your hair with a comb

Before you start plucking, hold or pull the hair backwards and use a rat-tail comb to brush all your hair back. Smooth out your hairline.

Step 3.  Start to pluck the wig slowly

Use tweezers and pull the hair straight back. And then in the direction of the hair one stroke at a time on a spot .Please don’t cook a spot more than once at a time. one stroke at a time, This helps you to control what you’re doing.

If over pluck, there’s no turning back. Make sure you are plucking hair, not lace. If you thread the lace with tweezers, you may end up tearing it out (not good).

4.Comb it and remove the excess hair that is just coming out.

Please don’t be scared when you see hair falling out , that is expected now.

Some people might stop at this point it’s okay. It depends on how you want your natural hairline is. If your hairline is very sparse you can leave your wigs look spot
And make sure you are satisfied with what the area looks like.

5. Then coming to the front and then if an area that’s really thick , you can clock twice on the spot or three times on the spot. Depending on how thick that spot is .

6. Repeat the above steps to add additional layers of hair

After each plucking,observe the effect of the hair you pulled out. If you are not satisfied, continue pulling from the previous steps.

If you want to pull out a deeper hairline, you can part a small section of hair from ear to ear and flip it forward (above the head of the wig stand). Continue picking. When you are done with this layer, continue repeating the previous steps until you have plucked the hairline you prefer.

Brush out the hair you plucked and comb everything backwards, you will get a natural hairline.

Video of how to pluck a wig

Tips for how to pluck a wig

1. Slow and steady

Especially for people I just started to talk for the first time do not rush this process.
This process takes the longest time when it comes to be natural.
It’s stressful but with time you get used to it and doing that again until you actually satisfy.

Pulling out a natural hairline takes a lot of patience and it’s worth taking the time to customize your wig and achieve a more realistic hairline.
Then you can put on the wig. More about How to put on a wig

2. Don’t focus on one area to avoid over pluck.

It’s better to under pluck than over pluck, and you can always go back to the area and re-pluck. However, when over pluck, it can lead to bald spots.

This video below will tell you how to solve over pluck and learn how to add more hair at your lace.

The video crochet hair is very slow and you can learn how to crochet hair on the lace. All you need is a crochet hook and the extra hair you plucked.

3. Don’t forget to pluck other areas that look thick, and then make the front look more realistic and natural.

4. Once you get the look you want, stop pluck.

When you buy wig from different vendors, not all wigs are created equal. Some are thicker than others and will require more time for additional plucking to achieve the look you want.

5. After you have finished plucking, you can design your wig .

Now you know how to pluck a wig, you can cut some hair from your hair and create baby hair on top of your natural hair. Once you are satisfied with your creation, you can install your natural wig.
The whole process may seem tedious, but it will be worth to get the natual look. All you need is a lot of patience and experience. Soon, you’ll have the skills to pluck your wig and create a different look that will help you exude confidence.

Beautylacehair lace wig

All of our wigs are pre plucked, and are Hand Tied Single knots at the front, double throughout the rest of the cap to ensure durability. This way the front knots are small and natual.

If it is pre-plucked, then you don’t need to pluck the hair . However, there are women who want to personalize their hairline and can customize it themselves.

Because our wigs are pre-plucked, if you want more pluck again, not too much time is needed. The hairline in this video is not pre plucked because the front is very thick, The video show our hairline that is pre plucked, it is a transparent lace front wig.


Have you learned how to pluck a wig? Please feel free to leave us any comments or questions.

And if you want wholesale human hair wigs, also can contact us at once.

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